It is not worth long to talk about the advantages of owning a beautiful and equipped country house: here you can get out for kebabs at any time, and take a rest from the city during the summer months. But all this is true only in the case when your site is really equipped and beautiful. Today we will look at the design options for the dacha, which everyone can bring to life.

Making a summer cottage with your own hands

It is worth remembering that creating the landscape of your own plot is not just a whim, dictated by the desire to make your surroundings more beautiful. Since ancient times, people have been creating incredibly beautiful gardens, often spending enormous resources on it. The main task pursued by the design of the summer cottage today is not so monumental. Designers and gardeners are just trying to create an environment in which nature and buildings will harmoniously combine. Of course, a professional landscape designer is much easier to make, but a simple summer resident will cope with the task.

Initial stages

Before you start work, it would be nice to make a plan of what and how you want to do. It is very important to virtually break the site into zones and determine where and what materials you intend to use. This will allow more or less accurately determine the budget for further work. So what does planning mean? It's simple: while you break your site into several functional zones and indicate what should be in each of them. In general, it all depends solely on your imagination, but we will consider some of the design ideas suburban area.

This is a real "hit" of recent years. Water has always attracted a person, and only a few will surely refuse to have the idea of ​​having a small pond right on the site. But first you have to think about what you want from this reservoir. There is a big difference between a pond, which will simply be pleasing to the eye, and a real pond, where you can keep crucian carp, and take water for the garden. Of course, in some cases it is possible to combine these two varieties, but it is easier and cheaper to choose one thing.

So, if you decide to create a pond on your site, you will need the appropriate materials. If it is a small decorative lake, then it can be done by simply digging a barrel of decent volumes into the ground. But if you decide to create something more monumental, you will have to buy cement, steel mesh and other materials. By the way, the design of the dacha is not limited to ponds alone. Note the following ideas:

  • Small fountains.
  • Mock water mills.
  • Small streams.
  • Artificial waterfalls and cascades.

Vegetable decoration

Professional cultivation of flowers is not so simple as some gardeners think. But beautiful flower beds - the best option in the case when other design ideas for some reason do not apply. The task is facilitated by the fact that, in addition to ordinary asters and phloxes, today there are thousands of plant species at your service: you can decorate your plot with grapevine, but with the same success decorative pine will be suitable for this purpose. If you prefer classic flowers, do not rush to plant them only on the beds: where the simplest alpine slide or even a flowerbed made of building blocks would look better (let's talk about it below).

What is the purpose of the design of the suburban area? Create a beautiful and comfortable landscape. In this case, you can not do without a nice and functional paths, with which you can get to every corner of his country house, without smearing the feet.

Their creation should be given special attention. It is important that they are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional, so that with their help you can get to the gazebo, rock garden or garage even in the rain and in the dark. It is important that the surface of the tracks was finished with such material that it was possible to walk along it without danger to health even in winter (it should not be how many). Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention even to small details, which at first glance may seem insignificant.

Landscape design suburban area involves taking into account and buildings. They, as a rule, have high functionality, as they serve as a place of rest and entertainment. Their most popular varieties are:

  • Pergolas, including a place for barbecue and barbecue.
  • Outdoor cooking areas.
  • Buildings for storing tools and agricultural supplies.
  • Playgrounds.

What you need to remember when building various kinds of buildings? All of them must be in harmony not only with each other, but also with the overall style of the site. Do not mix different styles. How do you think, how harmoniously will a piece of an Asian village look in a large metropolis? So in this case. If a brick prevails on your site, then a new arbor should be erected from it. Of course, some designers deliberately mix design options, but without the appropriate experience it is not worth it. So, we continue to design a summer cottage with our own hands. What else can not do?

Decorative fences and fences

These elements of design have not only aesthetic but also practical function, allowing to dissociate itself from the street and overly annoying neighbors. But there are other important roles that can successfully run fences.

For example, they can separate zones with different functions on the site. Suppose that at your dacha there is (albeit tiny) a garden, a vegetable garden, a resting area and a place for domestic animals. Frying kebabs, fighting off chickens flitting under their feet is not the best idea, and therefore it is necessary to fence off the areas with decorative fences. As in the case of buildings, they should be in harmony with the general style, and not just the design of country plots simply loses its meaning. It is also not necessary to follow in the footsteps of Tsereteli: light enough, "air" fences with a minimum amount of steel and bricks.

