Know their blood group must. But this is still not enough. A special role is played by the RH factor. He puts a special mark on the entire human body. And if in life there comes a time when you need a blood transfusion, the doctor will need to know as a group, and RH. O negative blood type occurs in approximately 15 percent of Europeans. What is its feature, as well as the pros and cons?

O negative blood group

Blood group o negative. Feature

Many people think that blood group and rhesus impose certain imprint on the person. Of course, this does not mean that outwardly they will be all together similar. But, nevertheless, scientists who conducted a lot of research, made some conclusions about the characteristics of the group and people who have it.

Thus, it is assumed that people who have blood type AB, RH negative, often suffer from colds due to lowered immunity. But it is not given accurate facts as to why this is happening and why people have weak immune system.

Also from the total group were people having this blood group. And most of them were overweight, which was formed because of poor diet and low mobility. This happens because the body is difficult to digest fats and high amounts of carbohydrates. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a diet.

As to the nature, all secrete that people with group, possess leadership qualities and a bit like hunters. Them whatever was necessary to achieve what they want. And often means and efforts, this in no way consistent.

The process of education

Very interesting process of the formation of the first negative group of blood. Blood group is provided by the combination of antigens. This process is very unusual and exciting.

The child has o negative blood group can be:

  • If both parents have blood type first.
  • If one parent is blood type AB and the other second or third.
  • If one of the parents of the second group, and the other third. Or both of the second (or third) group.

It should be noted that never have men and women no child is born with first blood, if one of them is the fourth group. But a baby with a negative rhesus factor can sometimes be born and in RH-positive parents (if they are heterozygous).


The first group of blood, RH negative really has only one significant advantage. Due to the fact that the blood is practically no antigenic properties (that is, almost does not cause an immune response to foreign cells), it is considered one of the safe donor transfusions. As scholars have noted, transfusion of such blood can all, regardless of what a person has RH factor and what blood. However, to do this intentionally is impossible. Such a process is only allowed in emergency situations, when there is no native blood and have to resort to transfusion of o negative.


As for disadvantages, much more. It should be noted that if the first negative blood is universal, i.e. it can be transfused to all people, here is someone born with it, you can only pour the first negative and no more. Otherwise, this will lead to immune response, and in extreme cases even death.

Among other disadvantages there are:

  • Tendency to acute respiratory viral diseases.
  • A tendency to disease of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Increased risk of hypertensive crisis in men.
  • Increased probability of allergic reactions.
  • A tendency to overweight.

Besides, according to the statistics, cases of hemophilia in men are common if the first negative blood group.

Personal characteristics

Some scholars have directly linked the blood group and RH with the personal qualities of the person. Thus, it is assumed that people with this group have strong-willed qualities, which can lead to narcissism, intolerance of criticism in their address, jealousy. However, they have low endurance and poor adaptability to new conditions of life (often the worst).

The first negative blood group. Compatibility

The question of the compatibility of blood groups occurs only in two cases:

  • When blood transfusions are required.
  • When a woman became pregnant.

In that case, if you have not complied with all the rules and the doctors did not control the situation, it could face serious consequences.

Blood transfusion

Special attention should be paid to not only the blood but also RH. In any case can not be transfused to a person with o-negative blood of some other group. Before, many years ago, allowed this transfusion, however, it only applies to the second group of blood with the same RH.

But still, such a transfusion may lead to deterioration. And if you were transfused blood with a negative RH, the impact will be less serious. But if there was incest, and the positive intermingled with the negative, that human life will be threatened. In this case, you may need to completely replace all the blood to purify it from alien and dangerous proteins.


Separately pays attention to compatibility during pregnancy. We all know what often happens to RH conflict. This concept was introduced relatively recently, and that's why for moms-to-be, having a negative RH, obstetrician-gynecologists are watching very closely.

O negative blood type during pregnancy can cause rejection of the fetus. So many girls within the first 12 weeks can lie more than a month on retention because the body simply rejects, as he seems to be a foreign body. They should conduct a regular life, as the impetus for the reaction can be anything. Yes, and it is noted that the toxicity is much stronger than the girls with a positive RH.

As there is a conflict?

During pregnancy many women do not think about how it can affect their RH and blood group (or father) of the baby and the process of gestation.

It is actually very difficult. O-negative blood type in women, dangerous in that case, if the father RH positive. In this case, the probability of inheritance of the RH will be 50: 50. But most often it is inherited a positive RH.

Often this conflict, the mother finds out after visiting the gynecologist, or rather, testing. After that, she will be closely monitored and any pinch of pain to lay on the preservation, since the risk of miscarriage and missed abortion increases.

Also, the conflict (but to a lesser degree) can occur if the mother has RH positive and dad is negative, and the child inherits the RH of the father. In this case, the risk of miscarriage is much smaller, but that doesn't mean be careless and negligent attitude to health.

Second and subsequent pregnancies

O-negative blood type in women says that she is in any case impossible to have an abortion, especially if the child first. If it does, then the probability of having the next child decreases by many times, and often children are born with health problems.

This happens because the number of antibodies in the blood after the first pregnancy (even if it was childbirth) increases. And therefore would recommend a break between kids that antibodies became less.

To date, scientists have developed a special vaccine that can prevent the formation of these antibodies and allow a woman to give birth to a healthy child.

As mentioned above, people with the first negative blood group are obese. And that is why they need to pay close attention to nutrition. It is recommended to eat:

  • Low-fat varieties of meat, namely beef, fish.
  • Cereal, as they have almost no fat (especially if they are cooked on water).
  • Vegetables, because they contain fiber and no fat. Yes, and they are absorbed much better.

Also recommended to drink green tea, decoctions from the hips.

As for the prohibited products, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of sweets, flour, as they have a lot of calories, and they contribute to the formation of cholesterol plaques, preventing normal circulation.

The first negative blood group is considered rare. And therefore, people who own it need to carefully monitor their health, since there are few donors and the ecological situation is getting worse.