Currently, fashion is a symbiosis of various trends, styles and eras. There is a tendency to return the trend directions of the middle of the last century. Those who keep track of fashionable novelties probably came across a coat-cocoon in various magazines (a photo of it is presented in the article for clarity). This model was presented in their collections several fashion houses. Cocoon coat is used as a basic part of the wardrobe.

As you know, fashion repeats. If you look at photos of grandmothers or moms, you can see in their wardrobe things that are now hits of the season. Of course, the models change, but the main directions of the style are repeated. The same happened with the coat-cocoon.

Coat-cocoon with what to wear? Possible options, photo

His style has already met in the history of fashion. Namely, in the middle of the 20th century. The silhouette of the outerwear in the shape of the letter "O". A model, like a cocoon, warms a woman or girl during the cold season. This outerwear at the same time combines style, refinement, severity, sophistication and grace. With all this, it has a simple cut.

Coat today

Currently, it is customary to wear this larger model. This is done to make the woman look more refined and fragile. This technique has become very popular among fashion designers. Coarse big things with masculine elements give a woman the look of an unprotected reed, which makes her look attractive. It should be said that fashion designers represent a wide variety of variations of this thing. The women's cocoon coat can be sewn from various materials, such as drape, cashmere, tweed and others. Also various shades are used. These clothes can be monophonic, and can be sewn from fabric with a pattern.

Choose a model

When choosing a model should take into account the individual characteristics of women. Cocoon coat should emphasize dignity. Namely, the color should match the skin and other details of the wardrobe. When choosing a model should think about what clothes will be worn. Also worth noting that such clothes give the image a retro tint. Therefore, when choosing accessories or other wardrobe items, this fact should be taken into account.

When choosing a model, in addition to color and materials, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the cut and accessories. It is better to spend more money, but be sure that the thing is made with high quality. In this case, the material used will delight its owner. Although this model has already been used in the wardrobe of moms and grandmothers, getting an old coat is not recommended. Since the modern version of this model is different from the similar thing of the last century. First, the coat-cocoon pattern was different, the shoulders became softer and more sloping. Modern models have more feminine lines. Secondly, the materials have changed. At present, fabrics are produced of higher quality, since modern technologies are used in their production.

Vintage coat can afford to wear a man with a delicate taste, who knows how to combine things from different eras. It should also be noted that several years ago it was possible to emphasize the waistline, even in outerwear. Now a completely different trend and the cocoon coat is a confirmation of this fact. Despite its simple cut, the model needs the right choice.

First of all, you need to choose the right length. If a woman or girl is not tall, then it is better to get a shorter model. An extended version suitable for tall ladies. For those women whose silhouette resembles a pear, this model will help hide figure flaws. Fashion designers represent a wide variety of such clothes. Therefore, it is recommended to try on several options, and only then choose the most appropriate thing in style, color and length.

Coat-cocoon. What to wear?

The main characteristic of this model is its bulk. Given this fact, it is important not to overload the image with other items of clothing. With a small height of the girl, in addition to the selection of the correct length, it is recommended to wear straight trousers and shoes with heels with a cocoon coat. Thus, visually it will seem that the girl is taller. But if a woman has a tall and slim figure, then she can experiment with a wardrobe.

For example, wear a cocoon coat in combination with wide trousers and sneakers. If you need to wear a skirt, then it should be either the same length as outerwear, or shorter. It is better that she does not peek out from under the coat.

Other combinations

This model will look attractive with fitting clothes. When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the individual features of the figure. Since the winter coat-cocoon belongs to the retro-style, you can add accessories to this era. For example, wear a hat and boots.

Cocoon coat can be made with a three-quarter sleeve. This option is considered very stylish. The model should be complemented by long gloves. It is necessary that the gloves are combined with the entire wardrobe. At the same time in color, they can contrast with the coat. Also, this model is perfectly combined with jeans, boyfriends, or with cropped trousers.

As for shoes, the classic option will be shoes with heels, but sneakers and slip-ons are also suitable. In principle, when choosing clothes for combination with this type of coat, you can pay attention to any style. For example, a toe cap and ankle boots will look good.

Knitted thing

Also on the catwalks and in fashion magazines there is a knitted cocoon coat. If a woman or girl has the skills of such skill, then she will be able to tie such a thing on her own.

This model has a very simple pattern. First you need to pick up the yarn. It is recommended to use 2 types. The color of the model should be chosen from their preferences and style of clothing. A great option would be a gray model. This tone is noble and is combined with a large number of stylistic trends. The gray model can be worn with a classic version of clothing, as well as used with a sporty style. Knit a coat with needles. Yarn is better to use two shades. One is lighter and the other is darker. Thus, the finished coat will look more interesting. You will need to buy accessories: buttons and loop markers.


It does not matter whether the finished coat is bought or made on its own. The main thing is that the image looks harmonious and pleases its owner.

In itself, a coat envelops a woman. Therefore, the attention of others will be primarily directed to him, and then to the accessories. The important point is the color of the coat-cocoon. If it is of neutral shades, then it can be supplemented with a bright accessory.