In 1896 Chekhov wrote the play “The Seagull”. A summary of this work is presented in this article. In the same 1896, the comedy was first published in the journal “Russian Thought” and staged on the stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater. Today in many theaters of the world the play “The Seagull” (Chekhov) is being staged. The summary of this work is known to many art lovers, not only in our country, but throughout the world.

The play takes place in the estate of Sorin Peter Nikolaevich. His sister - Arkadina Irina Nikolaevna - actress. This woman visits the estate of Sorin with Konstantin Treplev, her son, and Boris Alekseyevich Trigorin.

Trigorin Boris Alekseevich

This is a fairly well-known fiction writer, although he was not yet forty years old. They speak of Trigorin as a simple and intelligent man, prone to melancholy and very decent. According to Treplev, his literary works are “talented” and “cute,” but after Zola and Tolstoy you don’t want to read Trigorin.

Konstantin Treplev preparing to put on a play

Treplev is also trying to write. He considers modern theater a prejudice and is seeking its new forms. The guests gathered in the estate are preparing to watch a play staged among the natural scenery. The only role in it should play Zarechnaya Nina Mikhailovna - a young girl in love with Konstantin. She is the daughter of wealthy landowners. Nina’s father and stepmother are against her daughter’s passion for theater, and therefore she is forced to secretly come to the estate, as Chekhov (“The Seagull”) tells us in her play. Reading the summary and the original of the work are, as they say, two big differences. But we will try to convey the main events without missing anything.

Constantine's relationship with his mother

Konstantin is sure that his mother is against the production of this play and hates her in advance. After all, the writer with whom she is in love may like Nina. It also seems to him that his mother does not love him, because with his age (Konstantin is 25 years old) he reminds her of her own years. In addition, he does not give rest to the fact that Irina Nikolaevna is a famous actress.Play The Seagull, Chekhov: SummaryKonstantin believes that since he, like his late father, a Kiev tradesman, he is tolerated in the company of famous writers and artists only because of his mother. Konstantin suffers from the fact that his mother lives openly with Trigorin and her name constantly flashes on the pages of newspapers. He also does not like that she is jealous of someone else’s success, superstitious and stingy. He talks about all this to his uncle while they wait for Zarechnaya. Sorin loves theater, as well as writers. He admits to Treplev that he himself once dreamed of becoming a writer, but he didn’t. Instead, he served 28 years in the judiciary.

Waiting for a performance

Other people awaiting the play: Ilya Afanasyevich Shamrayev, retired lieutenant, who works as a manager of Sorin; Polina Andreevna, his wife, with her daughter Masha; Dorn Evgeny Sergeevich, doctor; Medvedenko Semen Semenovich, teacher. The latter unrequited loves Masha, who is in love with Konstantin Treplev.

Zarechnaya arrives. She could only get out of the house for half an hour, so everyone starts to gather in the garden in a hurry. There are no decorations on the stage, only the curtain, the 1st and 2nd scenes. But there is a beautiful view of the lake.

Failed production

A full moon stands above the horizon and is reflected in the water. Zarechnaya, all in white, reads something from decadent literature (which Arkadin immediately notes), sitting on a large stone. Viewers constantly read with each other during the readings, despite the comments of Konstantin. He soon gets tired of it, and, having flared up, Treplev stops the performance. He's leaving. Masha is in a hurry to calm him down. Arkadina, meanwhile, represents Trigorin Nina. Zarechnaya, after a brief conversation, is leaving home.

No one liked the play, except for Dorn and Masha. Dorn wants to tell Treplev something as pleasant as possible, which he does. And Mary confesses to Dorn that she loves Constantine and asks him for advice. However, he can not advise her anything.

Quarrel Arkadina with Shamrayev

A few days pass from that time. On the croquet court, the play continues. What does Chekhov talk about further in the comedy “The Seagull”? Summary introduces the reader to the main events.

Stepmother and Nina's father went to Tver for 3 days, which enabled the girl to come to Sorin. Polina Andreevna and Arkadina are going to the city, but Shamrayev does not agree to provide them with horses for this, citing her refusal by saying that they are all on harvesting rye in the field. There is a small altercation, Arkadina threatens to leave for Moscow. Polina Andreevna on the way to the house almost confesses her love to Dorn. However, meeting them at the house with Nina makes her understand that he loves Zarechnaya, and not her.

