Such a solemn event as a wedding is always associated with a lot of troubles concerning the preparation and resolution of various organizational issues. In particular, much attention is paid to the entertainment program, which is considered an indispensable part of any celebration. About what are the original contests for the purchase of the bride, we will discuss in this article.

Original contests for the bride price

Serenade favorite under the "crockery accompaniment"

The task of each contest is to create a positive infusion for all those present. Therefore, you can start cheering up guests, acquaintances, neighbors and just passersby with an unusual serenade of the groom-troubadour. For this fit any available parts of the dishes.

For example, you can flip a large saucepan and use it as a drum. Two lids can serve as cymbals, containers with spices, cereals, salt or sugar will remind you of the muffled sound of maracas. And if under such a melody something like Elvis Presley's “Only you” is sung, the result will surpass all expectations.

It is good if such serenades will be performed not only by the groom, but also by an honorary witness, brother, best friend or neighbor. And, of course, in the role of the most strict jury, evaluating an unusual bride price, will be the parents of your chosen one. As a bonus - a kiss favorite.

Cherished promises from the groom

A wonderful competition is held before the entrance or on the way to the apartment of the bride. He is to test the groom for accuracy, as well as the ability to fulfill the promises made to his future spouse. To do this, you will need a homemade or ready-made "darts", on which you need to attach pictures or words of promises. For example, here you can glue the image of a car, country house, mink coat, yacht, bag of dollars, etc.

Before the start of such a competition, the groom must take a dart in his hand, say the phrase: “After a year of living together I promise to buy my wife ...” and throw it. The rest of the guests, parents and the bride herself will only have to watch the final destination of the dart. In our opinion, this is an interesting bride price. This way to express yourself will set the tone for the whole wedding celebration and give you a wonderful mood.

Clothes for the future baby

Every bride should know that in case of her absence, the future husband will cope with household chores. In particular, he should have time to dress their child for a walk, choosing the right things for him. For this purpose, it is necessary to take a large puppet doll, strip it to panties or diapers, blindfold the groom, move the container (this could be a bowl or box) with things and turn on the stopwatch.

At this time, the groom should dress the baby as quickly as possible. Complicate the task can be planted in a container with things off-season or large-sized wardrobe parts. For example, a women's bra, motorcycle helmet, etc. Here is such a modern bride price to determine the actions of the groom in extreme situations.

Acumen Test

Each competition is a kind of ingenuity test. A striking example is the competition for the groom with a chamomile or just a paper flower and tear-off petals. At the same time, on each of them, as a rule, they write any words, for example, “chandelier”, “chair”, “television”, etc. When tearing off each of the petals, the groom will have to be smart and tell what he plans to do.

For example, for the word "chandelier" - "I undertake to repair the chandelier when it fails." For the “chair” - “I promise to always give her a chair if she gets tired” and “I swear to quieter the TV when she wants to rest,” etc. As you can see, this option of such a competition as the bride’s wedding redemption will allow two lovers more learn about each other and prepare them for their future marriage.

Fun riding on the way to the bride

Another fun contest for the bride’s “hand and heart” is based on a fun event - skating. To do this, fit the usual children's bicycle (two or three-wheeled).

Next, the path that the groom will have to ride a bicycle is measured, for example, if the future spouse lives at the end of the house, then it is better to take the road from its beginning to the very entrance. Along it, you can arrange bowling pins (even for children), basins with water, chairs, etc., with a “zigzag” or “herringbone”. These are only approximate original contests for bride price. You can use them or add your own elements.

During the start of the competition, the groom will be offered transport and will note the time during which he will be able to overcome all the obstacles that have been set. At the end of the way you can tie a ribbon with the words "finish".

An honorary witness, a best man, and the groom's friends may well follow the same route. And after that, it will only remain to compare whose travel time was better. By analogy, you can come up with other original contests for the purchase of the bride.

Beautiful words and phrases for the bride: part one

It’s not for nothing that they say that "a woman loves with her ears." Therefore, one of the entertaining and enjoyable contests is considered the verbal contest of the groom. The essence boils down to the following - the future spouse should call affectionate words to his beloved.

In this case, there are several options for such contests. For example, the bride's ransom in the style of "Romeo and Juliet". The action is supposed to be from the play. The bride traditionally meets her fiance on the balcony, around hanging festive posters and flowers.

The betrothed comes up to the balcony, takes a paper flower with petals and, tearing off each of them, says a compliment to his chosen one. For example: "You are the most beautiful girl, the most affectionate and kind." Optionally, you can also diversify these original contests for the bride, by adding new details.

At the end of the competition in excellent manners, the bride showered her betrothed with rose petals or red paper hearts.

Beautiful words and phrases for the bride: part two

As an option, the bride stops before the stairs leading to the apartment of his beloved. He then takes a step and says a compliment to his future wife, then another (and so to the door of the bride). To create the appropriate festive decor on the walls in the hallway you can hang posters on the bride.

