The beauty of any girl is multifaceted. To present her to the world from different angles, many of the fair sex people resort to changing their style. On the way to creating a spectacular, unique image, hair color undergoes many changes.

Persistent paints penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair, and repainting them will be more difficult. The damage caused by the ammonia contained in the composition of the paint will be felt after the first use of the product.

The output can be the application of a diverse palette of tonics. How to choose and apply tinted balms should be considered in more detail.

Types of tonics

There are two types of products presented. The first group includes shampoos, foams, as well as a sparing version of the tonic - tinted. Tonic palette allows you to choose a variety of styles to create an image, and the color will stay on your hair for about 2 weeks.

The second type is bezammiachnye hair dyes, which have a deep effect. The palette of these funds is also quite diverse, and the shade is kept on the hair for up to two months.

The color range of both types of tonics is so diverse that it is not difficult to create a unique, dazzling image.

Advantages of tonic

The main benefits of the tonic include a gentle effect on the hair. The pigment does not penetrate deep inside, but settles in a thin film on each hair. Their overall appearance acquires a healthy shine, this effect provides a variety of tonic "shade". The tonic palette will allow you to change the color to your mood.

The advantages of using a wide range of colors for hair coloring are savings. Do not need to purchase expensive hair masks, balms.

Tonic contains moisturizing elements that provide care, which do not make hair dyes. However with persistent tonics nevertheless it is necessary to be more cautious. They penetrate into the structure of the hair, albeit more sparing than the ordinary paint.

Another plus - the presented agent is easily applied and, if desired, simply washed off.

The colors of the hair tonic (palette of flowers) are diverse. There are a number of natural shades. But there are also very unusual, creative pigments.

Blondes suitable shades such as ashy, golden, "light chocolate", wheat, red and light brown. These means are characterized by a variety of shades.

Using dark colors of hair tonic (the palette of colors allows it), it should be remembered that on light hair they will be more resistant. It will be more difficult to wash them.

Without prior clarification of hair, shades such as black, graphite, bordeaux, "wild plum," "Indian summer" are applied.

Bright, saturated shades always stay on your hair longer. Light shades, for example, pearl, apricot, mother-of-pearl will wash faster, but the structure of the hair will improve, and the hair will be more effective.

Choice of shade

Choosing a hair tonic, the palette of which still has a division by purpose, involves the application of a number of rules.

Selecting a range of shades, you should do it in accordance with the complexion. "Spring" and "Autumn" should pick up warm shades, and "Winter" and "Summer" - cold.

  • Color-type "Winter" is suitable for black, "chocolate" and other dark, cold shades.
  • "Spring" should be selected all natural warm, fair, golden, light colors.
  • "Flight" suitable bright with an ashy shade of a variety of color palette of tonics.
  • With "Autumn" harmonize bright, rich red hues.

The main thing is to remember that when choosing a palette of balm-tonic, you should take a slightly darker tone of your natural hair color.

Preparation for painting

Before applying the toner palette on your hair, you should prepare everything you need. The process will require gloves that will not allow the product to color the skin of the hands. On his shoulders should throw a towel. This will protect the clothes.

You will also need a comb, due to which the color will lie evenly.

To avoid dyeing the skin of the forehead, you should apply a fat cream on it. The same should be done with the ears and neck. This will help avoid the effect of hair tonic, the palette of which is quite saturated, on the skin.

Shampoo to flush the product will not be required. Sometimes girls add tonic directly to shampoo or water for washing their hair. This helps maintain the brightness of the hue a little longer. But for the first coloring of hair should be applied for a longer time and shampoo it not to rinse.

The process of staining

The technology of coloring the hair with a tonic is simple. Even if you do it for the first time, it will not be difficult to do everything right. Before starting the process, please read the manufacturer's instructions.

The hair must be dry before staining. They should not have any creams, hairsprays and other cosmetics. Otherwise, the particles of foreign matter will react with the components of the tonic. Colors, the palette of which is presented by the manufacturer for clean hair, can turn out quite unexpected.

The technology of the application of the product does not differ from the usual staining with persistent pigments. Tonic is applied over the entire length of the hair. Begin applying the paint should be from the back of the head.

Toned balms in the home can be done coloring. However, it is better not to use this technology in the first hair coloring experiment. Experiment with the application of tonic is better if you have experience in its use.

The paint stays on the hair for up to 30 minutes, and then washed off with running water.

The final stage

The intensity of the toner palette depends on the time it takes to hold it on the hair. To maintain the brightness of the color and add shine to the hairstyle during the secondary use of the remedy is allowed to keep it on the hair for only 10 minutes. This will be enough to update the color.

When using saturated shades after washing the hair, you should use a towel, which is reserved exclusively for this process. Tonic will leave marks on the fabric even after washing your head when making the staining.

To improve the shine of hair, you can apply balm after washing. It is also washed off with water. This will greatly improve the structure of the hair.

How to wash the tonic

If you are bored or did not like the color that gave hair balm, tonic palette allows you to correct the situation in many ways.

The most famous and popular of them is repeated washing of the head with shampoo. A conventional remedy can damage the structure of the hair. Therefore, it is better to purchase shampoo for these purposes on the decoction of herbs, medicinal varieties of the remedy. This option is suitable for soft colors.

You can brew chamomile yourself and treat this broth hair. Repeated and kefir mask are suitable for such purposes. They should be kept on the head for at least 3 hours.

The second way to wash away the shade balm is the special means available for sale of cosmetic shops. However, these drugs also harm the hair. Therefore, they must be used in conjunction with restorative therapy. So you can cope with the most intense color.

To subsequently do not have to wash off the shade balm, you should seriously approach the choice of the palette of tonics, the way they are used.

Following all the recommendations and rules for choosing the color of the tinted balm, you can create many bright, unique images. The beauty of any girl will be presented in a completely new perspective after changing hair color. Correctly applying the agent, you can improve the structure of the hair, giving them a healthy shine and strength.