Every woman seeks to find the perfect way to care for themselves. This also applies to pedicure. Pumice, laser graters, electric files, various trays and creams - there is no limit to perfection. In pursuit of smooth heels a lot of time and money is spent, but the result, as a rule, has a short-term effect or does not meet expectations at all. Tight and uncomfortable shoes, wearing heels pretty quickly negates the achievements of salon masters or their own efforts.

What is baby foot?

However, modern cosmetology does not stand still. Cunning Asian masters a few years ago invented another miracle tool that turned the idea of ​​a pedicure as a whole. These are special socks, the so-called baby foot. Manufacturers promise that using this tool, you can get rid of corns, corns, unpleasant smell and get perfectly smooth skin.

Pedicure socks: reviews

The most popular are Japanese, Korean and Chinese products. However, knowing China’s love for imitating brands, it makes sense to think about the feasibility of acquiring such a “cat in a bag”.

Pedicure socks

What are the socks for a pedicure exfoliating? Outwardly, they look like thick polyethylene boot covers, only higher and with special adhesive tapes for fixing. Inside each product is a layer of nonwoven material. It can be impregnated with a peeling solution or the solution is applied separately, and it will need to be poured into your socks before or after putting them on your feet - this is everyone’s personal choice. There is no fundamental difference.

Packing can be one or two pairs. It depends on the manufacturer. Soso pedicure socks are sold 2 pairs each, and Chinese and Korean brands usually produce one at a time. But in any case, it turns out that the use of socks is more profitable than visiting a beauty salon.

You should not worry that it will not be possible to use the miracle remedy due to non-standard parameters of the leg. Size chart is impressive - from 35 to 45 size. So socks are suitable for both Thumbelina and larger lady.

Pedicure socks: application

Let's see how the peeling socks work, what is included in them and what they are. The composition of the socks of each manufacturer company, of course, different, but the essential components are lactic or fruit acids.

Japanese pedicure socks

Babyfoot from the Japanese company Sosu is most popular in Russia, perhaps due to its availability - you do not have to wait a long time for a package, you can go and buy your favorite product. In addition, these pedicure socks reviews are numerous and mostly positive. According to them, peeling is able to improve even very neglected heels and return skin smoothness and softness. There are three versions of socks with different fragrances - mint, rose and lavender. Products are convenient because the active substance is already saturated with the inner surface, it remains only to put them on and wait for the result.

The peeling contains lactic acid, which affects the exfoliation process. In addition, the tool added:

  • Ivy. The extract tones the skin of the feet, has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.
  • Sage. Reduces redness and irritation that may appear on the skin. Reduces sweating and eliminates unpleasant odor.
  • Mylnyanka. Prevents dermatitis.
  • Soy and castor oil. Nourish and moisturize the skin of the feet.
  • Ceramides. Contribute to improving the immunity of the skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Deeply moisturizes the skin, gives elasticity.

Due to the action of lactic acid in the composition of the active substance, softening and exfoliation of coarsened skin, corns and calluses occur. Herbal ingredients enhance the exfoliating effect and take care of the legs.

Korean pedicure socks

Another fairly well-known home remedy for pedicures is Shiny foot peeling from the Korean company Tony Moly. The company has been around for more than a year and has proven itself both in the domestic market and abroad. Pedicure socks reviews have good. The manufacturer claims that peeling, in addition to its direct purpose, will eliminate the unpleasant smell, relieve excessive sweating, relieve stress and help restore water balance. In addition to lactic acid, as part of the claimed extracts of green tea, leaves of the peach tree and Sophora root.

The kit includes one pair of socks, the active substance for peeling and instructions. In contrast to the Japanese Sosu, the Korean version involves the independent injection of fluid into the socks.

Chinese baby foot

No less popular Chinese socks for a pedicure Foot fit. Such products are in great demand recently. Although these pedicure socks reviews have the most controversial: some buyers are satisfied with the result and say that the tool can even rid of old plantar warts, others write that the products are ineffective. Perhaps it all depends on the duration of the procedure or the quality of socks.

The composition of the active substance includes lactic, oxyacrytic, glycolic, salicylic and citric acids, alcohol, castor oil, natural extracts (soapstone, chamomile, horsetail, clematis leaves, sage, ivy, citrus), arginine, butylene glycol and water.

