This charming little and cheerful dog as if created for life in a city apartment. An unusually affectionate, playful and sociable animal with a cute muzzle will not leave anyone indifferent. Petersburg orchid is in great need in the love and care of man.

From the history of the breed

In 1997, the famous St. Petersburg breeder Nina Nasibova conceived to replenish the collection of domestic breeds of dogs with a completely new decorative animals. Breed Petersburg orchid was developed over three years. As a result, dozens of animals were obtained, from which several individuals suitable for breeding were selected.

Several breeds of small decorative dogs were involved in the selection, but Nina Nasibova still does not disclose their list. According to the breeder, the St. Petersburg orchid is a breed of dog that got its name rather quickly. According to Nina, in the year of the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg the dog could not be named otherwise. These are unusually fragile and gentle creatures that can be compared to exquisite orchid. Pretty soon the name stuck. This is how the Petersburg orchid appeared, the photo of which you can see in our article.Petersburg orchid: description of the breed, features, photo

In order for the new breed to become better with each generation, the strictest culling and selection of breeding animals, a serious analysis of the quality of the puppies obtained is necessary. A breed can only be considered valid if it does not even resemble any of the currently existing varieties in the world in terms of its colors, conditions of detention and care, parameters, external features. She certainly must surpass similar breeds in all respects. And I must say that Nina Nasibova was able to create just such an animal.

External features

The Petersburg orchid has already taken place as a new unique breed, bred in accordance with the law on breeding achievements. And this is recognized by many experts in the field of cynology.

The tiny tender miracle born on the banks of the Neva delights and surprises at the same time. I want to believe that the Petersburg orchid will take a leading position among the many decorative species of the world. But while the dog is still not very common even in our country.

Petersburg orchid is a compactly folded dog, dry and light, highly carrying its beautiful head on a delicate elegant neck. Height at withers is from 17 to 30 cm, and the minimum limit is not limited. Weight - no more than three kilograms. An animal of a slightly stretched format should not be unnecessarily thin bone.

The muzzle is one third of the length of the head, slightly pointed to the nose. Paws are small, oval. Movement balanced, smooth, fairly confident.

Petersburg orchid has a rather hard wool. Dogs with whom they walk for a long time in winter can have a rather thick undercoat. Color can be any, the exception is only white. Ginger colors, as a rule, have different shades - wheat, cream, cognac. Tiger - from fiery to gray, black and tan with contrasting light cream or red color.

One of the advantages of this breed is the complete absence of a specific smell, as well as seasonal molting. The special charm of this baby gives a haircut. To keep your beauty always in great shape, you should cut your dog at least once a month and a half. Daily combing is not required. Enough little baby to bathe with a special shampoo with the action of "antikoltun", then process the balm-rinse, and your pet will look decent for two weeks.

Unlike many ornamental breeds, the Petersburg orchid has a pleasant, kind and light character. She is very clever and smart, and she is not intrusive at all. Such a little girl can win the heart with one look of her intelligent beads-eyes.

This charming dog is always in the spotlight, it is impossible not to notice. She loves the whole world, and he reciprocates her. Infinitely charming and playful dog will be a great companion and loyal friend to all members of your family.

This animal has truly aristocratic manners. It never gets under your feet. If you need a little friend, endowed with a huge loving heart, then, undoubtedly, this breed will suit you.

Upbringing and training

Petersburg orchid suitable for beginners in dog breeding. She does not require special training, because the animal is very savvy by nature. It is capable of a half-word to understand what the owner requires of it, and readily fulfills its requests.

Maintenance and care

Caring for this dog is not a big deal and comes down to general hygienic requirements. One of the advantages of this dog is its ability to meet their physiological needs at home, in a specially designated place. This is very important for older owners who can not always take their darling to the street.

Particular attention should be paid to the care of teeth, since they are a vulnerable point of all dogs of dwarf breeds. They are regularly cleaned with special paste for dogs.

The pledge of the health of this baby is a balanced and proper diet. When breeding this breed, one of the criteria was the possibility of feeding the animal with ready-made dry food. Using it, you will not need to think about the balance of the diet, because the manufacturer has already taken care of this.