At the beginning of the 21st century a new figure appears in rhythmic gymnastics. A young girl, flexible and graceful Olga Kapranova. She is one of the best gymnasts in the world and stands along with such celebrities as Alina Kabaeva, Yana Batyrshina and Evgenia Kanaeva. But Olga with an artistic gymnastics likened one inadvertent meeting, which influenced the rest of his life. The biography of Olga Kapranova will be discussed in detail in the article.

Olga Kapranova: biography, personal life, sporting achievements

Olga Kapranova was born in Moscow on December 6, 1987. Her dad is a simple worker. Mom, a chemist by training, after giving birth to her second daughter, quit her job and decided to start raising her daughters. Four years after birth, the search for Olya’s talent begins. First, the mother decided that her daughter should certainly go swimming. But in the very first competitions, Olya sailed last. She was not upset about this at all, and was even glad that now she would not have to enter the cold water of the pool.

The second step in the search for talent was the choreographic studio. But looking at her data, the choreographers did not even accept Olga. Then there were ballroom dancing. After several sessions, it became clear to my mother that this was not her daughter’s vocation. Classes on the piano also did not attract a little girl. The teachers spread their hands - the girl has no hearing. And only a chance meeting with Elena Nefyodova determined the fate of Olga. According to the gymnast, she and her mother and sister Katya waited for the bus, played, performing various coups. Suddenly, they were approached by a young girl who invited them to her art studio. Initially, they wanted to take only Katya’s sister, but her mother insisted that both girls study.

So, at the age of 7, Olga began her studies in gymnastics. In the first year of study was difficult, the girl could not perform some stretching, and was a little bit plump. Mom supported her younger daughter, helped her with physical exercises, put them on a string, and soon Olga caught up with her older sister and other students. Katya will subsequently become a two-time champion of Russia and will switch to coaching.

The beginning of big victories

2002 was marked by a change of coach. Elena Nefedova was replaced by Vera Shatalina. And, since 2003, Olga begins to achieve great success in the sport. She is credited to the national team for the World Cup, which was held in Budapest. In team competitions Kapralova becomes the first. 2005 - the first place in the world championship in Baku. In the same year she won the title of absolute champion of Europe.

2007, the city of Patras - gymnast reaffirms his title of world champion. She becomes a favorite among Russian gymnasts.

Failures and care of big sports

All Olga's efforts boil down to one thing - the preparation for the Olympic Games in Beijing. Unfortunately, the year 2008 was unfortunate for her. After qualifying Kapranova was second, coaches and fans were already hoping to win. But the performance with clubs crossed out the chances of winning. As a result, the gymnast took only 4th place. In one of the interviews Olga admitted that only she herself was to blame for this loss. Not cope with the clubs - and here is the result.

Difficult experiencing defeat, the athlete decided to leave the gymnastics class and leave the sport. Coach Irina Winner helped her cope with the difficult psychological state, she persuaded the girl to wait and speak at the World Championships in 2009. Kapranova continued her speech. 2009 is the alternation of victories and defeats of the nine-time world champion. The performance in Maribor was victorious, here Olga won 3 gold medals, and in Japan the gymnast could not win the bronze. All gold was in the box of Eugene Kanaeva. Ten-time world champion Kapranova became the same in Japan, taking first place in team performances. After that, the athlete leaves the arena of big sport.

However, the departure of Olga - not personal insults and ambitions. Russians have always been the best among the representatives of other countries in rhythmic gymnastics. In order to somehow remove this lag, they changed the rules of evaluation. And now dance elements and choreography come out on top. The complexity of the performance is not evaluated as before, and Olga performed the exercises of high complexity. Currently, none of the athletes has reached such a level as was Kapranova.

School of Olga Kapranova

Leave forever favorite rhythmic gymnastics Kapranova could not. And in 2010, together with her sister Ekaterina, who already worked as a trainer, Olga opens a school to train young athletes. Initially, training was conducted in one of the clubs in the Moscow region, but over time, the number of studios increased. Now you can study in Moscow, Khimki, Odintsovo, in the Leningrad region.

Coaches at the school are honored champions, renowned gymnasts and talented teachers who find an individual approach to each child. Olga Kapranova’s school is really bearing fruit. More than once her pupils became winners of competitions of the Russian and international levels.

The main purpose of training in the school of Olga Kapranova

The goal of the school is to give the child confidence in their own strength, to help gain confidence and hope, to teach them to achieve success in life, and not only sports. Unfortunately, parents often interfere with this. They, as a rule, want to see an Olympic champion in their child, and not a personality. Kapranova School helps solve these problems.

Currently, the school is working not only with young athletes from 3 to 10 years, but also invites adults to learn who want to try themselves in rhythmic gymnastics. You can enroll in a school simply by calling or by leaving a request on the website.

So Olga returned to her childhood. She combines work in the studio and the post of director in her native sports school. It was here that she began her professional career, and now helps many children to fulfill their dreams.

Olga Kapranova: personal life

Olga devoted all her years to sports, and her personal life always remained in last place. In her youth, the girl fell in love many times, her fans always surrounded her, but very few people knew about the personal relationship of the gymnast. Rumor has it that in 2006 Kapranov was not included in the national team because of her romance with a young man. Olga Kapranova married? No, according to Olga, she has not yet met a person with whom she could be near. Many fans still love her, write, call and present gifts. But the girl sees her happiness in the other.

The meaning of life is Olga

After completing her career, Kapranova Olga (rhythmic gymnastics) decided to devote herself to small pupils. On her pages on social networks, you can see how lovingly she communicates with her students, is interested in mood, weather, tells the news, supports and gives advice. With genuine joy and pride, Olga Sergeevna informs everyone about the victories of her pupils.

All her personal time is scheduled by the minute. In addition, Olga herself is still studying. She is a graduate student of the Russian State Social University with a degree in psychology.

Hobbies and leisure

Olga’s another weakness is domestic animals, especially dogs. In her house lives a griffon dog. Olga asks her fans not to give her flowers and gifts, but to donate dog food, which she personally delivers to shelters.

Currently Olga lives with her family in the town of Zvenigorod and does her favorite work. The main hobbies of the athlete are reading classical literature, poetry, music, embroidery, and horse riding. In addition, the athlete perfectly prepares for their loved ones.

Olga Kapranova is not only a great athlete, but also a person with an open and kind soul, cheerful, light and courageous character. Any great athlete can envy her willpower, skill and perseverance.