Going on vacation closer to the sun and the sea, everyone wants to get a velvet smooth tan. Very often for these purposes is buy special lotions and creams. But after studying the composition of these funds is a huge list of harmful chemicals and additives. Few people wants to replace of useful procedures using dubious cosmetics. How to protect skin safely? Olive oil is the most natural and simple way of protection. Consider its useful properties and applications.Olive oil for sunbathing in the sun (reviews)

Olive oil for skin

  • A natural enhancer of tanning. Applying olive oil for tanning, it should be noted that, instead of redness, the skin will become a beautiful Golden hue. The color of the skin becomes radiant and noble, which can only be for the best seaside resort.
  • Natural protection from the sun. This tool is useful for the skin and safe for health. It moisturizes and softens the skin, giving it elasticity and firmness. Olive oil helps to get rid of wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin. The main advantage of this product is the lack of an allergic reaction.

Many people know the beneficial properties of olive oil. It perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin. You can apply olive oil for tanning, it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin type. Thanks to nutrition and strong hydration, this tool smoothes wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones.


  • The presence of olive oil vitamin A and chlorophyll that can be used to skin harmful substances and restore the cover.
  • The flavonoids and terpenes in the oil prevent the appearance of skin infections.
  • Fat balance normalizes carotene and sterols.
  • Prevents dry skin.
  • Olive oil to tan in the sun (reviews confirm this) is not only very useful but also allows you to achieve a smooth tone.
  • No reapplication is required after contact with water.
  • From the point of view of cosmetics, olive oil is the best solution – suitable for all body parts, not required to be purchased separately for hands, face, etc.
  • The content in this means of iodine allows you to give the skin a beautiful dark complexion.
  • Economical - with regular use of 1 liter of olive oil should be enough for at least six months.

Olive oil for sun tanning

Before using olive oil, it is important to understand that it contains no protective filters. In connection with this, it must be applied to the skin, adapted to the sun. Especially carefully you need to treat this tool to owners of light and sensitive skin, which is prone to burns. The first acquaintance with the sun should be short, with the use of protective equipment. When your skin gets used to the sun a little, you can use olive oil for tanning (reviews are presented below).

To oil maximum benefit to your skin, before applying it is advisable to take a shower, gently blot the body with a towel after applying this remedy.

Olive oil after tanning is very helpful. There is confirmed evidence that it soothes the skin, and most importantly, reduces the risk of cancer.

Application tips

After sun exposure to moisturize the skin, soothe it and get a golden tan, it is recommended to mix coconut and olive oils. This tool is also perfect for achieving a beautiful tan.

Another common use of olive oil is in a tanning bed. However, cosmetologists and dermatological experts do not recommend its use in such a situation, citing the lack of protective properties. But many in the pursuit of a beautiful tan, unfortunately, turn a blind eye to this. If you still decide to visit the solarium, apply this tool preferably after the procedure.

Olive oil for tanning: reviews

Due to the special sun protection means the skin gets really Golden brown color, so without them it is very difficult to do. But many women, especially care related to their own health, do not trust such drugs due to their composition. If over this to think carefully, it becomes apparent that a number of chemical components contained in sunscreens, can cause a lot of problems, especially for owners of sensitive skin.

Fortunately, there is a great alternative to get a beautiful tan. And most importantly, that a good housewife can always find this tool in the kitchen. Olive oil for tanning is a real treasure, especially for sensitive skin. In addition, it is used as a food product, it is used for hair care.

The young girls who tan, which was obtained using olive oil, it looks like a sea. What does that mean? After a rest at the seaside, the skin takes on a special hue, as sea water contains large amounts of iodine due to which the body appears unusually dark tan. Olives are also a storehouse of iodine, so the use of this vegetable oil for tanning allows you to achieve excellent results.

Cooking lotion

Pure olive oil for sunbathing in the sun is very helpful. However, lotion can be made from this product. You will need olive oil (50 grams) and water (50 grams). The components are mixed and for convenient application to the skin they are poured into a bottle with a spray. To ensure that the product does not deteriorate, it should be stored in the refrigerator.

There is another option for making tanning lotion. You need to mix the following ingredients: olive oil (0.5 cups) juice of half a lemon and iodine (5 drops). This tool will not only get a beautiful shade of skin, but also rejuvenate, vitaminizes it.