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The halo effect in psychology

The halo effect in psychology is a phenomenon that we observe daily in collaboration with a large number of people. Its essence consists in the following: if the person produces to the society a positive impression in the beginning, then later it will be a good attitude from the team, even if it not quite right the actions that are contrary to public opinion.

To the question of what perspective

The article presents the description of the meaning of the word "perspective". The concept of "perspective" is considered in different aspects: architecture, geometry, painting, pedagogy.

What a dream feast? The interpretation of dreams

Dreams are an integral part of every person's life. They sometimes tell you what to do in a given situation. What a dream feast? On this question expositors there is no definite answer. Maybe this dream foretells a major quarrel or hints at a future event? Let us investigate this issue.

Stones for Aries women

It is no secret that every woman loves to wear jewelry. If they are chosen with taste – it's beautiful. But if they are chosen also on the sign of the Zodiac – that is in harmony with her inner world. What are the stones for jewelry is better to choose women under the sign of Aries, so they became her real mascots?

How to train your man forever

If you don't know how to train your man, read our article. Here you will find useful tips that will teach you something new in dealing with the male Scorpio, Taurus, Lions and Crabs.

Waning moon

The moon is a mysterious Orb of night, from the most ancient times invariably attracts glances of poets and lovers, astronomers and soothsayers. Her phases have always been associated with defined processes in the life of nature and man. Today the waning Moon and its influence on emotions, events and health according to science and astrology.

What the alphabet is, how it arose and where?

We are so used to the alphabet that do not even think about being so conveniently arranged that the order of the letters. That this alphabet was known to many ancient peoples, the modification of the alphabet was undertaken with the improvement of writing and its final form in the alphabets of various countries have acquired in our time.

What is the criterion? The types of criteria

For starters, what is the criterion. Why the term is applied in educational institutions? It's very simple. To determine performance, we need certain indicators. These variables are recognized standards. According to them, and evaluates the works of students. They represent the criteria according to which a comprehensive test of knowledge of graduates of modern educational institutions.

What is the ampere?

The ampere force is an important theoretical component for those people who work with electrically sliding parts. About it and speech will go.

The humanitarian profession

The article tells about the different types of humanitarian professions, their usefulness to society and that they can give to the person who decided to link their lives with them.

Name Inna: meaning and origin

A little shrill name is Inna, the value of which is "flow", often gives the owner of a superior quality to guess the possible development of events upcoming events. Such a woman is able not only to adapt to rapidly changing conditions, but also to choose the desired direction of flow.

European University in St. Petersburg: photo and reviews

European University in Saint-Petersburg is an educational institution that does not apply to public universities, but engaged in advanced training of professional personnel. To become a University student, you must have the education of a certain direction and aim to improve existing skills.

The name of Sviatoslav, value, origin

Our ancestors believed obvious that every word carries an energy charge. In this sense, the first name has a truly magical effect. Because each of us hears it dozens of times, and thus it is having an impact on our mood, behavior, Hobbies. The name of Sviatoslav, the value of which will be considered in this article, has ancient origins.

A Virgo woman, Taurus man: compatibility

Virgo woman – Taurus-man – is Union, which is often good and promising. These people can each other to understand and maintain, which is important in any relationship. Well, you should tell more about their work to understand what features will be filled with their family life.

How to become hackers? Who is the hacker

How to become hackers? This process is accompanied by hard work, constant improvement of skills, development of intelligence. Not lost the desire to find the answer to this question? Then you should read this review

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