Killed gull

Chekhov, a brief summary of the play you are reading, created a very successful from an artistic point of view, an image of a dead gull. We will tell about how he first appears in the work.

Nina wanders around the garden and is surprised that famous writers and actors have the same life as ordinary people: with squabbles, everyday quarrels, joys and tears, and troubles. Konstantin brings a killed seagull to the girl and compares it to himself. Zarechnaya tells him that he practically ceased to understand him, as he began to express his feelings and thoughts in symbols. Treplev tries to explain himself, but quickly leaves when he sees Trigorin who has appeared.

Trigorin and Nina remain together. The writer constantly writes something in his notebook that Chekhov (“The Seagull”) notes. The summary would be incomplete if we did not note that Zarechnaya admires the world in which, in her view, Arkadina and Trigorin live. She believes that the lives of these people are filled with miracles and happiness. Trigorin draws her as a painful existence. Noticing the gull killed by Treplev, he writes a new story for a story about a young girl who looks like this bird. The man came by chance, saw her and ruined from nothing to do.

Weekly events

Another week goes by. AP tells us about the multitude of events that occurred during this time. Chekhov (“The Seagull”). A summary of their following. Masha in the dining room Sorina confesses to Trigorin that she loves Constantine. She decides to marry Medvedenko in order to wrest this love from her heart. Trigorin wants to go to Moscow with Arkadina. Irina is leaving because of her son, who shot, but now she wants to challenge Trigorin to a duel. Nina is also going to leave, because she dreams of becoming an actress. The girl comes to say goodbye (especially with Trigorin). She gives him a medallion, in which the lines from his book are marked.

The writer wants to follow Zarechnoy. It seems to him that he was searching for this feeling all his life. Irina Arkadina, having learned about this, is begging on her knees not to leave her. But, agreeing in words, Trigorin nevertheless agrees with Zarechny about a secret meeting, which is to be held on the way to Moscow.

Two years later

Another two years pass. We have compiled a summary of Chekhov’s play “The Seagull”, highlighting the main points. Sorin is already 62 years old, he is sick, but at the same time he is thirsty for life. Masha and Medvedenko are married, they have a child, but there is no happiness in the family. Masha is disgusting both the child and her husband, and Medvedenko suffers from this very much.

Nina's fate

Who is interested in Zarechnoy Dornu Treplev tells her fate. The girl ran away from home and entered into contact with Trigorin, from whom she had a child, who soon died. The writer has already fallen out of love with Nina and returned to Arkadina. Nina on the scene was also very bad. She played a lot, but very “tasteless”, “rough”, “with howls”. The girl wrote letters to Treplev, but never complained. She signed in letters with the Seagull. Nina's parents do not want to know and do not even allow her to come close to home. She is now in the city and even promised to come. However, Konstantin is confident that Nina will not come.

Explanation of Trepleva with Zarechnoy

However, this hero, who created Chekhov (the play “The Seagull”), is mistaken. The summary continues with the fact that Zarechnaya appears unexpectedly for everyone. Once again, Konstantin confesses to a girl in love and devotion. He is ready to forgive her everything and dedicate to her all her life. However, Nina does not accept his victims. She still loves Trigorin, as told by Treplev. Zarechnaya leaves to play in the provincial theater, and invites you to take a look at her game Trepleva, when the girl becomes a great actress.

Already approaching the end of Chekhov's “The Seagull” (summary). Are you interested in how this play will end? We offer a brief description of the final events of the work.

Death Trepleva

Constantine after the departure of Nina tears up his manuscripts. He throws them under the table and goes into the next room. Dorn, Trigorin, Arkadina and others gather in the room they left. They want to play and sing.

Suddenly a shot is heard. Having said that it probably broke his test tube, Dorn goes to the noise. Returning, he leads away in the direction of Trigorin and asks to take Arkadin away somewhere, since her son shot himself.

So ends the work that Chekhov created - “The Seagull”. Summary, of course, can not be compared with the original of the play, especially with the set on the stage. Certainly worth watching the performance of this work. Chekhov's The Seagull, a brief summary of which was presented above, is one of the best works of this playwright.