The desire to lose weight and become attractive today is inherent in almost every woman. And many want to do it quickly and without extra efforts. That is why such a resonance in the society was caused by the appearance of calorie blockers in the market. Still: you can eat your favorite pasta with sauce, potatoes, sandwiches, but not only do not gain weight, but also lose weight. It looks like a fairy tale, but this is what the modern drug PBK-20 promises to us. Reviews posted on the web colorfully paint that with the help of magic pills alone it was possible to lose an impressive amount of kilograms, all without harm to the body. Is this really so? We will deal with it today.PBK-20: reviews of a professional calorie blocker

Why are blockers so attractive?

Drugs for weight loss scare women with their composition. First of all, because it is not known how the substances included in it will affect the state of the consumer. Therefore, the appearance of the drug, created on the basis of exclusively natural ingredients, aroused great interest. But most of all buyers were interested in the action of PBK-20. The reviews emphasize that until now the main stumbling block in the effective weight loss was the refusal of bread and sweet. With the advent of the blocker, they had hope at least once a week without harm to the figure and the risk of failure to eat prohibited foods. In addition, the list of effects indicates a decrease in cravings for sweets, which also helps to keep oneself in hand.

But it's not only that. Diet and exercise in 99% of cases give a lasting positive effect. However, people do not want to follow this path and prefer to lose weight in a passive way. This is what PBK-20 offers. The reviews emphasize that for the first time they decided to try this drug, having read about the possibility of losing weight or keeping fit, without changing anything in their lifestyle and eating habits.

Advertising promises

As usual, the new medicine is served very colorfully, especially what is desired for the public, as a blocker of calories. Information addressed to the consumer, proclaims its exceptional uniqueness, which is expressed in a number of properties. We will review them all so that you have a full understanding of PBK-20. Reviews of doctors and consumers will allow you to make your own opinion.

So, the first thing the manufacturer promises is guaranteed weight reduction, regardless of the calories consumed. Very tempting, is not it? However, the mechanism that provides this effect is not disclosed in any way. Moreover, those who have already tested PBC-20 do not confirm this. Real feedback suggests that the drug can support the motivation of a person who wants to lose weight, and also support him on a difficult path. However, nobody abolished the need to adhere to the basic rules of rational nutrition. The drug will help to block excess, if in the evening you crazy for bread or cereal. But with respect to cakes and sweets, it almost does not work.

Is it worth advertising

As usual, she diligently embellishes the action of any drug, and the blocker of calories PBK-20 is no exception. Real feedback suggests that there is some benefit from it, but it is extremely important to adhere to a rational diet, otherwise the effectiveness will be much lower.

Advertising indicates that the drug has a number of advantages over analogues, and also paints them in detail. Let's look at them in great detail so as not to be unfounded.

As stated by the manufacturer, it includes only natural ingredients. But this ends the information. On many sites the data is completely absent, on others it is only casually mentioned that there is nothing harmful in the composition. This gives rise to a certain distrust of the drug PBK-20. Negative feedback emphasizes that the price at it is so high that the manufacturer could and try - to explain the mechanism of action in all its details.

However, we were able to find some information on what constitutes a calorie blocker. The basis is a pumpkin seed, crushed into a powder. That is, the effect is achieved through fiber. It saturates and cleanses the body. Fiber is perfectly harmless, and also contains the necessary vitamins and a large amount of minerals, amino acids and resins, which are certainly useful for the body.

We read between the lines

I would like to stop for a moment at this moment before moving on. So, we found out what the blocker of calories PBK-20 consists of. The doctors' comments emphasize that the composition is neutral and, possibly, even beneficial to the body. Reading the instructions between the lines, you can say that a person will lose weight due to fiber or fibers, which add volume even to a small amount of food. Thus, the appetite is controlled.

That is, the drug PBK-20 (reviews of doctors call less to believe in advertising and spend more time on healthy nutrition and physical exertion) really contributes to weight loss, but it does not remove slags, does not allow you to lose weight without diets and does not block calories.

A few words in defense

However, despite such criticism, it is not completely useless to block the calorie blocker PBK-20. Dieticians say that it can become an auxiliary tool for a person who has decided to lose weight. In this case, the effect of it will be moderate, and even then only with careful observance of the rules for its reception. However, then it is not entirely clear why it is so expensive. After all, an ordinary cabbage salad will be the same stuff for the stomach, but it costs a penny. There are also modern drugs in pharmacies, which are full analogues.

