Beautiful and well-groomed eyelashes are an important part of the dazzling look that many women dream of. But not all of them are given in the form in which it would be desirable. There are several methods for solving this problem. The most common are staining with ink with different effects or eyelash extensions. Modern technologies offer a new tool for improving the look. This remedy is permanent mascara.

What it is

The product is a special composition for covering the eyelashes, able to lengthen, color, give volume and twist the hairs at the same time. And the effect lasts up to 1-1,5 months (as many masters assert). It is very convenient in comparison with the use of ordinary mascara - the procedure does not need to be repeated every day. If you compare the permanent tool with build-up, the advantage is also obvious: eyelashes are not damaged, and after removing the layer remain in its original form.

Mascara is released in the form of a gel or liquid emulsion, the components of which are not toxic, their evaporation is not dangerous, so there are practically no contraindications to the procedure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Permanent mascara is a cosmetic product that has both merits and certain nuances in use that you need to remember so that they do not turn into negative factors.

The unconditional advantages include:

  • Long-term preservation of the effect (up to 1.5 months with proper application and care).
  • No need to apply makeup every day.
  • The product does not harm eyelashes, such as glue for eyelash extension.
  • The procedure does not take much time (about 20-30 minutes).

What to remember:

  • Despite the relatively safe composition, mascara can cause allergic reactions. Especially this affects girls wearing contact lenses.
  • The procedure can be entrusted only to a professional, do not engage in permanent application at home and with inexperienced self-taught masters.
  • After application of super-resistant carcass, it is necessary to follow certain rules that contribute to the long-term preservation of the effect.

The first step is to say that the procedure should be performed only by a professional, since applying requires a certain skill and skill.

  • Preparatory work: cleansing eyelashes from sweat and fat, gluing protective strips to the eyelids. If necessary, produce a biochemical perming of hairs.
  • Permanent mascara is applied to the eyelashes by means of a small applicator brush from the outer corner of the eye to the inside, evenly along the entire length and area. The composition does not dry out immediately, at this time the master separates the eyelashes with tweezers or other special tools.

  • If the client wishes, the master applies several layers of the composition to give more volume and color saturation, depending on the effect that must be achieved.
  • Lower eyelashes are treated with a single layer of carcasses using the same technology. If a woman does not paint them with normal make-up, then you can leave this area unattended, but there is a risk that the colors and their saturation on the upper and lower hairs will vary. That's why it is recommended to paint them with at least one layer.

Care instructions

Permanent mascara will serve for several weeks, if you follow the simple rules:

  • In the first day, completely eliminate the effects of water and moisture: avoid rain, do not exercise heavy physical exertion, do not wash. A day later, there will be no such restriction.
  • Do not use oily and oil-based products to care for the skin around the eyes.
  • Do not use make-up remover from the eyes. If the need for this is still there (remove the extra daily makeup), use cotton buds and remove the unnecessary carefully, without touching the eyelashes).
  • Eliminate the use of curling irons and brushes for combing cilia.
  • Do not put a normal carcass over the permanent (and is there any meaning?).

Over time, a firm coating is washed off, eyelashes are updated. Thus, gradually the permanent mascara disappears completely from the eyes. If there is a need to update the layer, the old one is removed with a special cosmetic solvent. Again, it should be noted that this should be done by the master.

Biochemical and staining

Staining with permanent mascara gives the eyelashes a bend, but the procedure of the bio-wigging with this tool is not performed. To do this, use special devices (hair curlers) and colorless glue formulations. The procedure can be performed before applying a stable color coating.

Biochemical, permanent mascara together last a little longer and enhance the effect of each other, according to experts and satisfied customers.

There are less resistant compounds of carcass - semi-permanent. They last 2-3 weeks, they are less stable. If used in conjunction with biowaves, their service life will be 3-4 weeks.

What customers think

Permanent mascara testimonials are very different, as for one woman the remedy is ideal, others have an allergy. Also the opinion is influenced by the skill of the specialist who performed the procedure and the quality of the material itself: cheap samples will not create a magical effect, eyelashes can be glued together, this coating quickly falls off.

Good reviews of the permanent carcass, applied qualitatively, come from girls going on vacation: trekking, sea, travel. There is no need to constantly dye the eyelashes, and their perfect appearance can create a beautiful open look, which there is no further need to emphasize. And who wants to spend time on make-up when there is so much interesting around.

Also, satisfied customers pay attention to the speed of the procedure: about 30 minutes - it's not hard to suffer.

Permanent mascara sometimes receives negative feedback from customers when the work is done poorly. Also, women who spend a lot of time at the computer, tired of eyes, because the layer still has its weight, albeit quite small in our opinion.

Question price

In ordinary cosmetics stores, you are unlikely to find this remedy, since it is not intended for use at home. It is sold in professional shops and salons, where they buy equipment and supplies from the master of the beauty industry.

Permanent ink, reviews on which are mostly positive, has high quality, so it can not be cheap. The average price for a good professional staff starts at around 2000 - 2500 rubles. masters of high class use samples over 3000 rubles. Of course, you can find bottles of 1000 - 1500 rubles. but what effect will they give?

Permanent mascara, the price of which may seem too high, quickly pays off: in the beauty salon procedure for its application you will make for 1200 - 2000 rubles. depending on the skills of the master and the level of the institution.

Host-at-home amateurs prescribe a lower price for this procedure - 800 - 1000 rubles. But is it worth the risk? If the master has a diploma or a certificate confirming his ability, then maybe everything will be fine. The self-teacher, most likely, will not be able to carry out the procedure qualitatively or will use the material of poor quality. In both cases, it can harm your eyelashes and even your eyes.