The French brand Loreal has been one of the leaders in the global beauty industry for more than a century. Today, the range of cosmetic products of the company is about 2.5 thousand positions and is sold in 120 countries. Through the use of new technologies, the company produces dyes that meet all the requirements of modern women. One such tool was the ammonia-free Casting Crème Gloss line. The product itself, its properties and the L'Oreal Casting palette itself will be discussed in detail in this article.

Palette L'oreal Casting Cream Gloss

Basic properties

Dyes that do not contain ammonia, exist on the market relatively recently. They are ideal for both natural and previously painted hair. After casting, most women note that hair becomes well-groomed, smooth and gain a healthy shine. The product does not lighten the curls, and therefore does not hurt them. With the help of this dye, without harm, not only refresh the color, but also correct the result of the previous coloring or neutralize the undesirable shade. The L'Oreal Casting palette is very interesting. It includes basic shades, light, chocolate, copper and purple.


Despite the fact that Casting Crème Gloss is a line without ammonia, it is completely capable of covering gray hair. The composition includes bee royal jelly, which makes it suitable for sensitive hair. The composition also contains nutritional components, which in the process of dyeing take care of the curls, moisturize and smooth out after the procedure. The tool is designed specifically for home use, and the L'Oreal Casting palette allows you to choose the appropriate shade option for every taste. The dye can be used not only for monotonous toning, but also creating color accents, performing modern “ombre”, “shatush” techniques.

Another advantage of this product is the ability to use during pregnancy. The dye does not penetrate deep into the hair, scalp and does not irritate her. It also has a delicate berry flavor.

Paint "Loreal Casting": palette, shades

As mentioned above, the range of shades includes classic light brown, copper, chestnut, chocolate, rich black and light colors. The basic ones are represented by traditional brown-haired nuances of all levels. They do not create unwanted yellow, red shades on the hair. And their cold pigments ensure a noble, natural color. These include numbers - 700, 600, 500, 400 and 200.

Paint "L'Oreal Casting", a palette of which has 28 shades, contains unusual colors. For example, plum, cherry, caramel, mother of pearl. They are numbered 810, 713, 630, 530, 550, 426. These tones look impressive with creative haircut and unusual styling.

Golden and light nuances

Amber and wheat colors are represented by light and dark shades. Due to the increased content of yellow pigment, they create close to natural color transitions on the hair. These include: golden honey (730), amber (645) and others.

Also the L'Oreal Casting palette offers dyes without prior clarification, creating beautiful milky, light tones. This is a light pearl (10.21), light ash (10.10), light beige (10.13), very light golden (930).

Chocolate, copper and red gamma

Brown nuances are represented by warm and cold colors. At the heart of cold is blue pigment. It gives a slightly matte overflow. For example, frosty chocolate (515), chestnut (415), cocoa with ice (412). But the warm tones from L'Oreal Casting Cream Gloss (the nuance palette was presented above) are all chocolate tones with a golden, copper tint. These include: chocolate (603), chestnut honey (634), icing (503), and others.

Unlike many similar dyes, the range of shades of brown from “Casting” includes mixed, warm and cold nuances. These are cappuccino (513), glacier (613), frosty chocolate (515).

The L'Oreal Casting Cream Gloss palette represents the colors of a fashionable gamut for every taste. This is not only the usual red, classic copper, purple tones, but also their interesting combinations. For example, spiced honey (743), mahogany (550), black cherry (360), ginger (353), currants (262).

L'Oreal Casting Cream Gloss: palette, application, price

The dye is diluted with a special developer, proposed in the package. The manufacturer recommends that the mixing proportions be strictly observed. The components are interconnected in a separate container and thoroughly mixed. The mixture is applied to wet curls. It is not necessary to wash them, just wet them a little. The total exposure time is 20 minutes. If you have a gray hair, then the time increases by 5 minutes. When strands are damaged, weakened by chemical curling, the time is reduced by 5 minutes.

"L'Oreal Casting Gloss" (the palette was reviewed in the article), although not a professional tool, is expensive - about 300 rubles. However, the price is fully justified. Included with the dye is a quality balm, causing a lot of good reviews, however, as the main product.

The volume of the tube is 60 ml. For short and medium curls, a small amount of funds will be enough for two times. If the hair is long - to the shoulder blades and below, it is better to purchase another package.

When choosing a dye should always take into account the individual characteristics. The qualitative result of staining is manifested from a combination of many factors. It is important not only to use a good product, but also to choose the right color, to properly care for the hair.