Perhaps, there are no people indifferent to the scent of Black Orchid Tom Ford. Anyone who sniffs him at least once, or falls in love with him for the rest of his life, or hates him with the same steadfastness. And this is all because “Black Orchid” is not suitable for everyone. Only people with character can wear fragrance. It's just like riding a Mustang: either you conquer him, or he will throw you off the saddle eagerly. In this article we will comprehensively study this amazing fragrance. What does the manufacturer say about it and how do consumers respond about it?

It should immediately be said that this fragrance is not unisex. At first it was released only for the fairest half of humanity. But the strong nature of the perfume is very fond of men. And soon they were released in favor of the fragrance in the form of cologne Black Orchid Tom Ford for Men. And he has no less fans than the women's perfume. Therefore, in this article we will pay attention to the male equivalent of the Black Orchid. Using the success of the perfume, the company "Tom Ford" produces and other cosmetic products with this perfume composition.

We will also tell you how to distinguish a real product from a fake. After all, unfortunately, dishonest sellers who are ready to give us a fake, are becoming more common. Information about prices on perfume you will find below.Perfume Black Orchid Tom Ford: description of the fragrance, reviews

The Story of the Black Orchid

It is inherent in humanity to desire the unattainable. Since there are no coal colors in nature, breeders make a lot of efforts to grow a black tulip, a rose, and an orchid. In the case of the last plant, they almost succeeded. Dark purple orchid, with velvet petals, as if absorbing any light, looks so unnatural, so bold!

Inspired by the appearance of this flower, Tom Ford’s perfume house created in 2006 the perfume of women Tom Ford Black Orchid. Of course, this is a more complex composition. And not only one orchid participates in it. But, as the creator himself claims, perfumer Zhivudan, he was guided not so much by the smell of a flower, as by his concept.

Black orchid boldly stands out against the other, of course, beautiful creatures of nature. But she is not only strong, but also languid, sexy, alluring. Only women who can control her magic can wear this scent, otherwise she will conquer them.

The mystery is how you managed to extract the smell from the core of a secretive Oriental flower. This required a special secret technology. It is like the ability to conquer the hearts of men, an innate gift. Particular perfume molecules come into contact with the smell of a particular person. Therefore, on two women perfume sounds completely different.

Packaging matters too

Already one box of golden-beige color indicates that the product contained inside is not ordinary. It is wrapped in a transparent film. On a black square letters are made with gold lettering. Open the box. Inside we see an exquisite and exclusive bottle made in Art Deco style. By the way, the bottle and the perfume, and toilet water, and the men's cologne is identical. What kind of product you are holding in your hands, will tell the inscription on the label and on the bottom of the bottle.

The bottle is made of black opaque corrugated glass. Grooves on the vial longitudinal. In front is a metal medallion with engraved letters. In turn, they are covered with twenty-square gilding, and this is the main sign of the originality of Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume. A fake, because of its low cost, does not have such an exquisite and expensive packaging of fragrance.

The neck of a weighty stylish bottle, which is so pleasant to hold in your hand, is tied with a gold cord. The jar is sealed, there is a spray inside. This product is originally from the United States of America, where Tom Ford's perfume house is located.

Perfume for Tom Ford Black Orchid: fragrance description

A femme fatale cannot always keep a conquered man in suspense. The base of this fragrance is like a mother's hug. They can be forgotten, endlessly bathed in warm vanilla, black Mexican chocolate, sandalwood, vetiver, incense and patchouli. Perfume Tom Ford Black Orchid (female) is very stable, flowing plume, very characteristic, but not sultry. He envelops his mistress, and, as if with a shield, shields her from everyday life, giving her the strength to feel irresistible. After all, this is so often lacking today's ladies.

What they say about the "Black Orchid" (perfumery water for women) reviews

Perfume Tom Ford Black Orchid for Women called in the networks dedicated to perfumery, this holy war. The first thing users hear their noses is chocolate, patchouli and truffles. But there are those who claim that the perfume is not for nothing called the "Black Orchid". This flower hovers over the entire bouquet. And it is difficult. There are also jasmine, ylang-ylang, gardenia, lotus, patchouli flowers. But the fruit notes quite a bit. They are needed in the composition only to give freshness. Therefore, bergamot, mandarin and lemon are only guessed by citrus splashes. But the black currant sounds clearer. She has very deep low tones. Reviews claim that the heart of the fragrance is delicious, luxurious. The base notes are pleasant, warm, warming, like a scarf made from natural cashmere.

On the skin, even cold type, perfume lasts at least six hours. On the hair and woolen clothes and even longer. The train is luxurious. It is dominated by chocolate, but without bitterness, as well as solemn incense and sensual sandalwood. And users notice that the flavor is revealed differently to different people. On some women, he sits somehow absurdly, as if they want to impersonate someone else who they really are not. Such is the developer of falsehood - Black Orchid Tom Ford.

Who, when and how should you wear a fragrance from Tom Ford

Both the manufacturer and consumers agree that the “Black Orchid” was created for outstanding women. Windy girls who love candy and Coca-Cola, this is not for you! Charming cuties, gentle and touching, adoring ladies' novels - you are not here either! Cold and prudent businesswoman: this fragrance, although it will emphasize your high social status, but you will find it too languid and frivolous. So, too, by.

For whom is the fragrance Black Orchid Tom Ford made? It must be a woman of non-standard beauty. She has some magic that subdues the men and throws them in bundles at the queen's feet. About such a person, other women, having learned about her victories, say: “Well, what did she take them?” This individual proudly and confidently walks through life. No, she does not work with fists to snatch her. Just the world itself creeps to her feet.

