If you have a hobby, you usually need special tools. Hobbies are different, respectively, the amount of technology is also amazing. It can be very complicated or as simple as a Soviet nickle. The first, for example, is a band saw on wood or metal. They use it, of course, not only to meet their creative needs, but also for more serious work. For example, for repair.

What is this tool?

Saw tape is a cutting tool equipped with a number of incisors.

Saw tape on wood and metal with my own hands

Actually, this is only the name of the cutting surface, and the tool itself is called the machine tool. And it can be called a working technique. The saw itself is a tape made of metal, preferably steel, which is rolled into a ring. On one side, the teeth are cut, which allow it to work as a cutting tool.

This tape should be installed on a pair of rotating pulleys of the machine - an electric motor with a network connection is used to create the motion. In this way, you can create both straight and curved cuts.

Why do it yourself?

It is more preferable, of course, to purchase a tool in a special store that sells exactly such equipment. True, there are two "buts" here:

  • A price that may seem too high for an ordinary person.
  • Functionality – the point here is that the band saw blade is not always included in the list of required tools for the workshop. Most operations can be done without her help, and hence reasons to buy too expensive unit does not make sense.

The second reason basically follows from the first - if the price was not too high, then the majority would acquire such an instrument. This is logical, because it is very convenient to work with.


The basis of the project given here is the development of Matthias Vandel, the Canadian inventor, who assembled his saw mainly from wood. You might think that it's better to use metal for such a tool, but it's not entirely true.

A band saw machine of such an assembly demonstrates good performance, quite comparable with the purchased models. In addition, easily replaceable material allows you to instantly carry out routine repairs. Care for the replaced parts will go to the back burner.

It is also important to remember that much will depend on the engine chosen (it is better to use the already prepared one), saws for band saws and blanks.

Saw frame

It is the main bearing element of the whole structure. You need to use a strong tree - in no case is the chipboard, not MDF, plywood or furniture board. Perfect for this purpose is suitable pine inches.

The shape of the frame is C-shaped. From above it is necessary to make a basis for the guide mechanism of tension with the upper wheel. On the opposite side are fixed two pillars, which in the future will be connected to the base. The construction itself is multilayered - about six layers for strength. But that's not counting the extra pads.

Step-by-step gluing is fraught with distortion and inaccuracies. Because you need to strictly control the perpendicularity of the elements. You can also make a frame without supporting legs, but be sure to leave grooves of the right size for them.

Block of the engine of the upper wheel

This is the second step to ensure that in your hands was a band saw on wood and metal. The block is a movable structural element, which ensures the tension of the belt.

Installation takes place on an already prepared frame of the letter "C", which remained empty. You need to fix the profile (preferably hardwood). It is a wooden rectangular frame, inside which is mounted a movable holder of the shaft of the upper wheel.

Angle joints of the frame can be strengthened with inserts. In such work, reliability is in the first place.

Next, you need to cut through corner corners of the corner grooves under the inserts.

The unit itself must move freely. In the upper part, make a hole for a long bolt - so a band saw on metal can adjust the tension.

In the shaft holder, the tilt adjustment must be set-usually a screw is used for this purpose. The holder itself is fixed in place by two screws. To achieve the desired mobility in the future, you need to leave enough play.

A metal lining is installed under the screw, and the shaft itself after fixing will be fixed with the help of another screw.

Saw Wheels

It is appropriate to use those materials that were rejected earlier. For example, MDF or chipboard. The design, on the basis of which the band saw is assembled, provides for the size of wheels with a diameter of forty centimeters. The thickness may be different, but of the order of two or three centimeters.

The construction here is also glued, from several layers.

The responsible moment, as you might guess, is the central part.

You can make wheels on a milling machine. For convenience, immediately drill a hole in the center to combine the circles, and also try to leave about a centimeter for finishing after the assembly.

You need shafts for finished bearings, with a stop and an internal thread on opposite sides. Flanges can be made from the same plywood. They consist of two parts - the first holds the bearing, and the second provides a gap between it and the wheel itself.

The diameter of the drilled hole should not strictly correspond to the shaft that was passed - it is better that the first one be slightly larger than the last one.

You will need two wheels, since the band saw for metal or wood provides such a design. They are the same in size and manufactured at the same time.

Also, so that the saw blade does not slip, you can give the round wheels initially slightly barrel-shaped - this will help to avoid many problems. The angle of the bevel on each side must be made at five degrees.

On one of the wheels, install a standard drive pulley, fitted to the used belt.

The last part of the work is balancing. For this, small bearings are used as a support for the belt. The time axis is fixed horizontally, the bearings specified earlier are installed and a light rotation is started.

To improve performance, you can make several depressions at the bottom of the back of the wheel - this helps to avoid rotation in any position.

Wheel mounting

The top one is set first. Washers are put on the shaft. The wheel itself must be secured with a bolt plus a thick washer. This is screwed into the end of the shaft. Using the adjusting screws, install it parallel to the frame.

The block of the lower wheel is fixed with clamps, after which it is hung on the frame. Next, set the wheels so that they represent a single plane, parallel to the vertical stand. After do not forget to lock the lower shaft.

Adjusting the guide rails

Here you need some skill - one of the ends of the tape (which is smooth) is placed in the outer ring of the bearing.

From the sides it must be held. You can use fluoroplastic "crackers", but a tree is better - the latter wears out more slowly.

The protective cover is simply a cut pipe, securely fixed with screws or screws.

The tire should be installed with the utmost precision - for a band saw any distortion will become tangible. Fastening of the tire in the frame is made by means of a groove. You can mark everything on a wide canvas.

If you are wrong with the groove, then just expand it and make a corner of metal and a pad of pieces of paper pasted on it. Thus, the tape should stand up smoothly. Of course, you need to carefully fix the corner.

The retainer is equipped with two holes. The first is used to tighten the tire as tightly as possible, and the second is used only when working with very thick workpieces. It allows you to lift the first part.

Instead of concluding

A very important procedure is the sharpening of band saws.

Moreover, the teeth should be smooth, otherwise the device will quickly become blunted. You can use a normal grindstone. Depending on the material of the saw – corundum, or diamond elborovyh. You also need to bring the work to the end of the fine-grained whetstone.

The main thing in such a process is to approach the matter with intelligence and patience. A band saw, created by itself, is a labor-intensive and long-term project. Errors are not allowed here. But if everything is done according to instructions and consulted with the advice of specialists, a new tool will soon appear in your workshop.

So, we found out how to make a band saw with our own hands.