The student must know how to arrange any work done. After all, to collect the right material is only half the story. The main thing – correctly to present it. That is why today we will tell about what rules should be made in the design of the report.

Presentation of the report: rules and features

basic information

The report is the small amount of text that helps a student during a speech. However, most teachers require them to draw according to certain rules. Reports claims in the case, if they seem to participate in the conference.

The main thing in this case is that the text should fully correspond to the proposed topic. Most often before the conferences, the text of the reports (which must be sent in advance) is rechecked by a specially created group of individuals.

Text processing rules

Each educational institution or working group of the conference can put forward requirements for the reports. So, often they have to deliver in Word format, at least – RTF. Also specify the font, margins on sides, line spacing. In General, the requirements most often are as follows: format – Word, font Times New Roman, font size – 14, line spacing – single, margins – 3 cm left, 1,5 – with other parties.

Other nuances can also be indicated: the position on the page is book (most often) or landscape, alignment (mostly on the width of the page), numbering (most often at the bottom center or right).

Amount of text

Definitely also need to know what should be the length of the report. The number of pages can be totally different. If the preparations for the conference, the report is often not to exceed 3 pages (half-two). However, in special cases it can reach 15 pages of A4 (if the speakers will be quite a bit). It is necessary beforehand to know the organizers or teachers. However, it is not important. It is important in the report to reveal the essence of what I would like to tell the listeners.

The title page of the report may sometimes be required. However, this often occurs if the teacher gives the task to the student. Issued in this case, it is very easy for a sample to take cover sheet of essay or term paper.

  1. From above in the center it is necessary to write the name of the university, faculty, department.
  2. In the center is the name of the report itself.
  3. A little lower and right: the artist (name, group, course), as well as someone who will check the work - the teacher.
  4. In the center from the bottom - the city and the year of writing work.

This design report is not relevant if we are talking about the flow of the conference. In this case, the cover sheet is not required. Only the top will have to specify the name of the speaker, and below the course, faculty and University. Next line – full name of research supervisor. A couple of lines below, specify the topic, and this is followed by text.

Main text

The design of the report – or rather the main text, held on the above rules. It is important to choose the right font, margins, spacing between lines. Especially if we are talking about the flow of the text before presentation at the conference. Indeed, in the case of an incorrect clearance of the speaker can even be removed from participation.

However, in this case, the most important was the information that will be presented. It should be short, concise, but at the same time as informative as possible. For a limited time, the speaker needs not only to state what you want. This should be done in accessible language. Moreover, it is important to interest the listener. After all, this will depend on the total response from the speech.


Considering the rules of registration of the report should definitely not forget that will have to provide a list used during the preparation of the literature. It is served after the main text, in alphabetical order. First, the sources in a foreign language, then native. If necessary, can be given a footnote if the text pasted the whole quote.

Other nuances

The design of the report can also assume the existence of tables and figures. Their placement can be put forward special requirements, but often this does not happen. They are issued in any form. Must sign up: Fig. 1 (2, 3, etc.) or table. 1 (2, 3, etc.).

Example 1. Report to the conference

How to submit a report to the conference? Registration (sample), as it can be done according to all the rules:

Ivanov II (2nd year, Faculty of Sociology, Moscow State University)

Scientific adviser: O. Sidorov.

Development of society in the modern world

Having stepped back one line, you need to submit all that information in a generalized form, which will be submitted at the conference. Its scope depends on the requirements of the commission.

Example 2. Students

How to submit a report? Registration (sample), if it is necessary for internal use, that is for presentation at a seminar or lecture.

Department of Sociology and Political Science

Development of society in the modern world

2 year, group SO-25

On the new page you need to submit all that information in a generalized form, which will be presented to listeners during the speech. Its scope depends on the requirements of the teacher.

On the new page, a list of literature is made, in the same way as described above.