Electrical equipment, without which no house or enterprise can do without, uses for its work electrical energy of various voltages. And in some cases it reaches a level that is mortally dangerous for human life. In view of this, there are increased requirements for the installation and operation of similar products. For safety, a separating transformer is used. It is installed both in private houses and in enterprises.


The isolating transformer is structurally a device in which metal bands or wires are wound around a ferromagnet - a material that spontaneously generates a magnetic field when a certain temperature is reached. Such windings form coils. Typically, the device has one or two such bobbins, the cores of which are wound in several layers by wire.

The main protection of the house from fire and electric shock is a separating transformerThe structural feature of the separation transformer is the separation of the primary windings from the secondary circuits through a powerful insulation layer, sometimes in combination with a protective shield. The device presented practically does not differ from its standard colleague and serves to lower or increase the voltage and other transformations.

Distinctive features

The main goal of the operation of any transformer is to separate the consumer and the source of the electrical network. As a consumer, the devices themselves are the people themselves. Such measures are carried out to solve one task - to increase the level of safety when working with electrical equipment.

A distinctive feature of the separating transformer is the absence of an electrical connection with the earth, and hence with a voltage source. This achieves an exceptional advantage of this device - in the event of a breakdown in the network, the current does not increase, and the touch of a person to the damaged element does not threaten - the potential difference between the point of contact to the circuit break and the ground will be minimal and not dangerous for life.

Scope of application

The separating transformer is widely used due to the fact that it is an accessible device with a simple device that does not require special skills for operation and installation. It is used wherever there are increased safety requirements when working with electrical equipment.

Specialists recommend mounting the devices in rooms with high humidity, in particular in bathrooms. So, in the event of a break in the electrical circuit or damage to the insulation, the current will remain at a level safe for man due to the fact that there will not be a large potential difference.

The presented voltage transformer is used both in manufacturing plants, as well as in more complex technical devices, for example, galvanic interchanges. Such systems transmit the signal without directly touching the working parts with each other, which further increases the level of safety when working with high voltage devices.

Basic views

In the market of electrical equipment there is a large number of presented devices, which differ from each other for a number of features. However, in practice, you usually have to deal with only two of them, designed to convert an electrical circuit with a voltage of 220 and 380 volts.

The separating transformer 220/220 is used mainly in private houses, apartments and suburban areas, since the voltage presented is standard for Russian power lines. Such devices are also used in small economic organizations, whose equipment does not require a large potential difference.

For work with networks of higher voltage, a transformer separating 380/380 is used. The main sphere of its application is industrial enterprises, shops specializing in metal processing with electricity, as well as medical facilities. Equipment in the organizations represented consumes high-voltage current, which means additional security measures are required.

Security measures

Despite the fact that devices are additional means of protecting a person from high voltage, they themselves require increased attention when handling them. So, it is not allowed to touch metal windings - the voltage on the coils is life-threatening.

Also, do not touch the nodes that make up the voltage transformer, and at the same time stand on the floor or touch an object that is somehow connected to the ground. In view of such features, the installation of the presented electric power converters can be carried out only by specially trained specialists.

The equipment for interpretation of electricity presented on the market is located in a large price range. The cost varies from one to 10 thousand rubles. The main factors affecting the price are the manufacturer's brand, the admissible input voltage, the degree of security and the presence of insulation control.

An average citizen can find a separating transformer for his home, the price of which will be within two thousand rubles. Such a device will meet all the requirements for use in a private home. However, the cost of the device for industrial enterprises will grow, starting with a higher mark - about 10 thousand rubles.