A woman who seeks to conquer the heart of a Aries man must be able to maintain his interest. If she learns to fall in love with him again and again, he will be crazy about her all his life. Aries-man in love is very passionate and romantic. Quickly loses interest in the young ladies, who first express their feelings and seem to be available to him. How to understand and win this fiery, temperamental man?

Aries is a man in love


In it the man's essence is strongly expressed, therefore the woman he searches for itself: an active, feminine, temperamental. The main features of the character of Aries are vigor, impulsiveness and total absence of aging. The element of the sign is Fire, it gives him fervor, emotional mobility, a tendency to fight. Such a man is making a compromise hard enough, so it's not easy to communicate with him. Aries-man in love can be cold, outwardly impartial, because he is not used to putting his feelings on display. And inside is a fire of passion. He dives into a romantic relationship with his head in full confidence that this is the strongest love in his life. In a relationship, he is passionate and devoted to his half, while he feels feelings toward her. In general, his relationship with women is simply amazing. Aries can turn mountains for the beloved, and as soon as the feelings pass, with ease and passion just as much extols another woman. Although it is worth noting that he never enters into a relationship, until he finishes the old, is not capable of treason.

Aries is a man in love

In a romantic relationship is inclined to go ahead. He does not like the available ladies, but an impregnable woman can scare him off. He prefers quick wins and, if he sets a goal, always achieves it. The energy of Aries is a tsunami, a whirlwind, by nature it is the winner! The woman of his dreams must necessarily be smart and attractive. If you plan a joint life, in order to maintain the interest of Aries, you need to always be different. He also wants his beloved to admire him, to share his views. Compliments are important, praise, but this person perfectly feels a lie or flattery. He can not be called jealous, as indicated by the Zodiac. Aries, a man, having learned about treason, nevertheless will never be able to forgive. Relationships will be immediately terminated. He can easily make his lady feel special, exceptional. If you fall in love for real, then this is for a long time or forever.

Woman dreams

Aries is crazy about external beauty, mystery and sexuality. The first impression that a woman makes, and how she manifests herself on the first date, is important to him. He loves charismatic, intriguing and provocative young ladies. However, self-sufficient, assertive and strong-willed person does not like him, because these are his main qualities. Aries, a man in love can be very demanding, so a woman who managed to conquer him, should always be on top. As astrologers say, with this woman you can not not apply a make-up, go without a haircut or do a manicure. You should never look simple, defile around the house in an old dressing gown or walk with a cucumber mask on your face. He also does not accept ladies with bad habits or foul-mouthed. Next to her dreams of seeing a fragile, feminine person with whom she will feel strong and courageous.


Aries is one of the strongest signs of the zodiacal circle. The planet-ruler-Mars-endows him with restless energy, ambitiousness, determination. He is always straightforward, open, which makes his life bright and active. But in family life and romantic relationships is often misunderstood, because it makes the impression of a complex person with an extremely uncomfortable character. Compatibility Aries is high with signs of the fire element - it's Leo, Aries, Sagittarius. He has a lot in common with Gemini. With Taurus there can be a harmonious union, but periodically both will experience each other's patience. Tandem Aries and Libra is very fortunate, provided that they can meet certain requirements in relation to each other. In general, in the relationship with a man of this sign, one should never lose a sense of humor and do not need to demonstrate their independence, self-sufficiency. It is advisable to abandon any criticism in his address and keep a veil of mystery and mystery, so that he was interested in you to conquer, to show his knightly qualities.

The energy of the Serpent gives Aries great militancy and willpower. He stands out among other people with his good breeding, good manners, attractive appearance. It is very difficult to build relationships with him, because such a man is not inclined to show his true feelings, it seems indifferent. When interacting with the opposite sex, he prefers the tactics of the siege of his victim. Long enough to look closely, choose, analyze, and then begin to conquer the desired object. In formal relations enters after thoroughly studying all the features of his chosen one. In marriage, Aries-Snake is reliable and stable, strives for a calm relationship, without vivid emotions and passions. With the birth of children, as a rule, greatly changes for the better, it becomes softer and more open, it is easier to express your feelings. If the family relationship does not suit him, he just closes, goes into himself without trying to change the situation.

Man Aries, born in the year of the Dragon

Love for freedom, determination and the desire to be always the first - its main qualities. She takes great care of women, is accustomed to winning ladies' hearts. He will search for the lady of his dreams all his life, although at the same time he can create a strong and harmonious marriage. Aries-Dragon in a romantic relationship is inclined to choose a partner with certain qualities. She must be strong-willed, intelligent, completely fit for him. As this man seeks freedom, he chooses a companion with a similar mentality for family relations, which will not pressure him. Most often, marriage with him more like a partnership, because he does not want to give birth to children, to create coziness in the house. For him in the first place their own interests and desire to realize their ambitions. To the qualities of the spouse, as a rule, he has no special requirements, in addition to spiritual intimacy. Aries Dragon is looking for a person who will not interfere with the realization of his plans.

Male Aries, born in the year of the Rat

The main features that most clearly reflect the essence of his character are enormous impulsiveness, self-confidence and quick temper. He has an innate business acumen, insight, a tendency to perceive any business as a challenge to his abilities. Many men of this sign are inclined to love at first sight. They are not distinguished by great romanticism, but they are able to take care of, are very charming and emotional. They believe in true love and subconsciously always seek to find it in their lives. In marriage, they prefer to be in the first place. Sometimes a man Aries-Rat makes very cruel demands on others, which becomes a significant obstacle to full interaction with him. It is important for him to learn to be more tolerant and gentle, especially in relation to close people.

Aries in marriage

Given the characteristics of the sign, we can say that Aries more than others fits the standard of this man. If he enters into a family relationship, he always strives to become the chief. He does not tolerate any criticism, even small remarks in his address both at home and in public. In marriage comes easily and quickly, because by nature impulsive. He prefers to keep his wallet in his hands, plan his own budget.

How to conquer Aries?

With him you need to be a real actress, different and interesting. Today you are an impregnable lady, and the next day - a mischievous, eccentric girl. A man will appreciate such changes. How to win Aries? In dealing with him you need to radiate energy, optimism and cheerfulness. You should never load it with your problems. Having pretended to condescend to communicate with him, you will attract his interest. However, you need to play very carefully, because this man delicately feels the falsity. Never forgive insincerity in a relationship. It is a man of reason, not of intelligence, and by showing interest in his ideas and opinions, you thereby respect him. It is endowed with a sense of humor, so it attracts ladies not only beautiful but also smart.

Love horoscope for summer 2015

This is the best time for household chores and establishing relationships with loved ones. Also these are the best months for the engagement. If you are a lonely man-Aries, July can give the opportunity to meet with the other half, especially likely in the period from 1 to 15 July. Many Aries at this time will experience bouts of longing and loneliness, especially for those who do not have a loved one. Astrologers are advised to moderate their ardor, not to look at others from the position of a male hunter, it only frightens off. It is necessary to let go of the situation, believing that everything has its time.

Relations with a man-Aries can be very harmonious if his companion understands for himself the main features of the uneasy nature of a partner, will behave wisely, will allow him to be the master, calmly learn to accept outbursts of anger. Otherwise, the union will turn into a nightmare, and Aries himself will be the initiator of parting.