The focus of this article is the most popular vitamins for women Opti-Women, reviews of which in the media are both positive and negative. It is necessary to figure out what the problem is, why the vitamin-mineral complex has so many contradictory assessments.

Opti-Women: expert reviews

Niche sports nutrition

The negative comes from people who consider all sellers of sports nutrition to be charlatans, because vitamins for women are produced by one of the best manufacturers of Optimum Nutrition. Opti-Women reviews in the media are called none other than placebo. After all, it’s not for nothing that these world-famous vitamins are absent in pharmacies of our country.

If you read the full description of women's vitamins on the official website of the manufacturer, then it turns out that the complex is designed for people leading an active lifestyle. The composition includes vitamins and minerals in a certain proportion, which is calculated by the leading research institutes in the world. And if you take one dragee from any batch for analysis, it turns out that its composition corresponds to an international quality certificate.

Smoke without fire

Pharmaceutical preparations are the same goods, as well as foodstuffs that promote the bigwigs of business in order to earn money on sales. Naturally, in the list of products there are many vitamins that the manufacturer manufactures and wants to sell to the final consumer. Only here the composition and percentage of elements is not standardized by the world standard, but by the quality certificate of the state in which the products are sold. This can be seen by purchasing well-known vitamins, for example, in pharmacies in Germany and Russia.

Products that are represented on the world market of sports nutrition do not need additional advertising and promotion of products in pharmacies of all countries. Quality products always sell themselves, as Opti-Women vitamins "did" a decade ago. Reviews of doctors who have encountered in working with this product are only positive.

Lovers talk about fairy tales

And is it possible, the reader will ask, that the same vitamins act on one person and ignore another altogether, as they often write about in reviews? Any person will be able to answer this question independently if he imagines two people:

  1. Mental or physical exertion at work, not enough time to sleep, food semi-finished products and fatty foods. Perhaps fast food, alcohol and smoking complete the picture.
  2. Mental or physical stress at work, but a full 6-8 hours of sleep and a healthy diet, which includes vegetables, fruits and berries. No convenience foods, fatty foods and fast food.

In this case, the effect of vitamins will be noticed by the first person, who has a real avitaminosis. The delivery of the necessary microelements to the body will immediately reflect on the general condition in a positive direction. But for a person who leads a healthy lifestyle and eats products with a high content of vitamins, taking Opti-Women, reviews of which guarantee results, will not give anything. After all, in a healthy body just enough, extra vitamins will simply be derived naturally. And even harm.

Vitamin composition of this complex?

A standard set of vitamins (A, C, D, E, K and the whole B-group) is unlikely to surprise anyone. Naturally, horsepower dosages are used by the manufacturer, which are focused on the average weight of a female athlete (approximately 60 kilograms). No tricks with surplus should be expected, except with vitamin C, which can cause allergies in the form of a rash on the body in a small percentage of people in the first days of taking.

But calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, chromium and selenium fit perfectly into the complex Optimum Opti-Women. The female reviews are unanimous - the elasticity of the skin has improved, and it has become much easier to endure “women's days”. Buyers have many questions for the phrase: “Other useful minerals”, which is not decrypted anywhere, but, apparently, the manufacturer did not want to share the company's production technology with competitors (this is quite normal for all manufacturers of sports nutrition).

Contradictions regarding some additives

Many people will be interested in negative feedback from doctors Opti-Women. Contraindications concern some of the additives available in the complex:

  1. Medicinal (Dong Quai). An indispensable component that is used in all medicines designed to treat women's diseases. In folk medicine in general, medicine is number one. But many doctors claim that it very much increases the sensitivity of the skin to sunburn, and because of it, cannabis can appear on the body.
  2. Vitex Sacred (Chasteberry). The drug prevents diseases of the mammary glands, but its overdose can cause nausea, headache and weight gain.
  3. Garcinia Extract. The drug is positioned as a fat burner, which increases metabolism. Side effects are embarrassing: an allergic rash and a strange reaction in the form of nasal congestion.

Pleasant components in the complex

If you make a list of all the problems that many buyers would like to get rid of, then the list of drugs that are undesirable to purchase will be great. Many will be interested to know that the manufacturer of the vitamin complex took into account the wishes of potential buyers and added many interesting biologically active additives to their Opti-Women product. Experts say that the presence of the following components will significantly improve the health of the female sex:

  1. Lutein. Reduces the risk of retinal degeneration and helps prevent the development of cataracts.
  2. Lycopene. Normalizes the exchange of cholesterol in the body and protects the skin from aging.
  3. Ostivone. It nourishes the bone tissue. A very useful supplement for those who want to lose weight on a treadmill. After all, this training is very depleting unprepared knee joints.
  4. Zeaxanthin. Another component for the retina. There are many scientific papers confirming the neutralization of free radicals in such an important human organ.
  5. Alpha carotene. An antioxidant that can stimulate the cells of the body to proper division.

Recommendations for use

A very large influence on buyers have left by some people regarding the reception Opti-Women reviews. How to take the complex, described directly on the packaging to the product, on the official website of the manufacturer. And there’s no need to look for what methods are offered by those who are based allegedly on personal experience. Everything is simple and transparent.

