Among the brightest brands in the Russian banking market is Tinkoff. Its owner is Oleg Tinkov, one of the most famous businessmen of Russia. This banking organization specializes in providing a wide range of financial services. Among the most popular on the Russian market are deposits and loans. One of the most noteworthy features of the work of Tinkoff Bank is the absence of offices. In this sense, this credit and financial institution is unique for the Russian market. What are the key facts about the activities of Tinkoff Bank? What do customers and employees say about their experience with the institution?

Reviews of Tinkoff Bank employees and customers

General information about the bank

"Tinkoff" is a bank, whose reviews are presented on a large number of online financial portals. This credit institution operates throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. The activity of Tinkoff Bank is notable for the fact that the customer service is carried out outside offices - online (via website, e-mail, social network) or by phone. This format of conducting banking activities is to some extent unique for Russia.

"Tinkoff" is a bank whose reviews are actively left by both its clients and employees. The organization is known under the current brand since 2006. Prior to this, the corresponding structure was called JSCB "Himmashbank". This institution was registered in 1994 in Moscow. JSCB "Himmashbank" worked with industrial enterprises of the capital region, issuing loans to relevant businesses. In the 1990s, in Moscow and the region, the turnover of the chemical industry declined significantly, as a result of which the bank began to experience problems with customer demand. In 2006, his assets were acquired by a well-known businessman Oleg Tinkov, who at that time ranked 9th in the rating of the richest people in the country according to Forbes magazine.

After Oleg Tinkov led the board of directors of the organization, a deep reform of the institution began. So, for example, a rebranding was conducted, following which the bank became known as "Bank Tinkoff - Credit Systems" (this is its full name). A new corporate logo was developed. The situation of the bank in the financial market began to improve. In November 2006, the institution became a participant in the deposit insurance system, in 2007 started issuing plastic cards, which soon became the basis for the key financial product of Tinkoff, loans. Another direction of the bank's activities was formed: attracting deposits through electronic payment systems. Debit cards began to be issued. Demand for the services of the bank grew steadily, reviews on the bank Tinkoff often began to appear on the Internet.

It can be noted that reviews about the bank "Tinkoff" are left almost always only physical persons - simply because legal entities are not serviced by the relevant credit institution. The main financial products that the bank offers citizens are deposit and credit card processing. The bank's assets are owned by Oleg Tinkov, Goldman Sachs bank, and Vostok Nafta Investments fund, registered in Sweden.

Customer Testimonials

What are the reviews about the bank "Tinkoff"? This credit and financial institution operates in a unique format for the Russian market, but it provides quite common services: processing of credit cards and deposits. Accordingly, reviews about the bank "Tinkoff" can, first of all, be classified into those that reflect the experience of citizens in the use of loans, as well as views on deposits. A separate category of reviews are those related to the evaluation of funded programs that the financial brand offers the Russian market. We will study the opinions of Tinkoff customers, presented in the respective categories, in more detail.

Feedback on deposits

To begin, we will examine the responses to the bank "Tinkoff", which reflects the experience of interaction between citizens and the organization in question regarding the issue of deposits. The specificity of attracting clients' funds to an institution consists in using exclusively electronic channels.

The first thing that a potential client of a bank makes is configuring the desired deposit through an online form on the bank's website. In this part of the "Tinkoff" - bank (customer reviews confirm this), which offers a very convenient online toolkit.

After the person has determined the optimal amount of the deposit, the duration of the investment, the currency and other conditions (for example, the desired options for transferring interest, he can fill in the online agreement with the bank.It will be necessary to enter personal, passport data in the appropriate form, after the online contract is filled, you need to send it to the bank and wait for the call of the specialist "Tinkoff." During the dialogue with him, you need to determine the place of receipt of documents - paper ersii agreement on the contribution from the courier "Tinkoff." - bank (customer testimonials indicate a high assessment of opportunities), which delivers the necessary documents in the most expeditious timeframe.

