It is known that stone age man could know the taste of honey. At that time the main activities people were hunting and gathering. Beekeeping has spread much later. This activity transformed into a business back in ancient times. Beekeeping as a business began to develop when I first began the process of domestication of wild honey insects. Beekeeping as a business

General information

Beekeeping is a source of different products. They, in turn, have unique properties. Since ancient times, applies the treatment with bee products. Using them can significantly strengthen the immune system, get rid of many diseases or ease their course. Beekeeping is a hard, but very fun craft. To deal with them can not everyone.


Beekeeping as a business every year it becomes more and more popular. Accordingly, the number of those interested in this occupation, is growing steadily. However, you need to understand that beekeeping for beginners is quite serious and requires not only money, but also at least a minimum of knowledge. In addition, not all farms can withstand the test of time. Some graduate to engage in this activity in a year. It turns out that someone does not even have time to really develop the craft. As a result of beekeeping continue only one.

Benefits of fishing

The essence of this activity is the breeding of bees. Its main goal is to get the honey. However, popularity and other bee products. The latter include:

Prospects of development

There are many artificial honey substitutes. However, natural bee products remain very popular. They continue to enjoy great popularity. Accordingly, beekeeping as a business is a very promising occupation. Those who already have at least some experience in this area, it will be much easier. To carry out the breeding of bees and caring for them is not easy. It should be noted that those who have been allergic to pollen or honey, to do this trade is contraindicated.

Modern realities

During the Soviet period, the production of beekeeping and honey production were widespread. Currently, the activity may be considered “frozen”. The number of farms decreases very rapidly. This contributes to a number of factors. More and more people began to lead an urban lifestyle. You should also consider the huge overhead and implementation complexity. However, despite this, beekeeping as a business is still quite profitable occupation. Naturally, this is achieved through proper attitude to the case. Any business requires time and attention. Only in this case, it is possible to expect increase in profits.

Beekeeping: where to start?

It should be noted that not all of the apiary can generate enough income. Before the opening of his case, should clearly identify the main purpose. For what man decided to do this trade? In order for the breeding of bees has become a major business, you need to put a lot of effort. Some perceive this craft as a hobby. According to experts, for business development should be about fifty bee colonies. It should be noted that this is estimated minimum. Professional beekeepers contain up to one hundred and fifty families.

Profitability of activity

This figure varies. According to various sources, the profitability of this fishery can be in the range of 15-100 %. This is largely dependent on the material base. Also equally important is the way of sales. You should pay attention to the fact that there are unfavorable way. The implementation of the med through trade networks in large quantities does not bring adequate returns. Currently the wholesale price of products is quite low. For example, the estimated cost of honey is about 5 dollars for 1 kg. At the same time on the market the same weight of product will cost$ 10. Given these circumstances, those beekeepers who have relatively small farms can profitably sell the honey retail. It is worth noting that the marketing is getting better with the acquisition of regular customers. For example, the average bee colony in a season – about 30 kilograms of honey. This volume can be implemented. Honey is the main product of the fishery. But do not forget about the bee venom, pollen, propolis and wax. As a rule, successful business people are organizing their own specialized shops. There is also the option with the organization of retail outlets in different cities.

The initial capital

It is not easy to organize a business from scratch. The owner will have to invest a significant amount of money. Otherwise, the process of gradual expansion is unlikely. In this situation, the business is unlikely to turn into serious production. The owner will remain at the level of small business activity. Definitely need a business plan. Beekeeping, like any other commercial activity requires a serious approach.

Advance paynemt

What is needed to develop beekeeping? The hives – the first thing you should buy. Their initial optimum number of 30 pieces. Approximate price of one hive – about 4000 rubles. The total amount of investments will make about 120 thousand. You must also purchase goods for beekeeping. This, in particular, facilities, equipment and various veterinary products. In total will have to spend about 15 thousand rubles. Only veterinary support costs about 7000 rubles. there is Also a need insurance hives and bee colonies. It will cost the following amount of 12 thousand rubles. Now you can summarize. In order to open a serious beekeeping business, the owner will need quite a large sum. It is not less 150 thousand roubles. Of course, from this point of view Amateur beekeeping for beginners will cost less, and do it much easier. However, you should consider the fact that everything is individual and relative.


If the owner considers this activity as a business, it is better to deal exclusively with the management. Some have no cravings for breeding of the honey insects. It should be noted that in most cases a business on your own apiary is impractical occupation. It is best to organize several small farms involved in production of honey. In this case, the entrepreneur can focus on the processes of refining and marketing. Note, however, that in this case you should buy special products for beekeeping. In particular, this applies to thermal cameras. They serve to dissolve the honey. They cost about $ 1,000. Also you need to purchase mixers for blending of the product. They cost about $ 300. There is still the option to purchase their own lab. It will focus on the analysis of honey. However, its value is quite large – about 200 thousand dollars. Not all businessmen are willing to incur such costs.

