The heart, without a doubt, is one of the most important organs in the human body. This will be agreed not only by biologists, physicians and anthropologists, but also by all poets and writers of the world. Even in folklore, this remarkable muscle is often mentioned - remember, for example, the expression that the heart can not be ordered. And the work is not to the heart - it is quite ordinary phenomenon in our life.

Determine from which direction the heart is located

Oddly enough, even for an adult, sometimes the definition of the location of this vital organ seems to be a rather complex task, not to mention the younger generation.

Where does the soul live?

Most often, problems with the identification of the heart in the human body arise in those people who, in principle, confuse the right and left sides. In most cases, this is due to a banal lack of education.

Nevertheless, the ability to determine which side of the heart is important is important, since health very often depends on it, and sometimes - the life of a person.

Why is it important to know?

By and large, almost no one thinks about this, but this issue is actually quite relevant. First of all, knowledge of which side of the heart, in most cases allows you to exclude the possibility of certain diseases. For example, in the case of painful sensations on the right, you do not have to worry about pre-infarction or just a heart attack.

If it hurts on the left

There are, however, pitfalls in this matter. For example, almost every adult knows from which side the heart is located, and at the slightest discomfort that has arisen on the left, begins to panic and run to the cardiology department of the nearest clinic. Of course, in such things to be safe - it is not superfluous, but it should be borne in mind that the cause of pain can be an elementary muscle spasm or any other problem not connected with the main body of the human body.

Not so simple

Another important aspect is that the heart may not necessarily be on the left side. Discomfort can be felt in the neck and even the left arm, but the source of pain in this case is still clearly felt.

Returning to the problem

As it was said earlier, for many, the question of determining the side with which the heart muscle is located remains relevant. In this article, there are several ways to learn how to determine which side of the heart.

Of course, this knowledge should be taught from childhood. In the case of a child, the arguments should be as clear as possible. For example, you can explain from which side the heart is, drawing attention to the working hand of the child. If a person writes with his right hand, the muscle responsible for the blood supply is on the reverse side.

In the case of adults, you can apply other arguments. For example, in order to determine from which side the heart is located, one can recall a gesture in the performance of the national anthem or any other action that would be associated with this body.

Finally, the easiest way to determine where the source of life is is to simply listen. Left beating will be more distinct.

The strange arrangement of the human body

We all used to think that the heart muscle is located just to the left, but in the history of medicine there are a number of cases in which this belief was the source of the problem.

Absolute, it would seem, knowledge of which side of the person's heart is located, can play a cruel joke in certain situations. In a scientific environment, a phenomenon such as the transposition of organs has already been officially recorded.

The fact is that in this case the entire human body is reproduced, so to speak, in a mirror image. In this situation, the appendix, which we used to find on the right, will be located from a completely different angle. The same goes for the heart.

There is also a phenomenon such as dextrocardia - a situation where the remaining internal organs can be located both in a mirror and correctly. And the heart in this case has the wrong position, which further complicates the medical diagnosis. Nevertheless, this is not a rule, but an anomaly that is extremely rare.

Reasons for caution

As mentioned earlier, it's important to know which side of the heart, but often this knowledge confuses us and causes unnecessary anxiety. Also left pain can occur in the pleurisy, but in this case they are aggravated by cough or fast breathing.

Similar to stenocardia, symptoms are panic attacks and osteochondrosis of the cervical and spinal sections. To confuse a person can even an elementary herpes zoster, causing pain in the chest. In this case, the main thing is not to panic and listen attentively to your own organism. Often heart pain is accompanied by acceleration or slowing of the pulse, changes in pressure and emotional state. It is necessary to study the full range of symptoms and already then, if necessary, consult a doctor.