After signing the sources and transferring them to the bank, opening of the deposit is deemed to be confirmed. The client can replenish his deposit by one of the ways supported by the institution: by bank transfer, by means of a debit card, in cash at a specialized refill point or by using the QIWI purse. Once the deposit is open, it can be managed through various online tools. Among them - the Internet bank and mobile channels. Let's consider their specifics, as well as feedback from customers in terms of using the relevant tools in more detail.

Reviews about using an online bank and mobile tools

What is the key online tool from "Tinkoff" - an online bank? Reviews about it are presented on financial online portals in the widest spectrum. Use of the Internet bank from "Tinkoff" is carried out through the site of the relevant credit institution. In order to start using its capabilities, it is necessary to select the necessary section of the portal, and then get the login and password from the personal cabinet. The corresponding operation involves the use of the card number Tinkoff Black, which is issued to the client by courier along with the contract. After the necessary data is entered into the online form, the system will send an SMS with a password from the Internet bank. You need to enter it on the corresponding page of the site. After that, a person can start managing a deposit. The mechanism reviewed reviews about the bank "Tinkoff" is characterized as very convenient.

In turn, fans of mobile devices can use the appropriate type of application. After downloading and opening it, you need to enter the login and password received when working with the web version, after which you can start using all the necessary functions that are associated with the management of the deposit.

Feedback on the functions of managing deposits

What are the opinions about Tinkoff Bank regarding the use of clients by the appropriate instruments for working with deposits? In terms of the convenience of their involvement, they, as we noted above, are quite positive. But we will also be interested in the content of the relevant deposit management functions.

So, the Internet bank from "Tinkoff" allows, first of all, to replenish deposits. At the same time, the increased amount of the deposit also becomes the base for calculating interest. Replenishment of deposits with online tools can be made at any time, starting from the 2nd day of deposit opening, but not later than a month before its closing.

Another notable function of the Internet bank is the management of the automatic prolongation of the relevant agreement. What is its specificity? By default, contributions from "Tinkoff" are renewed automatically - at the same rate that is set at the time of the termination of the deposit agreement. However, a person can, at his own discretion, disconnect it through online banking tools or through the call center of the institution.

Cumulative programs

It can be noted that Tinkoff also offers various savings programs to customers. For example, the owner of the card Tinkoff Black receives interest on the current balance on his account. In some cases, it is possible to use the Cashback option, in which a part of the money spent is returned to the card. Among other preferences for cardholders "Tinkoff" - discounts from the partners of the bank. The responses characterizing the accumulative programs from the brand are extremely positive.

Credits Reviews

The next aspect, in which we will study the leading activity under the brand "Tinkoff" bank, is credit card reviews. As we noted above, this financial product is among the key products that the institution in question is offering to the market. Registration of the relevant cards is carried out within the framework of the mechanism, which is generally similar to the one that characterizes the conclusion of the contract of the client and the bank "Tinkoff" for the opening of the deposit.

That is, first a person who needs a credit card fills out an online form in the relevant section of the institution's website. It is necessary to enter personal and passport data, as well as specify the telephone number for communication. After the loan application is analyzed by the scoring system of the bank and approved, the customer service specialist will contact the applicant and arrange a meeting with the courier who will give the person a loan agreement and a card.

"Tinkoff" is a bank (reviews about credit cards that are issued to them, confirm this), which offers its borrowers sufficiently competitive interest rates. At least, they are quite adequate to the requirements for the applicant in terms of his income, the level of credit and credit history indicators. Many other banks practice a more rigorous policy of assessing the solvency of borrowers.

Of course, there are testimonials about the dissatisfaction with the conditions offered by the credit bank "Tinkoff". So, many clients of the institution note that, firstly, the bank does not quite correctly reflect the actual amount of interest and overpayments in contracts. The nominal interest rate on loans may be small, but various surcharges will make the use of credit far from the most profitable. However, this approach, according to analysts, is a common practice in the banking market. Bank "Tinkoff" in this sense is not unique. In absolute terms, its rates, according to financial experts, even taking into account additional payments and commissions look quite competitive. Such conditions can offer, for example, not every bank in Moscow. "Tinkoff" (expert reviews confirm this) is pursuing a balanced policy regarding the formation of loan proposals.