Also perfectly proved to be a trick with an apple and matches. The bridegroom is given an apple, studded like a hedgehog with needles, with matches, and then offered to take them out one by one and at the same time to say a compliment to his beloved.

"Gulchatay! Show your face"

The second variant of the competition is the questions for bride price. For example, going to the house of his bride, the groom sees six or seven ladies wearing a veil and items of clothing belonging to the future spouse (this could be a skirt, blouse, hat, boots). In this case, one of the ladies and will be his real bride.

Next, the bride's girlfriend or her parents begin to ask leading questions. For example: “Does your bride have blue or brown eyes?”, “Is she blond or brunette?” “Does she have long or short hair?”

Then the groom tells in colors how sweet and beloved his bride is. And after that he is invited to choose from the presented girls, among which may be disguised men, his beloved. The result will be a fun and fun event. And do not forget to make themed posters for the bride price. They will help create the appropriate atmosphere and support the theme of the wedding.

Collect the details of the “verbal mosaic”

In this competition, the groom is invited to pull out of the hat notes on which are written a variety of words. For example: "flower", "wine", "chocolate". Having stretched them, the groom should quickly make a portrait of his bride with their help. “My Veronica is the most charming flower I have ever seen. She struck me with her sophistication and refinement, captivated me like a sweet wine. My sun is the best chocolate for me, which I will never give to anyone. ”

What questions can be asked to buy a bride?

During the buyout, the groom can not only participate in contests, but also answer amusing questions. Examples of comic questions for the groom: “How do you call your beloved after the wedding?”, “How will you call her if she breaks your laptop?”, “How will you call her after she forbids you to drink beer every day?” “What will you call her when she turns off the football and watches the show?”

Also, a bride buyout scenario may include such standard questions in the “are you ready” style:

  • pay your wife regularly;
  • buy her fur coats, cars and diamonds;
  • carry on hand when the elevator is not working (even on the 99th floor);
  • praise her cooking, even when it is impossible to eat;
  • do the dishes, do the laundry, walk the dog, and watch the children if she leaves to chat with her friends.

"The keys to the apartment, where the money is"

An interesting option is to buy a bride with keys. So, they take three banks (you can take two-or three-liter), put keys on their bottom, one of which will be from the apartment of the bride. The main thing is that everyone can take part in such a competition.

Each participant must select a can and drink water, and then try to open the door with a key that has fallen out. In this case, the first must choose the groom.

However, if he does not succeed in guessing the necessary key, a fine should be invented for him. Therefore, do not forget to make an approximate scenario for the bride price in advance and prepare a set of additional mini-contests for “penalty box”.

An alternative to this competition with the key will be the game with balls. To do this, they first put notes with different words, and then inflate. In the notes, indicate the word "key", which will mean the opening of the door of your bride.

On the other scraps of paperwork, words indicating the objects that the groom should present in case of failure will be indicated. For example: “champagne”, “one hundred kisses to the bridesmaid”, “2000 rubles”, etc. We will discuss further which modern bride price to choose.

Option 1 scenario for the bride price

The original competition and at the same time a way to entertain guests is to play a role-playing game. For example, one of the bride's girlfriends or her relatives, meeting the groom, informs him that he needs to temporarily become an actor of a deaf-and-dumb movie.

For this, the groom, firstly, tells his story of meeting with his beloved, without using words, and secondly, accompanies all his “dumb pas” with gestures. By the way, this scenario of the bride price is full of delight among guests and passersby. Everything looks very funny.

Option 2 Scenario for a bride price

Unusually occurs and the bride ransom using a variety of children's toys. The scenario of such an event boils down to the following: the bridegroom arrives by car to the bride's house, goes out, walks up to the porch and sees tied children's toys hanging on the ropes under the ceiling. It can be Barbie dolls, teddy bears, cheburashki and other cute cartoon characters.

One of the relatives or a neighbor tells the groom that he needs to first find and then cut with scissors exactly the toy that his bride looks like. However, he must complete the task with his eyes closed. And only after the bridegroom passes this test, the bride itself is paid. The youth team, as a rule, perceives such a scene with a bang.

Option 3 Scenario for Foreclosure

If there is a desire, then, in addition to a simple contest, you can come up with a whole scenario for the purchase of your bride. For example, in the morning a letter arrives to the groom stating that the bride is abducted by gangsters, and in order to release her he needs to take his assistants with him and arrive at the specified place (at the address where the bride lives).

Further, an unusual bride price will be associated with a number of tests that the groom will need to pass before her release. For example, he and an honorary witness will be asked to follow the chalk marks (on asphalt before approaching the house and on the steps in the stairwell) tracks.

In this case, the future spouse is obliged to step strictly on the tracks, which will necessarily be very intricate. And in some cases, an honorary witness will need to lift the groom and move him from place to place.

And, of course, such an interesting ransom of the bride in the style of "gangster attack" will be accompanied by toy weapons, suitcases with money and other themed trifles.

In short, for wedding competitions should be carefully prepared. So, your guests and relatives will receive a wonderful positive charge and keep it throughout the wedding celebration.