Decorative items

Lovely to the hearts of many garden gnomes, miniature castles and other entourage - all this is included in the concept of "decorative elements". As a rule, they do not carry any functional loads, but they allow us to make the site truly unique. However, professional designers still caution against unnecessarily large “dwarf livestock”: it is so easy to go over the sense of proportion and show everyone a complete lack of taste.

So how do you create a design for the dacha, not having been known as a “connoisseur” bad taste among neighbors? Just try to focus on the following elements:

  • Decorative vases.
  • Beautiful lighting.
  • Fountains.
  • Various patios.
  • Sculpture compositions.

The main advantage of all of the above is that all this is perfect for almost all styles of design of the site, without causing a feeling of heterogeneity.

Idea with built-in flowerbeds

Suppose that you have a small courtyard in the country, which you would like to decorate with flowers. How to do it better? Of course, you can simply arrange the pot and pots, but we after all consider the original design of the suburban area with their own hands. Landscape ideas in this case should be more interesting. For example, built-in flower beds would be an excellent option. Of course, we do not propose to build beds in the wall of the house: it’s better to do places for growing flowers in the manner of terraces. It is also desirable to design them so that the edges of the structures could serve as benches. Of course, flower pots are much easier to arrange. But the creation of embedded flower beds will save you from having to bring plants into the house every year. And in the spring you do not have to re-arrange them in the yard.

Such flowerbeds perfectly combine beauty and practicality: you can not only admire the flowers, but also relax on a very comfortable bench. In addition, these same structures are successfully used by professional designers to delimit the garden plot into zones (which we have already mentioned above). What other ideas are there? Making your own summer cottage plots can provide for the creation of beautiful vertical flower beds that look very fresh and original in any country house.

How to make the original vertical flower bed personally?

These designs have become particularly popular with the local gardeners in recent years. If you are interested in the design of the suburban area with their hands from improvised materials, such flowerbeds like it was made for your creativity! They can be made from pipes, and old barrels and hollow building blocks or bricks. Will focus on the latter method, as brick flower bed a more pleasing appearance, and a few bricks in our time to find a lot easier than the junk barrel or pipe. Such a structure not only does not take up much space on a compact suburban site, but will surely surprise all your neighbors. You can use old brick, slag or foam. Choose the material simple: if inside the block there is a cavity, sufficient for planting flowers, it fits perfect.

Such a flower bed gives the broadest opportunities for creativity, since you can make almost any changes in the design. In addition, no one forbids combining bricks and the same pipes, which will make it possible to achieve a completely extraordinary effect. To make a vertical bed, you need to stock up on the following materials and tools:

  • Building blocks.  Pre-estimate on paper what the finished structure will look like and, based on this, independently determine the amount of material you need.
  • Tin plates.  It is not necessary to purchase them at the hardware store, since these items can be cut out of coffee and baby food cans.
  • Good construction glue or liquid nails, as well as a gun for their application.  Of course, you can do without the latter, but manually apply such compositions is difficult, and accuracy will not be at a height.
  • Assistant  (or two at once, depending on the size and height of the flower bed).
  • Actuallythe plants themselves  in the form of seedlings or seeds.

Getting Started

First glue the tin plates to the lower edges of the blocks from which the future flowerbed will be formed. Please note that if the cavities in the blocks are not through, then you can do without it. Then you can start applying glue or nails. It should be remembered that it is not necessary to approach this issue especially fanatically: full tightness of the cavity is not required. On the contrary, it is necessary to leave slots that will serve as drainage holes through which excess water will be discharged.

Important notes

Fear that the glue will not be able to securely grab the plates? Just flip the blocks and put them on something like old Newspapers. Under the weight of the glue is much better to fasten all elements. Then look at the manual and find out how much time is required for the composition to fully cure. After waiting, carefully cut the excess glue came out from under the plates. And now it's time to call the previously found assistant and proceed to the Assembly. Take another look at your diagram and decide with the procedure of setting blocks. Smear glue on the bottom face sides, and then place them on top of each other. You need an assistant to hold the design, ensuring its sustainability. It is necessary to collect the bed so that the blocks are well balanced each other, and it was not necessary in the construction of props.

This is how you can make your own dacha. Simple ideas from this article will surely help you to make your “fazendu” special and unique.