Since this fragrance is individual, it will fit under the wardrobe of the woman whom he considers her mistress. It is best to wear it in the cold season, because the perfume perfectly warms and uplifting, even when it is November and it is raining outside. According to users, this fragrance is more evening than day.

“Flower veil of black orchid”

All of the above concerns a product produced in a concentration of eau de parfum. But there is in the Tom Ford collection and another “Black Orchid”, intended for more mass users. This is Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur eau de toilette. The last two words in the title are translated as “flower veil”. And the truth: it is a smoother version, a lighter version of the Black Orchid.

The base of the toilet water is the same warm, but it is woven from other chords. There is also sandalwood, vanilla and patchouli, but there is no solemnity of church incense, vetiver and black chocolate. Base of toilet water Tom Ford Black Orchid reviews are called rather woven from warm spices. It guesses cinnamon, vanilla, and even milk and wood tar. On this sandalwood background, no, no, and fruit notes make their way. But this is not “compote” at all - say the reviews.

Eau de toilette sounds stylish and high-quality, like an expensive perfume. The audience for this product is wider than the perfume. Toilet flower "Flower veil of black orchid" can be worn by girls in their twenties and ladies to sixty. It is suitable for the cold season as a day out, and for the evening.

Cologne "Black Orchid"

The smell of cologne came out intoxicating, sensual, alluring. Perfume was created for those men who were born to fully rule over the world ... Or at least over the heart of their chosen one. The aroma of cologne "Black Orchid" refers to the category of woody musky flower.

As it should be in men's perfumery, the composition is revealed with citrus chords. Lemon leaf, bergamot and mandarin are powerful here. But the composition is more complicated. The overture is complemented by savory ginger and basil. In the top notes you can also hear the scent of a leaf of violet.

The “heart” of this fragrance is touching, but still completely “masculine.” The tenderness of the black orchid is reinforced by the Tunisian orange blossom, the color of grapefruit, tobacco leaf and pepper.

The base of the composition is typical for expensive men's perfumes. It has interwoven notes of Virginia patchouli, amber, oak moss, vetiver, nagarmota, leather and white cedar. All this creates an image of a strong man, behind whom you can hide like a stone wall.

Moisturizing Body Emulsion

Fans of the Black Orchid fragrance now have the opportunity to purchase a large, golden, grooved box with several Tom Ford Black Orchid products. The kit includes fifty milliliters of eau de parfum and body lotion (100 ml). Since we already spoke about perfume here, we’ll tell you about this moisturizing emulsion called “Satin Milk”.

It is not in vain included in the set. Apart from the fact that the lotion perfectly moisturizes the skin, it also contains a fragrance typical of all products of the Black Orchid line. And reviews speak about this product only pleasant things. Since the lotion was created to soak into the skin, saturating it with moisture, the scent also merges with nature, as some users put it, “becomes you”. He is deeper and more fully revealed.

Since milk is present in the composition of the perfume composition, the flavor becomes rounded, softer. Many liked these creamy notes. There is also a certain aura in this product, like with expensive powder. The lotion has a velvety texture of the lightest cream. In addition to the pleasant and super-resistant odor, the emulsion performs its direct functions well. Skin after its application becomes hydrated and well-groomed.

Tom Ford Black Orchid line products: price

Since this product is not massive, but exclusive, the price for it is not democratic at all. It is not so easy to extract the essence from the black orchid. Therefore, the brand among other perfumery products stands out as a grain of gold among the sand dunes.

Even the composition of the toilet water is too complicated to use the product every day. By the way, the smallest bottle (for 30 ml) costs 4460 rubles. Eau de toilette, as well as perfume, is also available in large containers of fifty and one hundred milliliters. It costs 5,800 and 8,600 rubles, respectively.

Unfortunately, in Russia it is very rarely possible to purchase a body lotion and deodorant from the “Black Orchid” line separately. These items are included in the sets. They are different. The most affordable package of a fifty-ml bottle of toilet water and a large tube of body lotion (150 ml). There is such a set of 7806 rubles.

An amazing gift will be a box containing a fifty-milliliter bottle of real perfume and a moisturizing emulsion for the body of Tom Ford Black Orchid (100 ml). The price of such a set, of course, increases to 8620 rubles.

Reviews of the product line "Black Orchid" from Tom Ford

We have already mentioned that real wars are starting over this brand. Many people argue about what attracts this fragrance, what it takes, why does not it suit everyone? Why did Tom Ford Black Orchid split the society? Reviews of some users talk about black magic, gothic, crypts, cemeteries, with which they steadfastly associate perfumes and eau de toilette. They say that “Black Orchid” is choking them like a witch invisible to the eye.

Others claim that they absolutely cannot hear any flower arrangement, but only clearly smell the smell of chocolate, flavored with oriental spices. “Because it’s not for you to wear this scent!” Connoisseurs and ardent admirers of the Black Orchid parry.

Yes, the unpredictability of aroma is recognized both by its creator and manufacturer. On each person the perfume “sounds” in absolutely different ways. But - recognize both passionate fans and opponents of the brand - equally steadfastly. The smell can easily linger even in a room with an open window for several hours. What can we say about a man who is all enveloped in this powerful veil of black magic? The fragrance does not sit tight to the skin, it strongly plumes. Many users call it the scent of sex. But the more sophisticated say: no, this is the smell of success.