Among young people popular hair coloring using bright, extravagant colors. However, this is not always possible, because such hairstyles do not correspond to the order instituted in educational institutions, and bosses at work are unlikely to approve of a similar hairstyle, not to mention the older generation. The way out was very simple. Recently, a novelty has appeared - pastels for hair, which is easy to use, does not require special skills and adaptations, is easily washed off and does not cause significant damage to hair, unlike chemical dyes that penetrate into hair and violate their structure. How to dye your hair with pastels? This will be discussed.

Pastels for hair at home

How to choose a pastel?

There are different types of pastels. There is a product of well-known brands on sale, and there are also analogues made by the ubiquitous Chinese. The difference is not only in price, but also in product quality. The fact is that Chinese hair pastel is the absolute analogue of pastels, which is used for drawing. A pastel designed for hair meets the needs of cosmetic products. When there is a question about the health and condition of hair and skin - you should not save.

In addition, pastels for hair coloring, as well as for artistic purposes, are oil-based and dry. It is necessary to choose taking into account the consumer's hair type.

How to apply pastel hair at home?

Pastels are produced both in the form of crayons, and in boxes, like blush or eyeshadow. Apply them fairly easily. In this case, it is desirable to prepare a “front of work”.

How to dye your hair with pastel? It is applied to hair that has been previously washed and dried to a state of light moisture. When working with dry pastels, you need to remember to wear a homemade jersey or a T-shirt, which is not a pity to spoil, but to lay something on the floor so that after you finish working with your hair, you don’t have to clean the room. Dry pastel hair like chalk - tends to crumble and dirty hands. Therefore, it is better to use gloves. Manipulations with hair are reduced to the separation of the desired strands, twisting them into a rope and rubbing them with small pastels. When drawing it is necessary to impose color in one direction. Then less hair is injured. Pastel chalk should be slightly moistened before use. After applying to the hair can not be treated with a hair dryer. Hair dryer is not the best helper in this situation. Dry pastels are easily blown away, and you have to start all over again. It is better to use an iron or tongs and fix the result with a small amount of varnish.

Another option is to crush dry pastels, dilute them to a paste, put them on the necessary strands, leave them to dry, and then remove the surplus with a comb.

Pluses staining pastel

Like any tool, pastel has its pros and cons. The positive points include:

  • Ease of use.
  • It is easily washed off from hair and hands, without leaving marks.
  • If you suddenly want to change the appearance - you can dye your hair in any color, and then it is easy to return the original one.

Cons staining pastel

You can dye your hair with pastel, but you can not forget about the disadvantages of this coloring. The disadvantages include:

  • The instability of color. Wet weather, rain is not favorable for such experiments.
  • Dry hair after application.

If you have dry hair, then it is better to refuse to use dry pastels, so as not to overdry them even more. Dry pastel is suitable for those who have greasy hair. It is not advisable to use dry pastels and those with brittle and injured hair from frequent use of hair dryer and coloring. If you, having dry hair, still decide to use dry pastel - after washing and drying you need to apply a small amount of hair oil. It is better not to blow-dry your hair before dyeing it with pastel, but let it dry naturally, leaving it at the stage of light moisture.

So as not to be disappointed

How to dye your hair with pastel, so as not to be disappointed? Follow the instructions. Hair should be combed before dyeing, not after. Then the pastel will not fall down. After applying, you need to fix the result with a small amount of hairspray. And lay strands. Get better branded types of pastels. They are more expensive, but the quality of them is much better than that of Chinese “plaster” bought for cheap. After applying dry pastels, the hair must be washed to remove the remaining paint, and it is well treated with a balm, completing the procedure by applying special coconut oil to the ends of the hair.

Choosing a color palette

It is better to select pastel colors in accordance with the main hair color. For black hair, as well as the “dark chocolate” shade, cold pastel colors are most suitable. Gamma green shades: from dark emerald to the color of spring greens. Blue shades: from dark sapphire to heavenly blue.

Blondes suit warm colors. Yellow, orange, shades of red.

Depends on the image that is taken for the prototype. If you want to enter the image of a witch, then green or blue on black, combined with bright makeup, with an emphasis on the eyes and dark lipstick will help you achieve what you want.

If the femme fatale is closer to you - Spanish passions, gypsy fire - then add red, clear eyeliner lines, scarlet lips to black hair.

Blonde with delicate strands of spring greenery and sky blue will cause the image of a forest nymph. In general, everything is in your hands. Absolute freedom and flight of fancy.

Bold decisions will make your image unique. And at the party, you definitely will not be bored on the sidelines not seen by anyone.

For the most decisive experimenters, even the style “all colors of the rainbow” is possible.

Hair care after dyeing with dry pastel chalks

We already know how to dye hair with pastels. Now let's talk about hair care after this coloring. Any means for dyeing and curling affect the hair, disrupting their structure. Dry pastel staining is no exception. After using the crayons, it is necessary to moisten and nourish the hair.

At home, this is easy to do with hair masks based on egg yolk with beer, olive oil (if the hair is dry). The fact is that dry pastel, like chalk, has the property of drying. Take away moisture. This principle is based on the effect of powder for children and elimination of oily hair by sprinkling them with talcum powder or starch followed by combing. For owners of oily hair, pastel crayons will bring, rather, a positive result. But the hair of normal fat or dry may suffer. For this and need additional food.

To prepare the mask, you need to take egg yolks from chicken or quail eggs, remove films and flagella, stir and add homemade beer or bread kvass. The resulting mixture is applied to washed hair and leave under a plastic cap for twenty to thirty minutes. Wash off the mask with cool water.