The format in which the credit institution in question operates determines a number of the most important competitive advantages of the brand. Thus, Tinkoff, which does not have the costs of renting and maintaining offices, will by default be much more profitable than the organization that has the corresponding expenses. In many ways, due to low costs, it is possible to form quite adequate interest rates on Tinkoff bank loans. Clients' credit reviews also characterize the bank as very liberal in terms of assessing the borrower's solvency. This may indicate that the institution lays some risks in the structure of profitability, which is related to refusals in the return of loans.

The rates on deposits are also quite competitive. They are often higher than those offered by many leading banks in Russia. The "Tinkoff" brand does not incur expenses associated, for example, with periodic collection of funds from offices and ATMs, so that it can not pawn the corresponding costs in the overall structure of profitability.

So, we examined the most noteworthy facts that characterize the activities of such an institution as the bank "Tinkoff", customer references on loans. Our next task is to study the institution in terms of its role as an employer. The format of activities of the bank "Tinkoff" is unique in that this organization does not have offices. This predetermines the need for the institution to implement an unusual personnel policy aimed at finding specialists who are ready to conduct activities outside of corporate premises. How can a job at Tinkoff Bank look like? Feedback from the staff of the institution, which is also often found on thematic online portals, will help us to understand this.

Reviews about working in a bank

What do specialists with experience in working at Tinkoff Bank write? Much, of course, depends on the specifics of the positions occupied by the employees of the organization.

So, among the key positions in the bank are operators. Their task is to communicate with customers by phone and through other channels. Such work at Tinkoff Bank (employee feedback characterizes it as not the most difficult but responsible) can be related to helping clients to fill out applications for loans or deposits, appointing a meeting between them and couriers or, for example, resolving emerging issues.

The labor activity of telephone operators "Tinkoff" requires, on the one hand, the readiness for monotonous and in many ways routine work, on the other - the ability to sometimes solve non-standard questions that arise in clients. Another feature of the work in the organization in question is that it is not conducted in the office. As a rule, from home, through the Internet. The corresponding remote work at the bank "Tinkoff" (reviews of many institution employees confirm this) may seem unusual at first. But gradually, as noted by experienced specialists, it is getting used to such a regime of labor activity.

Comments on the work at Tinkoff, a bank that does not have offices, indicate that many employees lack the typical corporate format of communication with colleagues. Some are used to effective work related to communication with customers, only in an office environment. Many also do not have enough corporate parties in Russia. Due to the unusual format of the organization of work activities, "Tinkoff" is a bank (employee feedback indicates this), which is often viewed by financial professionals as a temporary place of work. Although many admit that they are getting used to the appropriate format of activity, and then difficultly re-adapt to standard office conditions.

Another popular position at Tinkoff Bank is an expert in debt collection and loan restructuring. The main task of a person in this position is to assist clients in solving problems related to the timely repayment of loans on schedule. It happens that a person took a loan and did not calculate their financial capabilities, as a result of which delinquencies begin to arise. Comments on the work in Tinkoff, a bank for which the issuance of loans is one of the main activities, indicate that only those people who have, above all, the necessary psychological readiness to communicate with clients on issues delinquencies.

The structure of the staff of the bank "Tinkoff" provides for the positions of managers. Among them - heads of groups of specialists of a particular profile. Their task is to coordinate the activity of employees in the relevant positions, help them to ensure the proper quality of customer support, and advise on the necessary issues. "Tinkoff" is a bank (employee feedback characterizes this opportunity in a very positive way), aimed at forming a corporate culture, based on the employee's responsible attitude to the matter. It can be noted that the structure of the brand staff provides for a separate management category of managers responsible for the quality of the services provided by the institution to citizens.

Reviews of the salary

"Tinkoff" is a bank (whose employees' reviews generally confirm this), which offers a very competitive salary to specialists. This is possible, according to analysts, largely due to the lack of costs of the institution for the maintenance of offices and related infrastructure. The salary in the bank "Tinkoff", as well as in many other financial organizations, can consist of a salary, a bonus and other additional payments. But in absolute terms, labor compensation, as the employees of the institution say, is quite competitive for the banking market.