While running, you don’t need to wear extra clothes, but you shouldn’t freeze from its lack. A large amount of equipment will cause the body to sweat and heat up, and this leads to dehydration and overheating. If it is cold outside, I had to stop, the sweat will instantly draw out all the warmth, and there will still be overcooling.

As experience shows, the best running clothes are thin, tight-fitting leotards, which often prove to be more effective than balachon pants from sportswear. They tighten the muscles, drain the water and moderately warm. In general, the choice of clothing should be approached very carefully, it depends on her health, running speed, muscle recovery time and runner comfort.

What clothes to choose

In cold weather, it is better to wear a thin T-shirt and sportswear with a lock, on the head - a cap, because the head is too important an organ. If it became hot, you can unbutton your jacket and restore your body temperature to normal. With a strong wind windbreaker is very suitable. To protect your hands in winter, it is better to use mittens, they warm well and can be easily removed on the go.

Clothes for running

If you are not a professional athlete, you should not spend big money on running clothes. Pay attention to how your clothes for running are sitting, breathing, holding and removing moisture. In the summer, it is easiest to pick it up: a shirt with a long or short sleeve and shorts is enough; for fall-spring - tights and knitted sportswoman or windbreaker, hat; for winter you will have to add one more pants, mittens and jacket.

If you are running early in the morning, when it is still dark, or after work, when it is already dark, then running clothes should have reflectors. This will protect you from trouble. Manufacturers of sneakers cause reflectors on their products for a long time. In sunny weather, protect exposed skin with a cream. While running, it becomes covered in sweat and sunbathes faster.

It is inconvenient to run in cotton clothes, it is quickly saturated with moisture, it starts to rub, and it weighs more when wet, which affects decent distances. However, even experienced athletes can be seen in a worn T-shirt from some sponsor, but this is only at distances up to 10 km. For long distances, you need to use high-tech modern sportswear made from polyester.

Running clothes for women

Running equipment for women is not much different from men: a slightly different cut, elasticity due to the difference in the structure of the body. Complement to the clothes are running bras. There were times when they were released the same size and dressed over their head.

But now you can buy not one that is available and most suitable. Use it when running is necessary, as there is a shake-up that creates discomfort that can even injure the breast: at each step, it is pulled down and then abruptly returns to its original position.

Sports underwear has protective cups, reinforced straps, and they fasten with velcro, which allows you to adjust the size. When buying, do not hesitate to try on, jump in it, run on the spot so that it does not rub anywhere and is comfortable.

Specialized clothing

In addition to the well-known thermal underwear, leggings, leotards, there is another clothing for running - compression. It costs a lot, and before taking just a model that looks like it, you should understand what it is and why.

Compression clothing is practically second skin. It facilitates blood flow through the veins, more precisely, its outflow to the heart, prevents varicose veins. Blood circulation improves, and with it the body is better supplied with oxygen, less lactic acid is formed in the muscles. Blood supplies nutrients to the body more quickly and removes carbon dioxide.

Such clothes for running all the muscles, reduces vibration, keeps joints, thus reducing the risk of injury. With frequent sports training or protracted competitions such protection is necessary.

Also, the linen, highlighting the contours of the body, improves coordination of movements, so each individual area of ​​the body feels better. Well, such advantages, which are already standard for sportswear, like moisture removal, heat preservation, cut, excluding rubbing, are also present here.

The downside is that the body becomes accustomed to compression clothing and is recommended to be used for serious training or competitions, and during the morning run it is better to test it and put it neatly on the shelf.

Scientific approach to equipment

In recent years, clothing for running from natural material is no longer in vogue, and not so comfortable. Science has achieved the fact that synthetic fabrics, properly combined, divert water from the body, retain heat, depending on the layers, with active movement or almost complete inactivity, help restore muscles and generally facilitate the work of the body.

How do athletes dress

Professional and eminent athletes specially selected clothes for running. Nike and many other companies will be happy if such people practice and act in clothes with their logo. To achieve results, it is necessary to take into account every little thing, even the tension of the elastic bands on the belt, wrists and ankles matters.