People born under the sign of Aries, are perhaps the brightest representatives of the fire element. These are passionate and passionate natures who openly and sometimes even aggressively express their feelings and thoughts. Therefore, it is not surprising that the union of two Aries resembles a volcano in some way. Is it possible to have a happy and long future for such a couple, and how to avoid quarrels and scandals? Consider how Aries and Aries will behave in a pair, the compatibility of representatives of this sign in marriage, as well as various aspects of their family relationships.

Aries: a brief characterization of the mark

Before discussing the compatibility of two Aries, it is worth giving a brief description of this sign of the zodiac. Regardless of whether the man or woman in question, the main characteristic qualities will be stubbornness, quick temper and honesty.

Aries always directly and honestly expresses his point of view, does not tolerate injustice and does not accept falsehood. And this applies equally to all spheres of his life, from career to romantic and family relationships. Aries, whose character can rarely be called simple, always strives to be himself. These people can be tactless, impatient and even rude, but there is not a drop of cruelty in them.

Aries is stubborn, energetic and ambitious, he strives to be a leader and is ready to go all the way. Interestingly, the most prominent features of the sign appear in the “Aries-horse” variant. These qualities have a significant impact on the sensual side of his life.

Aries in the family

In the Aries family also seeks to take a leading position, which is not always to the liking of his partner. The typical representative of this sign is the owner, he will not forgive the satellite even a hint of adultery. But Aries himself will always be honest and will not be cunning.

Representatives of this sign are undemanding of food and clothing, they will spend more on entertainment or travel than on an expensive suit or accessories. In everyday life, they value order and cleanliness the most; they do not tolerate carelessness and carelessness.

For harmonious family life, the compatibility of signs is very important. Aries, male and female, born under the auspices of the same constellation, can make an interesting, passionate and charming couple.

Aries Compatibility: Sensual Side

Romantic relationship between the two Aries at first resemble an idyll. This is not surprising, because they have common interests, preferences and demeanor. They can talk for hours on a variety of topics, laugh at the same jokes and generally understand each other perfectly.

However, later it becomes obvious that not everything is so smooth. In a pair of “Aries girl - Aries man” both partners are leaders and stubborn, reluctant to compromise. Therefore, quarrels between them often flare up and are very stormy. And although they are followed by an equally hot reconciliation, they can significantly impair the joint life of two Aries.

Features of family relationships

All of the above, we can safely repeat, if it comes to marriage. Aries and Aries - a union of two sincere and passionate natures. Their family life is built on honesty, there is no place for lies and falsehoods in it. Despite the hot temper, they are very quick-witted, so they do not know how to be angry with their soulmate for a long time.

When children are born, the husband and wife of Aries are quite easily reconciled with the emergence of new responsibilities and do not care about their babies. They are excellent parents, always ready to teach their child something new. Being independent and decisive, they strive to cultivate these qualities in a child. They are more friends to their children than parents.

In general, speaking about the union "Aries and Aries," compatibility in marriage can be quite successful. It is important only from the very beginning to distribute family roles. It is better if the leading role will be given to the man, and the woman will learn to give him, despite the relative equality between them.

Aries and Aries: Intimate Aspect

Speaking about the combination of “Aries-Aries man”, it is impossible to ignore the intimate aspect of their relationship. This side of living together is almost perfect. In the bedroom of Aries reigns complete understanding. Both have the same temperament and potential, as well as similar desires in the sensual sphere. They are ardent and furious, and if representatives of other signs may be afraid of such pressure, then two Aries perfectly suit each other.

The only problem is that in this case both partners tend to dominate. But if they learn to give in and give in, it can be easily resolved to the mutual pleasure of both spouses.

Compatibility in the home and financial sector

In the daily life of two Aries are united, above all, the desire for order. They are not too fond of doing household duties, but they try not to allow inaccuracies.

The horoscope of compatibility in the financial sphere for two Aries is not too favorable. This is due to the fact that both partners are not very practical and are rather careless about money. This entails a large amount of expenses, most often unnecessary and reckless. Aries are easy enough to earn money, but they do not know how to save them. It’s easier for them to spend most of their salary on a large acquisition right away. In this case, Aries are happy to make each other gifts and surprises.

How to achieve harmony and avoid conflicts?

The family life of two Aries can be truly explosive. There is a constant tension between them, a struggle that sooner or later turns into a huge scandal. How to keep relationships and make them more harmonious? It is important to remember that in a pair of Aries and Aries, compatibility in marriage becomes the best when both partners are engaged in business and are professionally implemented. If each of the partners is committed to the intended goal, it allows you not to be distracted by the quarrel on domestic issues.

The most important thing for Aries is not to impose one’s own outlook on life on one’s own stubborn partner or to try to remake it. Such a relationship is doomed to failure.

In general, the family union of two Aries can be quite successful. The most comfortable and harmonious relationship will be if they learn to compromise and become more compliant to each other.

Aries compatibility with other characters

Finally, it is worth mentioning other signs of the zodiac with which Aries can build relationships. The best will be the union with Sagittarius - this is complete harmony in all respects. Representatives of these sign perfectly understand and complement each other. Relations with Leo can also give a lot of pleasant moments. However, they will be strong only in the case of true love.

There is one more good variant of who the Aries guy can build with. Compatibility in marriage with a girl-Aquarius can be very good, especially if these two bright individuals do not overwhelm each other. It is interesting that the most talented children are born from such unions.

But Aries is not suitable in the personal life of Cancer and Fish. Both of these signs are too weak to adapt to the unchecked representative of the fire element.

Summarizing, we can say that for a couple of Aries and Aries, compatibility in marriage can be quite successful, and family life can be long and happy. The main thing in this alliance is to learn patience and the ability to compromise.