Today, tattoo is becoming an increasingly popular and accessible attribute, which is applied to the body of both men and women. Earlier this was a sign of a certain belonging of a person:

But now it is a real art of painting on the body. The tattoo reflects the inner world of its master, conveys its beliefs and allows itself to express itself.

Tattoos for men on the leg

Men usually paint on the body for their own satisfaction, and not for everyone to see. Because tattoos for men on the leg are less popular than on other parts of the body.Features of tattoo for men on the leg

Ornament on the leg is of different sizes. A small pattern can be placed on the thigh or lower leg, and there is a whole picture that covers the entire leg.

How the drawing is applied

Tattoo is a groove applied to the skin and filled with a special dye.

Longevity draws the depth of the introduction of paint into the layer of skin that is under the epidermis (in the dermis). Cells of this layer are very stable, due to which the image is saved.

More recently, tattoos for men on the leg and other parts of the body have been punctured manually. But now most of the salons have special equipment.

The tattoo machine is a small electrical device that includes:

  • a tube with a coloring substance;
  • needle;
  • foot switch.

When the device starts up, the needle simultaneously pierces the skin and injects the dye into three millimeters.

The right depth is very important. After all, the ornament of the tattoo will turn out to be asymmetrical, if it is insufficient, and if you exceed the required limit, bleeding may begin, and the client will be hurt.

The time of the tattooing procedure for men on the leg depends on the size of the pattern and its complexity.

Selecting a picture

Men and women have different approaches to the question of decorating their bodies.   After all, if for a woman the figure on the leg is something mysterious and erotic, then the tattoos on the leg for men are patterns that emphasize masculinity. As a rule, they are impressive in size. Ornamentation on the body of the stronger sex is most often the image of weapons, crosses, as well as thematic and Celtic patterns.

In addition to drawings and patterns used as a tattoo on the leg for men's inscriptions. Most often these are philosophical utterances in other languages ​​that convey an attitude toward the life of one's master or his beliefs.

Care of a tattoo

Before you experiment with your body, you need to gain some knowledge in this area. For example, it is important to know the basic rules of care.

Men wishing to prick the pattern on the leg, arm or chest, you first need to undergo a medical examination and immunizations. After the tattoo is first of all an open wound. Proper care will ensure the safety of health of its owner:

  • If redness, pain or swelling occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • Handle peroxide or iodine pattern is not recommended, you need to use only antibacterial soap to cleanse.
  • You can not touch the tattoo and rip off the crust.
  • Dry it with a towel. Do not grind.
  • Even after the final healing, the tattoo must be protected from direct sunlight.

After the application, the salon personnel are obliged to give the necessary recommendations for the care and treatment of the tattoo with a special ointment until it is completely healed.

Before you decorate your body with a durable design, you need to think about whether you are ready for this. For those who are not sure, but who want to experiment, there is a variant of a temporary image on the body.