The history of any country is fraught with many mysteries. We do not know whether Atlantis actually existed, for which the Egyptians built monumental and majestic pyramids, where the graves of the greatest commanders of the ancient world, Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, are located. And there are a lot of such unsolved secrets. One of them - a terrible story that happened in a place that is now called “Dyatlova Pass”. What really happened here more than half a century ago?


In January 1959, a group of skiers from the tourist club of the Ural Polytechnic Institute went hiking for 16 days. During this time, they planned to go at least 350 kilometers and climb the peaks of Oiko-Chakur and Otorten mountains. The hike belonged to the highest category of complexity, since its members were experienced tourists.

Dyatlova pass: what really happened? Is the secret of the Dyatlov Pass revealed?

Event location

The tragedy, the secret of which has been haunting researchers for several decades, occurred on the slopes of Mount Holatchhakhl, located in the Northern Urals. The mountain at the Dyatlov Pass (the place of the tragedy is now called) is also known under another, ominous name - “the mountain of the dead”. So call it Mansi - representatives of small ethnic groups living in that region. Later, they began to talk about it in connection with the tragic death of members of the Dyatlov expedition.

Chronicle of events

The campaign of 10 members of the group started on January 23. From that moment began the history of the pass Dyatlova. Six were students (including Igor Dyatlov, who heads the tourist squad), three were graduates, and one instructor.

On the twenty-seventh, Yuri Yudin was forced to leave the route due to illness (radiculitis). He was the only surviving member of the expedition. For four days the group went to completely deserted places. January 31, tourists came to the headwaters of the river Auspii. The plans were to climb to the top of Mount Otorten and then continue the hike further, but because of the strong wind that day it was not possible to reach the summit.

On the first of February, the participants of the campaign set up a storage shed with a part of things and food, and at about 15 o'clock in the afternoon they began to climb. Having stopped at the pass, which now bears the name of Igor Dyatlov, at 17 o'clock in the evening the participants of the march began to set up a tent for the night. The gentle slope of the mountain could not threaten dyatlovtsam. The details of the last hours of the life of the tourists were able to be set by the frames of the photographs that were conducted by the group members. After eating, they went to bed. And then something terrible happened that made experienced tourists run out naked in the cold, cutting the tent.

Searches for the missing group

The secret of the Dyatlov Pass has shaken the first witnesses who arrived at the scene of the tragedy. Search for tourists began two weeks after what happened at night on the side of the Dead Mountains. February 12, they were supposed to reach the village of Vizhay - the end point of the hike. When the tourists did not appear by the appointed time, their search began. First, the search team went to the tent. At one and a half kilometers away, near the forest border, next to a small fire, two bodies were found, stripped down to their underwear. 300 meters from this place lay the body Dyatlova.

Zina Kolmogorov was found at about the same distance from him. A few days later, in the same area, the body of another victim was found, Slobodina. Already in late spring, when the snow began to melt, the bodies of the rest of the group were found. The case was discontinued due to the absence of any plausible versions of what happened, and the authorities called the cause of the death of tourists an insuperable elemental force. Six people, according to medical experts, died from hypothermia, three - from severe injuries.

Dyatlov Pass: versions of what happened

The tragedy that occurred on the mountain of the Dead more than half a century ago, during the Soviet period, was kept secret for many years. If they talked about it, then only those who had a direct connection to what happened, or to investigate the death of tourists. Of course, such conversations at that time could only be conducted privately, the townsfolk should not have been aware of what happened in the Ural Mountains. In the 1990s, for the first time in the media there were reports of those distant events. The mystery of the Dyatlov Pass immediately interested many researchers. What happened on the slopes of Mount Otorten, went beyond the usual accident or natural disaster. Soon the name of the place of death of young tourists became known to all - "Dyatlova Pass". Versions of the tragedy that took place grew and multiplied every day. Among them were quite plausible attempts to explain the events that occurred, and many absolutely fantastic assumptions. Dyatlov's mysterious pass - what really happened? We will understand the existing versions of the tragedy in more detail today.

- Version 1 - snow avalanche. Proponents of this theory believe that an avalanche came down on a tent with people in it. Because of this, she collapsed under a load of snow, and tourists who had fallen into the trap had to cut it from the inside. There was no point in being in it, because now she did not save from the cold. Hypothermia led to the fact that subsequent actions of people were inadequate. This led to their death. Severe injuries found in several people - the result of an avalanche. This version has many flaws: neither the tent nor its mounts have been moved. Moreover, the ski poles stuck next to it in the snow remained untouched. If tourists are injured as a result of avalanche, how to explain the lack of blood in the tent? Meanwhile, one of the dead had a depressed skull fracture.

Pass Dyatlova - what really happened? We continue to consider the most plausible versions of the terrible tragedy of half a century ago.

- Version 2 - tourists were the victims of some rocket tests conducted by the military. This theory is supported by the small radioactivity of the clothes of the dead and the strange orange color of their skin. But nearby there was no landfill, airfield and any structures belonging to military units.

- Version 3, which is trying to explain what happened on the Dyatlov Pass, also implies involvement in the death of military tourists. They may have become undesirable witnesses of some secret trials conducted in the area, and it was decided to liquidate the group.

- 4 version - among the participants of the group were representatives of the KGB, who conducted a secret operation to transfer radioactive materials to foreign intelligence agents. They were exposed, and the whole group was eliminated by spies. The disadvantage of this version is the difficulty of carrying out such an operation far from populated areas.

Dyatlov's mysterious pass - the mystery is revealed?

All versions that attempt to explain what happened to members of a group of tourists in 1959 have significant drawbacks. But there is a simpler explanation, which is provided by experienced climbers and tourists. Sleeping guys could scare the layer of snow that hit the tent. Deciding that an avalanche was coming down, they could have left the shelter in a hurry, after cutting the tent wall. Retreating to the forest, they managed to stick ski poles into the snow in order to later find a place to sleep. And then, in the beginning of a blizzard, three fought off the group and went to the creek, on a precipice. The snow canopy, on which they fell, could not bear the weight and collapsed. Falling from a great height, all three received fatal injuries. The rest died, as the investigation established, from hypothermia. This is the most rational explanation of the mysterious events that occurred with the participants of the campaign.

The tragedy of 1959 in the North Urals in the cinema

Many documentary and feature films are devoted to the mysterious events that took place half a century ago with the Dyatlov group. Unfortunately, in most cases the emphasis in them is not on trying to seriously investigate what happened, but on the mysterious and terrible events of that night. Of the latest interesting films on this topic, the documentary film “Dyatlov Pass. Mystery Revealed ”, created in 2015 with the participation of the REN TV channel. The creators of the picture not only tried to find an explanation of the tragedy, but also presented the viewer with several new versions of events.


While researchers do not have access to secret archives, which may contain the answers to all questions. For many enthusiasts, the Dyatlova Pass is still cherished. What actually happened that night from February 1 to February 2 with a group of young tourists? While all the information about this tragedy is kept secret, any of the above versions has the right to exist. Let's hope that someday the story of the Dyatlov Pass will be completed.

The only survivor of the group, Yuri Yudin, died in 2013. He was the first to identify the things of the dead comrades, but subsequently did not actively participate in the investigation. According to the testament, the urn with Yudin’s ashes was placed in Yekaterinburg in a mass grave of seven participants of the ill-fated campaign of 1959.