Every owner of a country house, whether it is luxury cottage or a modest house, dreams about the same – about the presence on the plot a private pool, which will be located outdoors. This dream is quite complicated and troublesome task. But even if the owner is willing, before him a question of regular cleaning of water. If we do not work, the pool will quickly turn into a quagmire. Bathe in blooming green water is not like anyone.

Perhydrol for pools: instructions, reviews, dosage

Basin water, among other things, may contain nitrates, phosphates or other heavy metals. They get there from groundwater. These elements adversely affect the health of people, so they should be disposed of.

Water purification with chlorine

Ways to clean pool water of impurities and dirt a lot. People have created lots of different chemicals, designed to clean and disinfect the water in the pool. Generally they are made on the basis of chlorine or active oxygen – perhydrol. The last component is more expensive.

Many people prefer water to chlorinate. In this case, in order to avoid overdose, you should use multistream. It is filled with water, in which a special reagent. Next you need to compare the color of the water in the pool with a special scale. The brightness of the color say about the excess of chlorine.

After chlorination, the water may remain cloudy. It says stuck in her smallest of sand grains. To get rid of them by using coagulants. This is a special chemicals that bind is available in the sand lumps. These lumps cannot pass through the filter, so they are easy to remove. Coagulants are purchased separately. As prophylaxis it is recommended to use them once a month.

Hydrogen peroxide

Many owners prefer to use a non-chlorine, and peroxide. Through the process of oxidation of the pool water is sterilized and disinfected. This is the action of oxygen atoms. This substance is a bit more expensive than chlorine, but safer.

Swimming pool perhydrol is a common medical hydrogen peroxide. It is a colorless liquid substance that dissolves in ethers or in water. In this case there is a selection of metallic taste.

In medicine, the perhydrol is used as a disinfectant. It is often used during patient care. If you use perhydrol for swimming pools, it sterilizes the water and makes it safe. Also with the help of this substance can be sterilized linen, dishes, furniture, plumbing, premises.

Solutions of this substance are different. Most often, the perhydrol is available in two versions:

Pool cleaning with perhydrol

The basis of pool cleaning with peroxide, the process of oxidation. The oxygen atoms are actively broken down, disinfecting and sterilizing water. It is purification from all kinds of harmful microorganisms and impurities.

People with sensitive skin can safely use the perhydrol for the pool. Reviews of people talking about the fact that the substance does not cause any allergic reactions or dermatological diseases.

No after it, and decomposition products, which saves the owner from additional cleaning of the reservoir. This is partly why this substance is most preferable for pools with small volumes.

It is possible to increase the efficiency of water sterilization by adding other disinfectants to the perhydrol or by mixing it with silver.

When the solution is ready, you need to gently around the perimeter to pour perhydrol in the pool. How much to pour depends on its concentration and the volume of the reservoir.

Substance advantage

If you compare the perhydrol and chlorine, then the level of disinfecting the latter slightly higher. However, the perhydrol for pools has one important advantage. It is completely safe for people. Besides it has no smell, which is also important.

The use of perhydrol as a water purifier has started relatively recently. This method of sterilization and disinfection of water bodies is environmentally correct. And more and more people begin to use perhydrol for the pool. The reviews speak for themselves – the substance is safe, effective and easy to use.

Release it in a special cans with different capacity. Focusing on the required amount of substance, the owner chooses the right perhydrol for the pool. The statement usually goes along with the canister.

Perhydrol action

How effective is this product? Perhydrol does not emit any smell, no gas. It oxidizes organic matter and metals that are dissolved in water. Active oxygen contributes to the effective dissolution of the residues of fertilizers that fall into the pond. He also kills bacteria and microorganisms.

When organic chemicals are oxidized, they transition to a solid form. In this form they are easy to remove from the pool. In the case when it is a filter, simply pour the perhydrol and forget about it. The water cleansed itself.

Dosing substances

It is important to determine the amount and dosage of the drug. With this aim, we study the concentration of the substance. Often catches 30-40% perhydrol. Pool dosage should be approximately 700 ml per ton of water. If the concentration of perhydrol is 50% or above, tons of water need only 500 milliliters of a substance.

As mentioned above, if pergidrol is used for the pool, the dosage of the substance in kilograms is from 0.5 to 0.7 per ton of water, depending on its concentration.

Should strictly follow the instructions and comply with dosing peroxide. Excess hydrogen peroxide can cause burns on the skin, and it is dangerous. In this case, it is appropriate to remember about bleaching hair. Perhydrol allows you to lighten the strands 2, and then 3 tones.

Accurately following the dosing instructions will help get rid of most of the harmful microorganisms parasitizing in the pool. But not from everyone.

A day after using the pool is not a trace remains of perhydrol. It is falling apart.

The advantages and disadvantages of drugs

Whether to use perhydrol for pools or use of chlorine-containing means, everyone decides for himself. Each tool has its pros and cons.

Chlorine-containing drugs in small quantities destroy a wide range of microorganisms. However, even if the dosage is observed, they have a bad effect on the mucous membrane of a person and on his skin.

If you purify water by silver filter (this method is also known as "oligodendroglia"), there are no guarantees the complete destruction of bacteria and viruses.

Some wealthy owners of swimming pools use UV installation – ozonatory. They effectively affect the water and its composition. But the action of the device is limited. He is not able to neutralize the chemicals trapped in the water, and does not relieve its owner from the existing reservoir of particles.

Sanitary regulations

According to European standards, the best means for disinfecting water - ozonizer and perhydrol for swimming pools.

The Russian rules are aimed at the microbiological safety of the reservoir, so that they prefer chlorine-containing drugs, choosing the least evil.

If we are talking about public pools, spas or sports facilities, these rules are quite justified. Through them are hundreds of people that may be sick. Employees of such organizations monitoring the content of chlorine in the water.

If we are talking about a small pool, then you should think. Of course, if it swim neighbors, friends and relatives, it's probably better to use chlorine-containing drug. Otherwise, it is desirable to prefer the perhydrol for the pool. Rostov, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities can easily provide the owners of private houses with artificial ponds with the right amount of peroxide.

World practice shows that the perhydrol effective for the initial purification of small swimming pools. If the walls of the reservoir are visible organic inclusions, perhydrol they are easy to handle. But always use only this tool will be incorrect. Periodically, the pool needs to be disinfected with chlorine-containing drug.

In conclusion

Perhydrol is great for cleaning small pools. It disinfects and sterilizes water, is affordable, and has no side effects. Excellent tool to clean the pool of a private house!