The package contains one pair of products with an inner layer impregnated with a special gel. They need to be kept on their feet longer than Korean or Japanese Soso pedicure socks (2 hours). Also significant is the fact that it is allowed to achieve the best result and accelerate the exfoliation of old skin by gently rubbing the heels with a hard washcloth for 3-4 days after the procedure. Of the minuses - all buyers note the unpleasant smell of the product, but it is alarming to someone that nail polish is removed, even if it is freshly applied.

European pedicure socks

European manufacturers, as always happens, could not stay away from the tool, which is very popular, and released their counterparts Asian products. Pedicure socks Almea baby foot from the British company Almea - proof of this.

Stated that peeling occurs due to the impact of fruit acids, but they are not listed in the composition. Orange and grapefruit oils, meadowsweet extracts, sage leaves and clematis, cellulose and glycerin appear.

Unlike the Asian counterparts, the European socks do not have a special adhesive tape for fixation, nor any strings. Therefore, if the choice fell on Almea, it makes sense to stock up with tape in advance.

It is recommended to keep socks on your feet for 2 hours, before applying you need to remove the coating from the nails. Although, judging by the reviews, the active substance does not affect the varnish. The process of exfoliation of the epidermis takes a long time, up to 5 weeks, even with the use of scrubs. These pedicure socks reviews are ambiguous: equal to both enthusiastic praises and negatives.

Instructions for use

How to use socks for a pedicure? The big plus of this procedure is that there is no need to purchase any additional accessories or tools. Is that scissors.

For those who decided to try pedicure socks, the instruction will not be superfluous. For the final result will depend on the correct sequence of actions. In order not to be disappointed in the tool, you must follow all the recommended steps.

Do the right thing

  • Open the package. Remove the exfoliating socks for pedicure.,  gently cut through the perforation of the top of each product. Be careful not to damage the socks themselves or spill their contents. If the solution is attached separately, pour it inside.
  • Wear polyethylene socks and try to evenly distribute all the liquid so that the feet are completely covered with it. Do not be afraid to tear the socks, they are pretty tight, so they will survive all your manipulations.
  • Lock socks using the supplied adhesive tapes. If they forgot to put in the kit, use duct tape. If desired, you can optionally put on top of the usual cotton products. This does not affect the procedure, but it ensures reliable fixation pedicure toes and not let them slide.

  • Please be patient. Socks need to stay from one hour to one and a half or two, depending on the condition of the skin of the feet and the manufacturer's recommendations. If you keep them smaller, no visible result. Overtime, focusing on "to be sure", and not worth it. It is not recommended to move or to move through the house during the procedure, so as not to tear wearable, not to pour peeling liquid, and uncomfortable it is. Read a book or watch your favorite program – combine business with pleasure. While you relax, a special solution will transform your legs.
  • After waiting for the right time, remove the socks and wash your feet with warm water without soap.
  • Pedicure socks are designed for one application. Therefore, after the procedure, discard the used bags. Repeated application will not give any result, since the active compound will not be as such.
  • Be prepared to wait. Instant results will not. After approximately 3-5 days after the procedure will begin exfoliation of the upper layers of the epidermis, which will take about a week or slightly more. To slightly speed up the process, you can do steamed bath, but in any case it is impossible to treat heel hard with a loofah or pumice stone. You can damage the delicate new skin and put some kind of infection.

Keep in mind that the exfoliation process does not look very aesthetic, if not frightening. Therefore, try to hold it to the period of sandals.

Where can I buy pedicure socks?

Means for home peeling can be purchased at chain stores: “Rainbow Smile”, “Scarlett”, “Spectrum” have Asian pedicure socks in their range. The price is more than reasonable - from 100 to 300 rubles, depending on the manufacturer. L’etoile offers its customers Korean socks for a pedicure at a very affordable price - 252 rubles per pair. They are quite effective. In addition, you can purchase pedicure socks at a pharmacy or order directly from Korea, Japan or China. However, they will cost more - from about 500 rubles.


Like any other cosmetic, pedicure socks have contraindications.

They can be used no more than 1 time in 3-4 months. You should also avoid direct exposure to sunlight during the procedure. With care to use such products should be pregnant, diabetics and women during lactation. There is no unequivocal opinion about these groups: someone quietly uses socks both during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. It's like hair dyeing: some do it, others don't. To avoid consequences, you must first consult with your doctor.

It is strictly forbidden to carry out the procedure if there are fresh cracks on the feet, any irritation or sores, including scratches. Do not forget that acids are part of the peeling!

It is forbidden to use pedicure socks for children under 12 years old.

If during the peeling there is a clear feeling of discomfort, burning, it is necessary to remove the socks and wash the feet with plenty of water.