The first Reich

This review will be devoted to the study of the meaning of "Reich." The most detailed look at the history of the first Reich – the Holy Roman Empire.

Orion's belt in the sky

Winter sky in the Northern hemisphere no less curious for astronomers than the summer. It was during this period of observation available to a large number of sufficiently bright stars. One of the most prominent heavenly figures in the cold season is the constellation Orion. It occupies a vast area and is well known thanks to several bright stars in its composition, as well as recognizable form. One of the main "attractions" of the constellation is the asterism of Orion's belt.

Normally it's like? The meaning and synonyms

We often hear: "Okay!" It has become customary, but what does it mean dialect? It's used so often and in a different context, that the meaning could be lost in all this variety. Let's talk about the norm in the personal and public sense, but let's start with the linguistic formation.

Prayer to St. Pantaleon healing

In the life of every man there comes a time when it is particularly necessary assistance and support, advice and blessing of the Heavenly powers. Most of these tests are associated with health problems of the same or similar, and therefore address the people prayerful appeal to the Holy Agapetus of Pechersk, Panteleimon the Healer. It is in these saints often ask for healing.

What dream bat: different interpretations

If you are among lovers of horror films about vampires, then surely you never tormented by the question of what a dream bat. Seen in a dream is perceived solely as the impression of the recent view. Those who are not fond of this genre of cinema will be very curious to know the interpretation of the dream.

Dream interpretation: bats

What if bats dreamed a dream? This question and answer dream. Bats almost always a bad dream to the events and grief. But can such a dream promise anything good, learn from our article.

Dream interpretation: what dreams sand

What dream sand? Interpretations of this vision, there are many. And what it will be, depends on the details, seen in a dream, and circumstances. It could be yellow, white, and even black sand. Well, you should understand what means this or that dream. Because sometimes some visions are signs from above.

Serpentine (stone): the value of the properties, photos

The serpentine stone, which for a long time was considered a mineral of magicians and sorcerers. There are numerous legends associated with it. One legend says that in the garden of Eden, Adam choked on the forbidden fruit. Spat it on the ground, and a piece of Apple turned into the coil. According to another legend, the Ural masters could, with special treatment, to split the stone into thin threads of fiber, and make a tablecloth.

The bottom of the ocean

The underwater landscape is very diverse. The bottom of the ocean represents the upper part of the lithospheric plate on which there are valleys, clefts, ridges.

The list of gods of Ancient Greece

The full list of the gods of Ancient Greece with a brief description of relationship and responsibilities of each deity. Dilute boring text pictures and exciting legends – you will not be bored!

Sherman tank: drawings

Tank "Sherman" is one of the most famous fighting machines. During the Second World war it was also used Soviet soldiers. About the history of the tank and its characteristics will be discuss in this article.

Civil society is

One of the main tasks of any democratic state in the modern world is to achieve consensus among citizens. This is only possible if respect the interests of different social groups and civil consensus. The main role in the bond and connection of public and private interests played by civil society. This concept is quite broad, and we in this article we will try to understand it.

Marriage and life together: what needs the family meets the joint work?

Most of the marriages is between people who genuinely love each other. And feelings are manifested not only in romantic actions, but also in everyday life. Proper distribution of responsibilities between spouses is the most important component in a relationship. Which to some extent determines their further development. However, everything in order.

The French revolution-1789

The last decade of the eighteenth century was marked by an event that not only changed the existing order in a particular European country, but also influenced the whole course of world history. The French revolution of 1789-1799 was a source of inspiration for the preachers of the class struggle of the next few generations.

The origin of the name Ivan

I wonder if the origin of the name Ivan, the most interesting and necessary about the name: feature, compatibility, etc, then you should definitely read this article.