Per day you need to take two capsules. Reception can be divided into two times, but it is necessary to use only with meals. The fact is that many vitamins and components in the complex are liposoluble. That is, without combining with fats from food, vitamins will not enter the body.

It is forbidden to break the capsules, as recommended by some “experts” in the media. The containers are small and easily swallowed even without water. Some medical sources recommend mineral complexes and bioactive additives to use on an empty stomach. All these tips should be ignored by the buyer when using Opti-Women. Reviews in this case have a low priority compared with the recommendations of the manufacturer.

Target audience of the vitamin complex

There is one more thing that everyone needs to pay attention to before buying Opti-Women (vitamins). Reviews in the media from some women sometimes just do not follow logic. The name of the complex does not just hint, but positions vitamins as a product for the female sex. If Opti-Women has improved their well-being, made the skin more elastic and relieved of the symptoms of some diseases, this does not mean that it will be useful for men and children. For the male population, Optimum Nutrition has released the Opti-Men product, and it is generally forbidden for the child to take vitamins to the child, even the packaging itself says this.

As you know, the male body from the female system is different hormones. So, the vitamin and mineral complex has components that modulate the female reproductive system, and most dietary supplements are designed to support the hormonal female foundation. What is worth Dagil medicinal, which are composed of vitamins Opti-Women. Reviews of doctors claim that he is able to "put on the shoulder blades" the male hormone testosterone, with all the ensuing consequences.

Positive feedback from potential buyers

Once we are talking about the benefits that Opti-Women have vitamins, customer reviews will be of interest to people who are interested in this product:

  1. There is a strengthening of hair and improving their natural shine.
  2. Nails no longer exfoliate, their growth rate increases.
  3. Improves recovery of the body during sleep.
  4. Dryness of the skin disappears, and the color becomes pink.
  5. Training in the gym are more energetic.
  6. The use of vitamins in the autumn and spring strengthened the immune system, avoiding catarrhal diseases.
  7. Critical days were more easily tolerated during the reception period.

Quite acceptable reviews for Opti-Women vitamins. The manufacturer of Optimum Nutrition did not even think to deceive its customers by declaring a product on the international market. However, this is almost a standard list of positive reviews inherent in many high-quality vitamin-mineral complexes, which are abundant in Russian pharmacies. The main thing - to find your own, to continue to decide on the choice of the manufacturer when buying.

Disadvantages of Female Vitamins from Optimum Nutrition

It is clear that Opti-Women vitamins reviews are also negative. There is no getting away from this, given that the manufacturer himself has listed biologically active substances in the list of components that are not suitable for all people.

  1. An allergic reaction of the body in the form of redness on the face and a small rash all over the body. It is clear that taking vitamins in such cases is required to stop immediately.
  2. Often, women celebrate a small weight gain. This is due to the property of vitamins to speed up the metabolism. Everything is simple: instead of filling a hungry stomach with food that came to hand, you need to support the body with healthy food - vegetables, fruits, meat, dairy products, nuts and legumes.
  3. Significant deterioration of mental and physical condition while taking a small amount of alcohol. Poisoning of the whole body when combining vitamins with alcohol is stipulated by the manufacturer on the official website, because the complex contains a lot of components that are capable of creating toxic compounds in reactions with alcohol.

Reviews of medical professionals about sports nutrition

Many readers are always interested to know what medical workers think about vitamins. The media has written a lot about vitamins Opti-Women. Reviews of doctors in most cases are rather vague and more similar to reviews with complete reorientation to another drug.

Attention should be given to recommendations about the separate intake of the components of the complex: vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements. The logic in this is in cases where one or more components cause an allergic reaction. Also, some doctors believe that the manufacturer does not have the right to “put” on the market a product containing hormonal components on the same shelf with vitamins.

There are positive reviews of medical professionals. According to the doctors, the main advantage of Opti-Women vitamins should be considered high doses of water-soluble vitamins and alpha-tocopherol, as well as powerful antioxidant properties, allowing to increase physical endurance.

Recommendations before buying

All promoted products of famous brands are fake. In the world of sports nutrition, this is the norm, because the cost of chemical analysis is several times higher than the cost of the purchase itself, so everything is based on trust in the seller. This is very often used by many charlatans.

You should not buy sports products in natural markets at a very attractive price, you can often run into a fake. Recently, many online auctions offer to buy goods for a penny, explaining to such curious buyers such a democratic pricing policy as work directly from the manufacturer, especially when it comes to Opti-Women (vitamins). Reviews with photos confirming the quality of the product, in such online stores are often purely customized.

For this reason, you need to purchase vitamins only in specialized stores or on trusted sites that have the appropriate license and registration with government agencies. All products for sports nutrition must contain the date of manufacture and deadline. All products have additional protective packaging, excluding accidental opening.


Naturally, before buying, it will not hurt to find out from your doctor if any of the components in the preparation will cause an allergic reaction. The acquisition should be carried out only in a specialized store, and be sure to look at the date of manufacture of vitamins Opti-Women. Reviews of experts say: with the right approach to the acquisition and administration of the drug, there will definitely be no harm from it.