The appearance of each woman becomes her individual business card. Currently, women can choose their hair color. So, in most cases, a woman uses dyes to change style. This article will tell you about the technique of ombre on red hair. You will learn how to create such a style, as well as get acquainted with the main nuances of pigment application.

Ombre on red hair: application options and technique

Ombre on red hair: how to choose a color?

Before you get acquainted with the technique of creation, it is worth choosing a suitable shade for your curls. Ombre on red hair is a hair that has two primary colors. In most cases, the roots are painted in a dark shade. It may be chestnut, reddish or nutty. Also, the roots sometimes remain black or have a light brown base. The tips are preferable to choose light. It can be copper, honey, fire or any other.

Ombre on red hair is an ideal dyeing technique. You no longer have to worry about regrown roots. The hair will always look natural. You can update the shade at any time convenient for you.

Coloring method

The first steps in dyeing are the same in every technique. Prepare the coloring composition. To do this, mix the cream with an oxidant. It is necessary to mix in a plastic container. Do not choose metal bowls. Using a brush, thoroughly mix the solution. After that, you can proceed to staining. Ombre on red hair is applied in three stages. The entire length of the curls must be divided into equal parts. First, the lower part of the hair is colored. To do this, apply to her pre-diluted composition. After that, wait 20 minutes for the pigment to appear.

After that, you need to handle the middle part. To do this, apply on it all the same composition and comb your hair with a comb with rare teeth. This will help distribute the paint for a smoother transition. Do not wrap curls in a towel or polyethylene. Otherwise, your shade may be imprinted in those areas where it is not needed. Wait five more minutes after completing the dyeing of the middle part of the curls and wash off the applied composition. Do not forget to use a developing balm.

Remember that some paints have a faster manifestation. Usually they are aged on the head of hair from 10 to 20 minutes. In this case, to get an ombre, a dyeing mass is applied to the red hair for 10 minutes. The second step is painted over about three minutes. After that, the solution is thoroughly washed off.

Abrupt transition

Sometimes a red ombre on dark hair is applied with a sharp transition. It is worth noting that this technique is ideal for straight even hair. Curly or curly hair will look awkward in this version.

To get a sharp ombre on red hair (the photo will be presented in the article), it is necessary to apply strokes not vertically, but horizontally. To lead the brush in this case, you need a smooth intermittent movements. Create the appearance of a straight line. So, split the hair in half. Sometimes the lower part is chosen smaller length. This choice depends entirely on your preference. Paint the tips with the prepared composition. After that, you need to make a smooth transition. To do this, dilute the coloring composition with a small amount of water and apply horizontal strokes. Watch for even staining. Wait for the time specified in the instructions and wash the composition from the head.


Now you know what is ombre technique. On the red hair (photo provided to your attention), this style is applied quite often. With the help of ombre, you can correct the disadvantages and emphasize the advantages of appearance.

At initial coloring it is worth turning to a professional. The master will choose for you the appropriate color and technique of applying paint. The second staining can already be done independently. In this case, you will already have a sample work. Experiment with your hair. This will help you stand out from the crowd and always be the center of attention. I wish you success! Be beautiful!