Search start-up capital

There are different methods of beekeeping. It is recommended to start from a small apiary. This is due to rational reasons. For example, in this case, it will be easy to invest money in the initial arrangement of the apiary. In such a situation eliminates the need for the loan. Besides, the man who has no experience working with bees, it would be extremely difficult to engage a large apiary.

As in any business, it is recommended to start small and gradually expand their business. There is a certain category of citizens, which seeks at once to engage in fishing on a professional level. In this case, the owner will have to attract large investments for the resettlement of the apiary. As you know, in some cases, this approach leads to bankruptcy.


It should be done in specialized centers. Also you can obtain a certificate in the Institute of Beekeeping. Prices for testing vary. The approximate range of 300-700 rubles. Law on beekeeping does not involve serious limitations. However, there are certain rules of export of bees in the woods. They can be found in the relevant codes.

Collection Features

There are only two ways: sedentary and nomadic. Successful beekeepers receiving large honey crops, prefer the second option collection. There is a need to know perspective. The following honey plants:

  1. Acacia groves.
  2. Clover Fields.
  3. Lime groves.
  4. Places with a large number of field sow-Thistle.
  5. The crops of buckwheat.

Should focus on these places when collecting certain types of product. Must have some experience. The beekeeper also needs to vary in this quality as observation. In some sense requires the understanding of nature. The ideal option is to hire several sites to be separate for each melliferous plant. It should be noted that if these areas are located far outside the city, the cost of such land, as a rule, small. It is assumed that these costs will pay off. The fact that the nomadic collection is considered much more effective than sedentary. For example, if the finished color of acacia, you can transfer the bees into the areas of buckwheat or clover. This clearly demonstrates that one of the nomadic apiary brings several times more than fixed.

Accommodation features

Dry spacious plot ideal for the location of the apiary. It is worth noting that the territory in radius of several kilometers would be surrounded by honey plants. It is necessary that the time of their flowering does not coincide. Thus it will be possible to collect more honey. You should also take in consideration the fact that the presence of ranotsvetuschih plants very well affect the quality of the crop.

Many want to build an apiary on private summer cottage. In this case, the presence of a rather large fence. Hives should be placed on either the second floor or in the attic, that is, they should be on top. Professional beekeepers recommend changing the location of the hives. This requires the use of a special platform. According to statistics, one stationary family to collect about 10 kg of the main product in one season. In comparison with roaming apiary is quite small. One nomadic family for a season can produce up to 50 kilograms of honey.

General requirements for plot

It needs to be smooth and have a slight slant. Ideally, if the station will be located among the trees. This will be his kind of protection from the sun and strong winds. Very not recommended to place your site near lakes or large rivers. This also applies to industrial enterprises and cattle yards. Should ensure that nearby were drinking sources. There is a need to isolate the space from other apiaries. The recommended radius not less than seven kilometers. It is necessary to place the hives in a checkerboard pattern. The recommended distance between bee families – no more than six meters, and rows of four.

Necessary, first of all, a correct assessment of his ability. Estimated time to work with one family may be up to 6 hours per week in the calculation for each hive. When choosing a nomadic way of collecting it is necessary to get the stationary wintering. This also applies to a small workshop and Sotogrande.


In this case, there are no specific recommendations. Big apiary involves employment of several workers. Quality service to large farms alone is not possible. Nevertheless, beekeeping, rather, can be attributed to the family business. The sales can also be arranged in accordance with the size of the apiary. Large farms often use hired sellers. Thus, to establish permanent outlets.

Acquiring bees

You can buy both new and used hive. Choosing the first option will have to spend quite a large sum. Note that at the initial stage would be enough and not new hives. Usually, you can purchase insects separately. They are also sold together with hives. There is an option independent of catching insects. This requires the use of special traps. Note that inexperienced beekeeper will be very difficult to cope with this task.

Establishment of marketing

At the initial stage of establishing a business should explore all the competitors in a particular area. You must also inquire about the prices and demand for products. This will give the entrepreneur a clear idea of what problems he may have. This will help you not to lose interest in the fishery at the very beginning beekeeping career.

Be aware that most buyers prefer to buy honey from relatives or friends. The markets are less popular. In supermarkets and shops people buy honey less often. This is because in this case there are some doubts as to its quality. We all know that major stores won't cooperate with small suppliers.

Special equipment

It is worth paying attention to the loading and unloading and transport vehicles. These include the following:

  1. Mobile pavilions.
  2. Cranes.
  3. Auto and hand trucks.
  4. Hive containers.
  5. Platform trailers.

You should consider the importance of feeding bees. In this case, the purchase of special equipment will be useful. You must also take care of veterinary-sanitary treatment of the bees. For this you will need the following equipment:

  1. Electrified brushes.
  2. Thermal cameras.
  3. Autoclaves.