He is Aquarius, she is Aquarius. What is the compatibility of these two people? Are relationships possible at all when a pair combines two such very interesting and unique signs of the zodiac?

Personality with a golden character

There is a popular expression: “Aquarius’s character is golden, therefore heavy!” Is it true? Well, it is worthwhile to briefly talk about the qualities that distinguish these personalities from representatives of other zodiac signs. The first thing that distinguishes them is a special vulnerability and sensitivity. Aquarians are very sociable, they have a lot of friends and acquaintances, but very few real friends. They rarely can entrust their experiences. And, unfortunately, unbalanced people are attracted to them as if by a magnet, for whom reckless actions are the norm.

He is Aquarius, she is Aquarius: compatibility in marriage, love, friendship

Aquarius - these are the people who choose friends (as, by the way, and enemies) once and for all. By the way, such personalities are sometimes even obsessive - if a person is very sympathetic to them. More Aquarius almost never change their opinions about others. They are also very curious, especially love to be interested in what captures them. Generally speaking, Aquarius is a sensual personality, loving communication, but preferring to keep people at a safe distance.

Compatible with your “mirror”

What is the pair in which he is Aquarius, is she Aquarius? This is a very unusual and unpredictable combination. Both a man and a woman just slay each other outright with their uncommonness and ingenuity. Their relationship will capture both. The main thing is not to fade the spark. It is also worth noting that sexual relations play a significant role in this couple. If they are not, the union will soon lose its fortress. And besides, novelty will disappear in the relationship.

The similarity of the characters of these personalities is very great, so the prospects for their union are appropriate. Of course, there are some negative points. He is Aquarius, she is Aquarius, which means that they love to argue and persistently defend their opinions. If these people disperse in some way, it is quite possible that a scandal cannot be avoided. Anyway, boring, dreary and routine relationships - this is not about them. They are filled with vivid emotions and impressions, although a stranger will surely call their union strange.

Disputes and conflicts

Well, the couple “he is Aquarius, she is Aquarius” has great prospects for the development of relations, however, some nuances that may hinder them are observed. These features include what was mentioned above - conflicts. This is a frequent occurrence, but, despite its presence in a relationship, the two Aquarius are very good and comfortable together.

It is worth noting that both of these people live at the moment and at a particular moment, without thinking about what will happen tomorrow or the day after. There is no one to solve problems. And therefore, if the day comes, in which it will be necessary to deal with them (this is usually the most extreme case, when the decision to find is simply necessary - there is no other way), mutual accusations will begin. Both do not know what exactly they need, they can change their goals and plans, rush from one extreme to the other, because of which there are often differences of opinion and a variety of claims. But the most interesting thing is that it suits both of them. They are really comfortable when there is no stability.

Variety provided

Compatibility of Aquarius with a person born under the same zodiac sign is ideal. Why? Because absolutely for all Aquarius weird is normal and vice versa. These people enjoy the flow of life and change with it. Their actions and feelings are unpredictable, and therefore each of the days they have lived is unique.

Their marriage differs from the rest mainly in that Aquarius never thinks of anything in advance. On the generally accepted rules these two people absolutely do not care. They will never be bored, and in life they will be full of adventures. What else can be said about such an extraordinary union? If two people, who are free relations supporters, have sealed their bonds in the registry office, then this means only one thing - their marriage was concluded in heaven.

By the way, from the two Aquarius make excellent best friends. For them, friendship is sacred. So they will always support each other and never refuse to help.

Contradiction of emotions

Speaking about the compatibility of Aquarius with another person, it should be noted that he often contradicts himself. What is meant? The fact is that a typical Aquarius with all his heart believes in sincere friendship. This kind of relationship is sacred to him. But love and other bright feelings are unusual for him. Not that alien - he considers them something not entirely necessary. However, Aquarius reasons this way until this feeling covers him with his head, as often happens. After that, love does not seem to him a stupefaction. As a rule, Aquarius completely surrenders to his passion, for the sake of his love object, he is ready to perform the most crazy acts, which sometimes smack of adventurism.

Horoscope Aquarius says: if he meets his love, give myself to her completely and forever. If you meet two people of this zodiac sign, and suddenly between flash spark – a long time, if not forever. They both will be fully belong to each other, they will not be difficult to do without suitors or admirers. Even friends may become for them a necessity. If you believe what the horoscope of Aquarius, the second half will be for him not only a wife or a husband but a reliable friend and faithful “vest”. What else is needed for full happiness?

Aquarius man and his features

Representatives of the strong half of mankind, who were lucky enough to be born under this zodiac sign, is a separate issue. Such a man expects his lady all at once. His girl should be ideal and universal. This caring wife and a passionate mistress, and a neat housewife, and a skilled cook. However, if man-Aquarius decides to connect his life with a woman belonging to the same sign, then everything will be just fine. Both Aquarius so much charm each other, they would be ready to do anything for their mate. Soon all of them will be General classes, business, friends, plans.

