Pedicure is one of the mandatory procedures for many people, not only in the female half, but also in the male. But not every one of us can afford to spend every 10-15 days a significant amount on bringing the legs in order and applying high-quality coating on the nails. You can solve this problem by learning the art of pedicure. Even such a fashionable pedicure today with rhinestones can be easily done on its own.

Pedicure design with rhinestones

Rhinestones have recently been a novelty. But now, especially in the summer, every woman of fashion tends to make a pedicure with rhinestones. The style is chosen under the clothes, shoes, makeup. At the same time, you need to ensure that a pedicure and manicure is not strongly contrasted.

The classic option is a pedicure jacket with rhinestones. It will suit any image both on weekdays and during festivals. If a noisy and fun weekend is coming, you should pay attention to the bright neon colors of varnish, sparkles and other elements of decor.

One of the trendy designs in this season are geometric lines and contrasting patterns. Especially effectively they will look if manicure and pedicure are made in the same style.

Pedicure Ideas

Rhinestones are a good solution if you want to emphasize your style and personality. There are many ideas for creating a pedicure with rhinestones, which will give fingers accuracy and uniqueness:

  • pedicure french with rhinestones;
  • bright pedicure, red with rhinestones varnish or neon colors;
  • pedicure in the style of Chinese painting;
  • the maritime theme is very popular in the summer.

Major mistakes

Before you begin the process of pedicure, it is better to immediately explore the points at which you can stumble. It is enough to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • Water for baths should not be too hot. Enough comfortable temperature of 30-35 degrees. In such conditions, the legs will not get burned and hardened skin will peel evenly.
  • Do not cut corns with scissors or, even worse, with a razor. Such manipulations can lead to very sad consequences, among which may be blood infection. The main tools should be scrubs for the feet, professional scrapers or pumice from natural materials.
  • The cuticle is best to leave, not cut. For a neat look of the legs, it is enough to move it away with a special stick. In addition, the chance of injury and infection is minimized.
  • Nails should be trimmed in a straight line only. Only in this way the possibility of their further growth into the skin is excluded. You should not cut the corners of the nails or cut them at the root.

What tools are needed

In order to make a beautiful pedicure with rhinestones at home, you should get the following tools:

  • professional scraper, which will remove horny skin;
  • pedicure / manicure sticks of orange wood, which will help in pushing the cuticle;
  • a couple of creams for the legs, ideally needed moisturizing and nourishing.

It is best to have tweezers or tweezers on hand. They will help with the removal of the skin from the corns and corns.

Also, so that the feet of the legs are always in good condition, you can purchase special devices for massage, for example, rugs or socks.

Pedicure at home. The first steps

Pedicure with rhinestones at home is not such a difficult process. Of course, if you have never done it and have not been to a beauty salon during this procedure, then problems may arise. But, in principle, this is nothing complicated.

  • First of all, before starting the legs, it is necessary to steam a little in the bath. It is desirable to add soap, a little soda and ammonia (ammonia) to the water. The duration of the reception of such a foot bath is approximately 20-30 minutes.
  • Next, the feet are wiped dry and smeared with a cream with moisturizing properties.
  • Horny areas need to be cleaned with pumice.
  • Nails are clipped only in a straight line.
  • After this, you can stretch your feet a little and rub a small amount of nourishing cream.

Having completed these steps, you can proceed to the next stage - a pedicure with rhinestones.

Coating and decor

The final step is to apply the coating and the rhinestones on the nail. He is also the most responsible and painstaking, since even the slightest shift of rhinestone can cause damage to the entire composition.

If rhinestones are applied to the usual varnish or shellac, then it is better for them to choose those places where the nail plate will be the most durable and will not bend.

After the last layer of the coating dries enough, we undertake the painstaking process of applying rhinestones. To do this, you need a thin brush or toothpick, as well as a special cosmetic glue. If the glue is not at hand, and the rhinestones must be on your nails, you can use a clear varnish.

On those areas where the arrangement of rhinestones is planned, it is necessary to apply a little glue. Toothpick or nail file rhinestones picked up and gently fit into place. If the rhinestones are large enough, tweezers can be used to style them.

After the entire composition of the stones is applied, it is recommended to cover the nails with a transparent lacquer-fixer, and voila! Pedicure with rhinestones ready.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the masters do not recommend applying rhinestones directly on the nails. Only on high-quality coating or on extended plates.