Fashion on the style of overdose does not pass for several seasons in a row. Relaxation, comfort and at the same time the elegance of these things have ensured them the love of women of fashion all over the world. A coat of oversize (or cocoon) is one such example. This is a universal thing that fits all and blends well with different wardrobe items.

Who will approach this style

This cut is most suitable for a tall slender girl. His excessive volume will well emphasize the fragility of the figure and will set an interesting contrast to the whole image. But this does not mean that low girls or ladies with voluminous forms can not wear such a thing. You can, and even you need - three-dimensional clothing can hide superfluous and add raisins to the image, but in this case you can not do without heels.

Overlay coat: what to wear, pattern, features and recommendations of professionals

Who exactly should not choose this style of outerwear, so it's girls with very large breasts and women with a figure inverted triangle. They will give this coat even more monumentality.

How to choose

To choose not just a coat, but a trendy and relevant wardrobe item, pay attention to a few points. The most important thing is that a coat in the style of oversize should properly sit - usually such things are specially tailored to have a larger volume.

However, if you want to buy a larger item and wear it as an oversize, then consider that it should be at least two sizes larger than your usual. And for tall girls, a difference of 3-4 sizes is allowed. However, remember that with a large volume of coat should fit well along the length of the hem and sleeve. The shoulder line can be much lower than your usual.

What color is preferred

When choosing colors, try to pay attention to calm shades - black, gray, brown, pastel colors.

By itself, the coat-cocoon is already attracting attention, so its bright colors are allowed only to very brave women of fashion. For them, in a trend today, a checkered coat-cocoon in red and black tones. It fits perfectly into the grunge style and is complemented by black ragged skinnies, leather leggings or jeans.

Very unusual look powdery shades of overcoats. Winter and spring are ideal for such a dress - gently pink, dusty-beige, sweet colors harmonize with both white and beige, and with darker colors. Even more airy image will make a very long scarf of large mating and a voluminous knitted cap with a lapel.

What to wear overcoats with - trousers

With such a coat, almost any pants are combined - narrow skinny or straight jeans-pipes, boyfriends. And especially brave, as well as tall and slender are allowed even trousers klesh and kyuloty. You can supplement the image and sweater overtakes, but then the trousers must certainly be narrow and maximally tight figure.

If you choose a thin coat for a warm season, then add it with narrow trousers to the middle of the ankle, strengthening the fragility of the figure.

Sets with skirt

Thinking about what to wear overcoats, do not sweep aside skirts and dresses. The skirt, especially narrow, is perfectly combined with such outer clothing. This is the perfect contrast that will make you bohemian and refined. The length of the skirt can be any, but the most advantageous variants are up to the knee or slightly lower, approximately on the palm.

You can wear an overuse coat with everything, there are only a few exceptions. A long coat should not be worn with very long skirts, and a short one should not be combined with a mini, especially if the skirt is shorter than the outer clothing. However, such a kit is possible, but only if you do not fasten your coat.

A bold set - a coat-cocoon, a leather mini-skirt and ankle boots on a wide heel. To reduce the degree of courage will help an innocent white shirt with a turndown collar, perhaps, too, an oversize.

Another bright and sexy version - a fashionable dress-combination in this season or a tight knit dress with a lace hem and combined with an oversize coat will create a complete image for a party.

It's nice that the cocoon coat admits any shoes - stiletto heels or flat-bottomed siphons, boots on the tractor sole or shoes on the wedge, sneakers or boots-stockings. Choose shoes depending on other things and the length of the coat. So, a long coat looks good with sneakers or slips even on a thick contrasting sole. Coat to the knee is ideally complemented with boots or shoes with a thin high heel. A truncated coat looks great with ankle boots on a stable heel or high boots on a massive sole.

Also if under the coat you put on tight trousers, jeans-skinny or dress-case, down elegant shoes on the hairpin. To wide trousers or skirts it is better to choose shoes with a massive sole, a wide heel or a pair without a heel at all. Although the chic set can go out of a narrow knitted skirt in a sporty style, a coat in the style of a cocoon and slips.


Since the coat itself is a very noticeable part of the wardrobe, special accessories are not required for it, and it is difficult to pick up some special ornaments under the outer clothing. Therefore, the main additions, in addition to shoes - are bags, scarves and hats.

Bags choose any, but neat handbags with clear lines will look more harmonious, they will create the same pleasant contrast to the soft lines of the coat. At the same time, a frameless bag-torba or a backpack can look great with a voluminous top and sneakers, as well as with jeans-boyfriends, you get a completely relaxed and informal image. If you complemented the outer clothing with narrow trousers or a skirt and a thin heel, it is better to choose a rectangular clutch, a small handbag for a postman on a long strap or a skeleton-bag.

If you have chosen a soft informal image with sneakers or siphons, complete the set with a toe cap or a knitted hat with a large pompon.

For a more glamorous bow, a hat with soft wide brim or a hat of Fedor is suitable.

Winter coat oversize requires a scarf - choose, for example, a volume snore, wrapped around the neck several times. It will be interesting to look and a scarf, down or woolen, thrown on the shoulders and tied around the neck. If your coat with short sleeves, be sure to pick up high leather or suede gloves. The narrow, gloved hand looks elegantly in the wide socket of the sleeve.

How to sew a simple coat in a fashionable style

Even a beginner can sew such a thing, because it is easier to make a three-dimensional silhouette than an adjacent one, which should be well placed on the figure. The simplest version is a light female coat in the style of an oversize (or cocoon) on buttons, knee-length, without a collar, with a one-piece sleeve. If you want to slightly complicate, then it will be more interesting to look like a vtachnaya truncated sleeve.

For sewing you will need a thin woolen fabric, lining fabric, buttons and glue. It will be necessary to cut 2 backrest parts, 2 transmission parts and 2 parts of the sleeve. To build a pattern, consider the following:

  • Measure the length of the coat on the back, this pattern of the oversize coat has a length of 93 cm and is suitable for growth of about 165 cm.
  • Measure the chest girth and add 13 cm to the model extension.
  • Measure the circumference of the shoulder and add to the shoulder seam 16 cm, so that the shoulder point of the finished product falls down.
  • The armhole familiar to you (measure on any of your coats or jackets) should be deepened by 13.5 cm, taking into account the style.
  • Pattern lining build from the basic pattern, but for 5 details - two shelves, two sleeves and one one-piece back.
  • To fasten the buttons, set the width of the bead 4 cm and place the buttons in the middle - 2 cm from the edge.
  • Do not forget about seam allowances.

After cutting the details and reinforcing the non-woven surface of the gates and fasteners, all will remain. Start from the back and shelves, and then sew and sew up the sleeves. Gather the lining details and sew from the wrong side. Turn the bottom of the coat, the edges of the sleeves and the collar, in order to hide the junction of the lining and the main fabric. To the shelf, sew buttons. Your overdose coat is ready.