To wash every day mandatory. It helps to cheer up and prepare for the treatments for skin. Water has a positive effect on the condition of the face and oxygenates the cells.

Innovative skin cleanser

However, it is impossible to get rid of sebum, dirt and sweat with just water. For this purpose there is a special tool — foam cleanser.

General characteristics

This cosmetic product consists of a specially-selected cleaning substances that contribute careful cleansing of the skin and it does not violate its hydro-lipid balance.

Facial wash should be suitable to the skin type. You need to choose a quality product, which contains herbal extracts, vitamins, juice, vegetables or fruits. It is important that they are combined with specific additives.

Foam cleanser: reviews, prices

Using a good product helps to thoroughly remove dirt and excess sebum, and also makes the skin moisturized and rich in freshness.

Advantages of foam

The main advantage is that any foam cleanser is very easy to apply. Necessary to apply it on wet face, then just rinse with warm water. As a result of constant washing, there will be a noticeable change. The skin will become tender and become velvety to the touch.

Varieties of cosmetic products

There are many types of foams for washing, and each of them has its purpose. And it is important to choose a foam that not only effectively ochistit the skin, but also will attract their appearance.

A popular way of cleansing

“Setafil” - facial wash, which helps to get the desired result. It is characterized by cleansing and moisturizing properties and is able to instantly eradicate inflammation.

This is an effective facial wash. The price she is attracted a large number of consumers. The cost of foam, “Cetaphil” in the range of 600-700 rubles per bottle. The tool can be found in almost every cosmetic store.

Originally this tool was only meant for the dry skin type. Therefore, it consists of nutrient oils, which can increase the presence of lipids in skin cells. To date, “Cetaphil” (foam) is also used for sensitive and oily skin types that need a soft and lightweight cleansing. Changes occurred after addition of the composition components such as panthenol and allantoin. Their effect is to remove the itch and inflammation from the skin.

The most useful quality of the foam “Cetaphil” is its gentle effect on the skin. It does not cause redness and irritation, but on the contrary, calms. Easily placed on the skin and is easily absorbed, and this contributes to the quality of purification. A person acquires the highest purity and effect of Mat structure.

Why so good this facial wash? The reviews are quite diverse. People believe that it's just a wonderful tool for problem and oily prone skin types. Very good and gently cleanses and moisturizes. After using it the skin becomes more matte, no longer shiny and glossy.

This series is also designed for skin that is prone to occurrences of acne. Use “Metafilm” it is necessary, on the recommendation of an experienced doctor, beautician or dermatologist. One item may be enough for four months of continuous use. Can be purchased in all pharmacies of the city.

Gel “Shiseido” facial foam is a tool that can perform several tasks at the same time.

Primarily it is responsible for cleansing from dust, traces of makeup and cream. This is an important feature, since the negative external effects limit the access of oxygen to the cells of the face. Cleanser effectively cleanses the pores and prevents the appearance of pimples or comedones.

The second positive feature is the hydration. In particular, this requires sensitive and dry skin types. Girls with such skin feel discomfort after normal washing. The face shrinks and maybe even blush.

This cleanser is made out of vegetable extracts, algae and hyaluronic acid. The combination of these ingredients contributes not only to moisture but also prevent moisture loss throughout the day.
Japanese lotion “Shiseido” nourishes the skin with essential vitamins, which support the natural beauty and youthfulness. This is a very effective cleansing, a cleansing which should be done regularly.

Purchase foam “Shiseido” contributes to a large number of positive reviews. Ideal for problem skin, prone to fat. After application it will become like new. Recommended to anyone eager to experience the unreal rebirth.
  This is a great foam for washing and cleansing, which is very popular among many buyers. Characterized by efficient features and an attractive price. Suitable for owners of all skin types.

The composition of the cosmetic product include extracts of flowers that produce a strong antioxidant effect and helps to increase the skin. The presence of hibiscus and evening primrose oil help prevent dryness and preserve moisture and softness after washing.

This foam is characterized by its bubble technology, which allows the use of the tool in the most sensitive areas of the face: around the eyes and even on the eyelids.

A good skin cleanser that is very pleasant to use. It is easily washed off and does not dry the face. Designed for daily use, during which there is a deep cleansing and narrowing of pores in any type of skin.

This cleanser happy with their qualities. Ideal for sensitive and combination skin. It is advisable to use several cosmetic products to avoid habituation.


This foam cleanser hyaluronic, assuming daily use. The product gives gentle wash and tone the skin. “Lubriderm” — delicate and airy cleanse. The maximum delicate structure easily and efficiently cleanses the skin and promotes hydration, nourishment and creates the feeling of a nasty film.

Castor oil is the main component in the composition, which is perfectly softens and moisturizes. According to this foam can be used for all skin types.

Experts recommend using this tool twice a day, morning and evening. It should be applied to a wet face and evenly distribute the tool over the entire surface with massage movements. Then rinse with warm water.

Since washing is a daily procedure, the foam ends quickly. And this product is very economical, for one and a half months of regular use only half of the bottle is consumed.

Women usually use different tools, trying to taste as many varieties of cosmetics. But after purchasing the foam “Lubriderm” you'll want to stay on this brand. It is perfect for oily skin, cleans the pores in the nose area and chin.

The correct application

Cleansing usually do twice a day, morning and before bedtime. Undesirable all the time to wash one with soap, as it is strongly dries the skin. The most popular method is the washing with application of special foam. Be sure to consider your skin type when choosing products. After all, the wrong choice may adversely affect the General condition of a person.

Water is the most simple cleanser. In this case it is better to apply thermal or filtered water. Cold is better not to wash, as a result of narrowed blood vessels. On the contrary, much hot liquid relaxes the muscles of the skin and for a long time widening the blood vessels, and it carries adverse consequences.

You should carefully choose skin care products and apply them regularly. Then your face will always be in excellent condition.