Recycling plastic bottles today is quite an important task, and business in this area is very promising. This is due to the proliferation and widespread use of such containers in all sectors of the economy. It is therefore necessary to assess the technological process of processing, the cost of equipment used for that as well markets get raw materials.

The urgency of the problem

Statistics say that every person throws away about 300 pounds of various debris, and a third of plastic bottles. Already used containers is not less valuable than glass bottles or waste paper. In the process of recycling a material, which is made of Flex in the form of plastic flakes. And he, in turn, suitable for subsequent manufacture of the packaging.

Recycling plastic bottles: technology and equipment

It turns out that recycling plastic bottles is a waste-free production, as it turns out, plastic, Flex, and Vice versa. Furthermore, this idea is fully justified in environmental terms, as the decomposition of polymer required 300 years, no less.

Modern trends

Recycling plastic bottles as a business it is a good idea because that can get quite good profit, but only if well-written business plan, and in the presence of the required amount of money. The organization of such enterprises is quite expensive. Here the main points relate to finding a suitable space, the establishment deliveries of raw materials and finding markets. This business is not just profitable but also quite useful. In addition, recycling plastic bottles is not yet so strongly developed in the CIS countries, so you will not have much competition.

Main technological stages

You can consider the process of recycling which occurs in this facility.

The first step is collecting bottles and sort them out. There were no complications, and more details the process will be discussed later. It is worth noting only one: at this stage needs to be adjusted to ensure uninterrupted supplies of raw materials with its further sorting.


The second stage – crushing. There is already need some equipment for processing plastic bottles, namely, special equipment for crushing. It placed the sorted raw material, which is crushed with obtaining the output flakes size of 0.8-1.2 cm, all depends on what kind of grille is used in the plant. This is the most Flex. This crushed mass is subjected to a thorough washing with the use of caustic soda. Line for recycling plastic bottles sends it all in a centrifuge, where from the main mass of separate pieces of paper labels. The flotation process allows to remove rings and caps and labels made of polypropylene. Flex is washed again, this time using clean water, then placed in a tube dryer, where hot air flow provides drying. At the end of a machine for recycling plastic bottles and unloads Packed Flex. As such, the material is fit for sale. But you can use a slightly different technology.

Agglomeration and granulation

The third stage of agglomeration. Is sometimes used and this technique of recycling plastic bottles. It's a simple procedure. The crushed mass is subjected to high temperatures, causing its sintering and turning into lumps of small size. These lumps can be sold as ready raw materials, and can be granulated, so that they "improve".

The fourth stage is granulation. We have already seen how multi-faceted is recycling plastic bottles. Technology in this case involves the subsequent processing of raw materials. This significantly improves its quality and purity, which gives the opportunity to increase the value of the product. Granulation is often called briquetting, the essence of this process is to crushed turned into pieces of regular shape, that is a kind of granules having the same size and weight. This is done so that particles are compacted under slight pressure as between them may be void. After this occurs, the deformation of the particles themselves, so that they interlock at the level of molecules. The final stage involves an increase in pressure to turn the elastic to plastic modification. The result of this is to obtain solid pellets of the same shape.

Factory on processing of plastic bottles

Even given the fact that the equipment for these purposes is quite expensive, so to open a business is quite real. Only the line processing is in the area of 130 thousand dollars. But it paid, how useful is recycling plastic bottles. The business plan for such a plant should be based on a specific project to showcase it to potential investors.

First it is required to register a company. It should be noted that this activity will be recognized as the manufacturing of small production, so it can begin even before the moment of opening IE. Next, we need to think about a special space to purchase or rent the equipment for processing plastic bottles. But it is necessary to consider all in order. To start, you need to obtain a license for such activity, and all agree in the SES and the fire organization. Obtaining all required documents would cost about 200 rubles.