Cost and duration of admission

This is the main drawback, which distinguishes "Professional Calorie Blocker 20" (PBK-20). Comments from consumers say that, after calculating the cost of even the minimum rate, they have already seriously thought about the expediency of taking. So, the cost of one package is 1000 rubles, and this amount does not take into account the price of delivery. In this case, one package for a month is clearly not enough. In 30 days you will have time to eat four and a half packs.

Now let's look at the duration of the reception. To lose 5-10 kg, subject to compliance with all the rules will take at least six months. That is, by simple arithmetic, we get an amount of 27,000 rubles. This is quite a lot. Having switched to a healthy diet and enrolling in a gym, you will spend less and get the same result. And now the question: why take the drug, if in addition you still have to make efforts to achieve positive results?

We return to advertising promises

We have already considered in some detail what the preparation of PBK-20 is. The doctors' comments (real reviews, since we are not interested in marketing policy today, we are considering what the drug really is, without embellishment) suggests that it can provide some help in the therapy of obesity. However, advertising leads to a lot of positive effects, which allegedly has a PBK.

  • We are assured that the weight will start to go away from the very first day of taking the drug, without following the diet and food restrictions. However, we have already found out that there is no explanation how fiber can bind all consumed calories and remove them from the body.
  • The drug improves digestion and leads to body cleansing. This can be taken for truth, because fiber contributes to the removal of toxins and toxins, but for this it is enough to diversify your diet with natural vegetables and fruits.
  • Against the background of taking the drug, the intestinal microflora is improved. Perhaps, although it is not obvious.
  • The cholesterol level is lowering. Indeed, nutritionists recommend to adhere to a certain diet for reducing cholesterol and increase the amount of fiber consumed. However, the effect is achieved through both measures.

Explicit Discrepancy

To date, there are no reliable data or studies that would confirm the effectiveness of this drug. Accordingly, the exact figures of the possible weighted kilograms displayed in advertising are nothing more than attracting the attention of the consumer. For these figures, there is no reliable data.

Moreover, even the information that is presented to the consumer on different resources differs. This most of all leads the buyer into confusion. The official recommendations of nutritionists suggest using PBC or its analogues in order to reduce the daily intake of calories. At the same time, advertising persistently convinces that during the reception of a professional blocker a person can eat everything and in any quantities, which of course does not correspond to reality.

Instructions for use

The preparation is in the form of a powder. This is quite convenient, because it can be diluted with water just before the reception. However, the exact dosage is not given again. Such omission of important information about the drug is somewhat surprising, but, apparently, the manufacturer emphasizes that this tool is completely safe.

So, based on the experience of individuals who have already tried on a new miracle cure, we get information that they accept it three times a day. Each intake should not exceed 5 g. It is logical to assume that they take it 30 minutes before eating, so that the drug has time to swell and take a place in the stomach.


In fact, any drug should appoint a doctor, because the dietary supplements have both a positive and negative effects on the body. What can harm a natural PBK-20? Reviews of doctors (real reviews), contraindications are also voiced, and this is difficult to argue. For any chronic diseases of the digestive tract, you should consult a doctor before taking the medication. Especially it concerns a peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, inflammation of the esophagus and duodenitis, as well as gastritis. With increased consumption of fiber, which is the basis of the drug, there is a strong swelling of the intestine, a person can be bothered even by the urge to vomit, as well as constipation. Therefore, it is extremely important to start taking the drug from the lowest dosages, keeping track of your condition.

But this is not all that is embarrassing, if we are talking about PBK-20. Comments of doctors contraindications to admission openly lead for general acquaintance. First of all, there are no preparations in open sources. Do not trust the manufacturer, which hides information from you. In addition, the developer promises that you can eat any food and do not improve against the background of taking PBC. Such information is unscientific, which again casts doubt on the efficacy of the drug.

Finally, we must not forget that independent studies on the drug have not been conducted. Safety and side effects can not be assessed without detailed composition and annotation. Endocrinologists and nutritionists do not recommend the use of a drug, reliable information about which is not provided.

Instead of concluding

We tried to consider the information on the preparation of PBK from different sides. How it is provided by official sources, as interpreted by doctors, experts in the field of healthy nutrition and weight loss, and also simply from the point of view of common sense. It turns out that the drug can be used as an assistant, as part of a complex therapy for obesity. However, cheaper analogs can be used with the same effect. Leading role in the process of losing weight, he does not play, and therefore hope for him not worth it.