By the way, if for both partners it was easy to arrange each other in the spiritual sphere and in the intellectual, then in terms of physical closeness everything will be fine. This side of the relationship will be very unexpected, spontaneous, explosive and passionate. You can say this: instant desire - instant gratification.

About girls

Many interesting things can tell about the people of their horoscope. Aquarius woman - what is she? Charming, graceful, interesting, versatile and necessarily has a bright appearance. Such young ladies are straightforward, they are not shy about expressions of various kinds, which often discourage other people. However, the Aquarius-men like it, they feel a kindred soul in such a person and, on a subconscious level, strive to get to know her closer. What is confirmed by life and horoscope. Aquarius woman - is a man who will strive for goals. She thinks creatively and interestingly, but rarely shares her plans with someone from outsiders. As for the close relationship - it is an unpredictable dark horse. The Aquarius girl can be arrogantly cold, even somewhat arrogant, and sometimes, on the contrary, very gentle and affectionate.

But with the marriage there are some nuances. A woman born under this sign of the zodiac, in any case will not be in a hurry. She needs to think carefully, weigh all the pros and cons before deciding on a step that will “take away freedom” - in any case, she sees this event in precisely this formulation. So a man should not be upset if the lady of his heart hesitates to answer.

Sacraments of the elements

Water is the very first association that comes to mind after we hear the word “Aquarius”. The element of this sign, oddly enough, is completely different - Air. Why? Everything is very simple. Air is the part that Aquarius is willing to share with the whole world. There is a hidden feature that is fully manifested in the nature of such a person. He is too distrustful (this has already been said before), so he may not share his secret with everyone. And the second version explains this situation as follows: Aquarius, whose element is Air, is a very windy person. That is why it does not belong to the Water.

Joint life of two Aquarius

Gifts and pleasant surprises are what people like in the month of February love. Aquarius is really happy about unexpected things that can make him contented and happy. In addition, he himself loves to prepare unexpected surprises for his soulmate. And in fairness, it is worth noting that both the preparation and the presentation of the gifts are excellent. In the union of two Aquarius every day - a complete surprise. But seriously, both of these people are able to keep secrets and secrets, so surprising is their vocation.

Interesting statistics show that the most difficult period in a relationship is either the fourth, or the seventh, or the eleventh year. Although the Aquarians feel each other perfectly, their relationship will be unpredictable. But this thread of understanding, which stretches between them at first sight, is worth it. After all, what could be better than to understand your loved one at once, and sometimes even completely without words?

Chinese horoscope

To feel a person better, it’s not enough to know that he is Aquarius (dates: January 21 – February 18). For a more complete picture of his character one should also be aware of who he is according to the Chinese horoscope. Here, for example, Aquarius-Tigr: he fiercely supports the idea of ​​equality, absolutely can not think of relationships without this quality. It strives to conform to the ideal, and this is characteristic of both Tigress girls and Tiger guys. Such people will do everything to be perfect and unique.

But Aquarius Snake has some other features. Often he is favored by good luck in financial affairs - money attracts him to it. He is doing great business-related things. And thanks to the powerful motivation and endless energy, such people often reach great heights in their careers.

But perhaps the most mysterious combination of the zodiac sign and the Chinese symbol is the Aquarius-Rat. You can call it double. Neither the Rat nor Aquarius love to show their feelings and emotions. And here is a combination! It is unlikely that someone will be able to guess that such a person is in the soul - unless he himself wishes it. But do not think that the Aquatic Rats are closed and closed from the rest. No, on the contrary, they simply adore noisy companies and easily find a common language with other people. Such personalities have a sweet temper, and it is pleasant to communicate with them. But to become a friend of such a person, or even someone big, will have to try.

Business compatibility

Representatives of the Aquarius zodiac, whose birth dates are located towards the end of winter, are born entrepreneurs. Such a person will be able to do what he likes and what will be just profitable. Journalism, tourism, restaurants, cars, photography, sports, computers, trade - in these and many other areas such individuals can find themselves and succeed. And if, in general, the two Aquarius unite, then the profit will simply flow like a river. They both love money and move forward, so they will always support each other and motivate. However, too many mutual contacts should not be - otherwise it will tire them. They are used to focus entirely on work - only in this way will it be possible to achieve productivity.

Sexual horoscope

What in this area can say the zodiac? Aquarius in terms of close bodily relationship manifests itself is also special – not quite like the others signs. These people love everything unusual, unique, exotic. They like originality and something that can impress them. Not all signs of the zodiac can enjoy sophisticated in bed Aquarius. But his meeting with the same as it is going to be something. He would finally be able to afford to be what is, and fully surrender to oblivion. By the way, Aquarius is very easy to seduce if you do it right. Despite the fact that he doesn't show it, inside he is raging a real hurricane. If man-Aquarius will get a sexy photo of his sweetheart in lingerie, he'll go crazy, that's for sure.

In general, the relationship with Aquarius is something unique, exciting and totally absorbing. These people can drive you crazy, win the heart, make you think about yourself constantly. And if you manage to start a relationship with such a person, then you should hold on to them. Life is definitely filled with surprises and unpredictability.