The structure of the Russian Olympic team for many sports includes hundreds of athletes, each of which is unique in its kind. Today we will talk about the synchronizer, which is called Svetlana Romashina. Synchronized swimming for her is the main activity.

Romashina Svetlana was born in Moscow on September 21, 1989. Since early childhood, she visited the pool, and also engaged in ballroom dancing. Maybe that's why today she is not just a swimmer who overcomes the distance for a while, but a synchronizer, whose performances combine dance and the ability to gracefully show herself on the water.

Having got to the strong trainer Tatyana Danchenko, Svetlana has proved to herself and others that the water element is her path. The victories at numerous city and regional competitions confirmed this.

At the age of 16, Romashina was already included in the Russian team for synchronized swimming. Since that time I started to participate in international competitions. On her account dozens of brilliant wins and medals.

Since 2009, the synchronizer worked together with Ishchenko Natalia until 2012, when the second was not long in connection with the birth of the child. Since 2013, Romashina was a duet with Svetlana Kolesnichenko. While Ischenko was absent, Svetlana started working on solo performances and achieved great results and recognition of the public. So, she replenished her "gold" collection with performances at the World, European and Universiade Championships in Kazan. A few years later, by 2015, Natalia Ishchenko returned to the pair with Romashina.

Olympic champion Romashina Svetlana

Romashina graduated from MESI at the Faculty of Management.

In December 2015, the athlete married a yachtsman and a new happy union was formed: Nikolai Zakharov - Svetlana Romashina. The biography of the sportswoman is filled with bright and memorable events, numerous trainings and work on herself, competitions and Olympiads, acquaintance and friendship with interesting people and other facts.

Olympic victories

Participation in the Olympic Games is the main goal of all athletes. Svetlana Romashina is an Olympic champion in five times the size. She visited three Olympics, and each won a victory, bringing to the treasury of Russian athletes 5 top awards in several performances.

The long-awaited gold Svetlana took in Beijing at the XXIX Summer Olympics in 2008.

The second participation in the XXX Summer Olympics in London (2012) also brought synchronizer glory and gold awards.

XXXI Summer Olympics in Brazil cemented the success of the synchronizer - Romashina Svetlana again won 2 gold medals.

Sports achivments

2005 - first participation in the World Championship in Montreal. The athlete won 2 gold medals: for group performance and in combination.

In 2006, the synchronic was awarded the title of European champion in the same positions.

2007 - Romashina Svetlana took the highest awards at the World Championship in three programs.

2008 - participation in the XXIX Summer Olympics in Beijing, which brought the athlete 2 medals of the highest category.

In 2009, once again received the status of world champion, winning 3 medals from gold - World Championship in Greece.

2010 - with participation in the European Championship in Budapest, took three top awards for the programs in the group, the combination and in duet performance.

2012 - took 2 gold at the XXX Summer Olympic Games in London for the group number and a duet with Natalia Ishchenko.

2013 - the athlete won the Universiade in Kazan, where she won 2 gold medals.

2015 - took part in the World Championship in Kazan. Romashina won 3 gold medals.

2016 - XXXI Summer Olympic Games were marked by two victories and, accordingly, 2 gold awards.

In her spare time the sportswoman is fond of sailing. He likes to sing. She is engaged in dancing. Visits ballet and musicals. She learns English.

Status of Romashina

At the moment the synchronization is:

  • five-time Olympic champion;
  • a tenfold champion of Europe;
  • eighteen-time world champion.

Romashina Svetlana has several state awards: "For Merit to the Fatherland", IV degree, the Order of Friendship and Honor. She is an Honored Master of Sports of Russia. She was awarded the Silver Sword prize. The athlete possesses the Certificate of Honor of the President of the Russian Federation for the victory in the World XXVII Universiade in Kazan.


All sports achievements athletes are not accidental - this is a serious work on yourself and your body. In the future, Romashina plans to engage in the promotion and development of synchronized navigation in Russia, the creation and support of existing water sports clubs. She also takes part in regattas, but has not achieved good results so far. He dreams of completely mastering sailing and taking gold here. And Nikolai Zakharov is sure to help her.