Most of the people working on the bar, wondering where to get gloves for the bar. Because after a workout can appear corns, which don't look very nice. Anyway, they can deliver to the owner a lot of trouble. In addition, because of the calluses of the classes on the horizontal bar can bring discomfort, because they will hurt your hands.

Why do we need gloves?

Many people believe that gloves horizontal bar is not needed, but athletes who are engaged in more than one year, suggest to buy them. After pull-UPS and perform other tricks can appear corns, which does not adorn the hands of men. Perhaps in the future you want to work at a serious company, but you there may not take if the appearance of the hands is not appropriate.

In addition, during class hands start to sweat. And this, in turn, leads to slip off the horizontal bar. If you wear gloves, they will increase friction, causing the slide will decrease. Therefore, it is advisable to start performing tricks without gloves. In addition, they can make at home from scrap materials or other gloves.

Selection of materials for sewing gloves

Gloves horizontal bar is possible to make from ready purchased products. And belonging to different price categories. It is very important that gloves for the bar was comfortable and durable. You also need to remember that in the case of Cycling gloves there are some nuances. Very often, their back side is open. Moreover, the manufacturer has made it so special for better ventilation. So in the winter they will be quite cold, while in summer they are very comfortable. To engage in them on the bar in the winter, it is necessary to choose the soft material and make him two tabs that will completely cover the holes. If the gloves leather, the material for closing openings must also be so.Gloves for the horizontal bar do it yourself

The construction of the gloves also has its shortcomings. First and foremost, is quality. Just a few workouts can completely ruin them. The negative side have any gloves, even the most expensive. That is why many decide to make them for themselves. But about all under the order.

Alter building gloves

Many wonder about how to choose gloves for the bar. It is not necessary to pay a lot of money. Even normal construction gloves can be used during lessons on the bar. Especially since they can be easily and quickly alter. Of course, their appearance does not attract attention, but they are quite inexpensive. Due to this, you can purchase several pairs and use them until they are erased to holes. But we are not talking about the cheapest gloves, and more expensive that the palm side is rubberized. They will help to make classes at the bar much more comfortable. You can buy them in hardware store or on the market. And the second option will likely be cheaper.

These gloves are usually no more than 30 rubles. There are several species of them, which also affects the price: with dots, stripes and a fully rubberized. To make good gloves for the bar, it is necessary to take two pairs of the above products. You need both to put up and remove, so they stayed in one another. Now you need to stitch them together so that they become thicker.

How to alter bicycle gloves

They are also often put on the athletes on the bar. Usually they are made of very thick material, so thanks to them rarely get corns on hands. The cost of the models is different and ranges from 200 to 2000 roubles. Another advantage of them is that they are made of leather, so hands will not slide completely. However, it is usually used to create a very thin skin, so they quickly lose their appearance and torn.

Such products have some disadvantages. They are not always convenient to use. In particular, it is noted by men with rather large hands. In addition, despite the high cost, they can be used no more than one season, as they wear out very quickly. To facilitate their use during practice on the horizontal bar, it is necessary to take the elastic band and sew it on top. It should be enough to wrap the hand. So, in the process of doing tricks you don't have to worry about hands slipping.

Is it possible to alter weightlifting gloves?

You can use weightlifting gloves for pull UPS on the bar. They're not expensive: from 300 to 800 rubles. The main advantage of such products is that they provide good ventilation of the hands. In addition, palms have a thick leather cover, due to what the hands do not slip. However, because such a thick skin they can be not always convenient. However, experts say that it is one of the best models that can be used while working on the bar. But to deal with them in the summer, you have to remove the inner coating. This can be done with a knife. Of course, we must act very carefully.

Woolen gloves

You can approach and a normal woolen glove to practice at the bar. Their cost ranges from 200 to 1000, although you can find cheaper options. It is very convenient to use them with the special straps, as without them, the hands will slide quite. Wear them only in winter, but in summer they are best avoided. Anyway, with them to implement it turns out not all of the items, since so very much slip of the hand. To avoid this, you can get leatherette, wear the glove and move the hand sizes on the material. Then cut and sew the glove on the palm side.

Where to buy gloves?

The cost of the gloves is different, and it usually depends on their type. To purchase such products in a specialty store or market. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. On the market the gloves are much cheaper, but buying them in the store, you can be sure in their quality. In addition, by purchasing products, you need to know the exact size of the hands. Therefore, before going shopping it is recommended to measure your hand a centimeter to determine the approximate size. Usually the sellers do it themselves. Of course, you can measure glove right in the store to choose the most suitable.

By the way, you can sew gloves for the horizontal bar with your own hands. For this you need to buy only the material used in the process.

Sewing gloves from scrap materials

Many people wonder how to make gloves for the bar with your hands. Such products have a huge advantage: uses only proven materials for sewing, so the gloves durability can be enhanced. You first need to determine what fabric will be used for their manufacture. Usually the choice is between leatherette and leather. Of course, it is realistic to sew myself these products, but you need to have at least rudimentary skills of sewing.

Now you need to determine the size of your hand. It must be measured. If you do not want anything to measure, it is possible to attach the arm to the fabric and cut around it with chalk or a piece of soap. Then cut out two parts for each arm and sew them together. In the upper part it is better to sew the Velcro to the gloves easier to put on and starred. To decorate the resulting products are buckles, chains and the like. Although these trinkets can only get in the way while working on the bar. So the glove does not lose its shape, keep it should be in a special bag or box.

To start on the bar without gloves is not worth it. It may appear not only corn, but a variety of injuries. Hands very much glide, so you can fall. And it is fraught with dislocations and even fractures.