The room for business

When the "paperwork" issues will be resolved, you can begin to search the premises that will host the production line of plastic bottles. This requires a minimum area of 3,000 square meters, it is best if it will be outside of the city. For this purpose, suitable abandoned factory or warehouse, it's important to him were summed up all the communications that are needed during operation. A section of the room would need to be in three parts (in the preparation of the business plan it must be taken into account): raw materials, finished products for production.

Staffing business

So you've decided to open a factory for recycling of plastic bottles? In this case, you must estimate rates and a complete set of equipment that will be required for these purposes. The minimum amount that should be calculated is 4 million rubles, plus another 400 thousand on the installation. For a production shop there are a few elements that are mandatory. The equipment for processing of plastic bottles includes:

– agglomerator (≈ 222 K)

line granulation (≈ 1-2 million)

- rotary chopper (≈1.5 million).

It is important to understand that this set is the minimum required for commissioning the line, which is to be recycling a plastic bottle. The following is a list of components for the finished line:

a bath in which to soak Flex

dynamic centrifuge intended for hard clean plastic residue from dirt, labels and other debris

– hot bath with water heated to 60 degrees, with the addition of sodium phosphate is used to maximize the effective cleaning of Flex

– the dispenser that has been feeding flakes equal portions in tubes with heated air

– friction screw, which is designed for accumulation of Flex and its transportation in the tub soaking. It consists of an inclined auger system flush and bunker savings

tub for rinsing, which is designed for flushing with cereal remnants of detergents.

Options to purchase

Of course, it is realistic to acquire domestic appliances that will be much cheaper, but in this case, it is likely to frequent breakdowns or to the fact that hardware power will not be enough. Although the cost of this equipment will be approximately 1 million rubles. It is possible to choose such an option, as purchasing used machines, then you can save about half the amount.

Among manufacturers of equipment for recycling of plastics, the leading positions belong Herbold, Shredder, Sorema, RIKO RT, Redoma and others. China manufactures most of the equipment that is used today. If we talk about domestic manufacturers, the quality of their products is inferior even to the Chinese. As one exception, you can call the company "machinery and technology".

The easiest stage of the production in this case is the organization of supply of raw materials. We are talking about plastic bottles, which are easy to find in every city. Mining can be done in one of several ways:

– Can be installed in the city special garbage containers for sorting. Instead of the old one, you can install several new. They must be signed appropriately to people who dispose of the trash, once it is sorted. You can count on the support of the city authorities, as they are always excited about new garbage cans.

– You can send people directly to the landfill, where they will sort waste on the spot. This method is not so expensive, as you will not need to spend money on the purchase of additional containers.

– To organize the city points of reception of plastic bottles. Now the cost of one kilogram is about 20-30 cents. In this case the costs are not as significant as when you need to buy boxes or sending people to the city dump. Since your goal is to crush plastic bottle and not receiving, it is possible to organize your own points of reception, and to use the services already existing. You can negotiate with the city refuse collection services on a regular supply of raw materials. The cost of one ton is about $ 100.

The Deposit scheme is another option. Its essence is the establishment of return used containers back to the points of sale of products for a fee.

Profitability and return on business

So, if you are interested in recycling plastic bottles as a business, you need to create a plan to determine the profitability of the future enterprise. First you need to determine the staff required 4-5 workers, an accountant, a few people to control the production process, the Manager.

It turns out that in such business it is possible to deal with such an average waste:

4 million rubles – purchase of equipment and its installation

– 400 tysch rubles – the lease of premises and utilities

– 200 thousand rubles other expenses.

In total it is about $ 4.6 million, to which should be added to salary of employees – 270 thousand rubles.

As a result of processing is a product that will be worth when selling 2.9 million per ton, which depends on the type of plastic. At the enterprise work 23 days per month for 8 hours and the manufacturing of 1 ton of products you can expect to net monthly benefit at 300-350 thousand rubles.

With strict adherence to the business plan suggests that the costs of opening will be recouped in about eighteen months, however this is subject to the competent organization of the entire production. In addition, the recycling of plastic bottles is a profitable activity, it should bring moral satisfaction from the fact that man contributes to the improvement of the ecological situation.