Saturated, bright, fashionable red hair color always attracts attention. Virtually every girl at least once in their life thought about how to dye it. Shades of red are very diverse. Under each type of appearance, you can pick up two or three copper tones. If you decide to change, first you need to take into account all the individual characteristics. And then decide on the choice of a suitable shade.

Shades of red for dyed hair

Color features

Copper tone has its advantages:

  • It is able to reflect light well, therefore it shines brilliantly.
  • Shades of red hair colors are multifaceted, and their different nuances are fashionable in each season.
  • They make the appearance bright, emphasize the color of the eyes, effectively set off the skin.
  • In order to become a redhead, does not require drastic costs and lengthy procedures for lightening hair.
  • Henna is the most famous paint of plant origin, with which it is easy to get a copper tone. It does not damage the hair and keeps well.
  • Under any shades of red you can choose several makeup options. Different tones of eyeliner, eye shadow and lipstick perfectly harmonize with this nuance.

All girls choosing redhead immediately become special. Psychologists say that this color is characterized as “alive”. It symbolizes openness, energy, creativity, temperament. It draws attention to itself, as it has intertwined three basic shades: yellow, red and blue. Connecting, these colors are in harmony with the Slavic appearance, combined with skin and hair.

The main shades of red hair colors

There are a lot of them, and everything is impossible to list. Professionals conventionally divide the tones of this range into warm and cold. Shades of the first group are characterized by yellowish, amber or golden hue. They are soft, delicate and discreet. It can be golden-copper, beige-copper, honey, wheat and so on. This range is to face girls with peach or fair skin, natural blondes, as well as owners of light blond hair. The cool shades of red are blue in their base and are perfect for young ladies with a pink skin tone.

There is a whole range of artificial red shades with admixtures of red, brown and purple. They can be to your face, but more often they look unnatural. Especially they should be avoided by the ladies after 35 years, as they can age a lot. They are better to give preference to natural shades of copper.

Popular dyes

A variety of shades of red can be found in the palettes of all modern cosmetic brands. Mass market products and professional products provide a choice of resistant and toning dyes. If your hair does not have gray hair or its percentage is small, it is better to use a non-ammonia product. In this case, you have the opportunity to try different nuances without harm to the hair. Leaders in the production of tinting agents are Loreal, CHI, Redken, Goldwell. All shades of red from these brands not only look natural, but also retain their brilliance and rich tone well.

How to choose your shade?

The ideal eye color for copper and red tones is green. This is the only nuance with which they shine and look bright. In order to determine which shade is right for you, use the simple rule that professionals are guided by. If you have dark hair by nature, you can safely paint in tones with a red, purple tint. For example, ripe plum, mahogany, dark brown copper. Natural shades of red - classic copper, bright red - will suit girls with light brown hair. A golden, amber, peach nuances will be to face light-blond and blond young ladies.

The lighter the skin, the more transparent and natural tone should be. If the skin is dark, olive, then appropriate, intense, dark shades.

Red hair: photos, shades, who is

The right shade can work wonders. You will not only look attractive, but also feel confident. If you want to look natural, but at the same time interesting, give preference to light and natural copper nuances with a golden sheen. They are very refreshing face, emphasize the blush, give the image warmth and femininity. If you want to look original, this is your right, the benefit is there is a different red hair color. Photos, shades, who is and how to choose the right tone, we discussed in the article. Separately worth mentioning makeup. You will have to choose the color under the shade of hair, first of all, it concerns lipstick. Do not forget about the accessories and the overall style.

Almost all shades of red hair (photo we have presented) are washed out very quickly. The mistake of most women is that only two or three weeks after staining, they recall the need to refresh the tone. And think about the new procedure. But the secret of a good shade lies not in regular coloring, but in proper care. Most cosmetic companies produce auxiliary products for delicate shades. It is not only shampoos, but also balms, conditioners, masks and mousses. Shades of red hair (photos and reviews confirm this) with the right care do not lose their saturation one or two months.

The palette of red nuances is very wide. Once you have decided on the tone, you should choose the style of staining. Today, not only monophonic curls are popular, but also streaked. It is worth noting that shatush and armoring also look great with this shade. So go ahead!