Shoes LOWA - a real find for tourists and freight forwarders. Unique properties, excellent quality and stylish design - the main advantages of shoes and sandals. Today, the company "Lova" is one of the most popular manufacturers of sports shoes.

LOWA is a German company specializing in the production of comfortable shoes for men and women. This company was established in 1923 and to this day successfully produces collections with unique characteristics. During its existence, the company has gained tremendous experience necessary for the production of good shoes.

The main secret of the brand is the use of unique soles. The manufacturer has studied the needs of customers for decades to create models that are comfortable for most people. LOWA footwear is created taking into account the anatomical features of female and male legs.

The use of the latest technologies and innovative materials, manual labor and skills allows the company to launch high-quality and reliable products to the market.

Shoes LOWA: assortment, reviews

Shoe specifications

All LOWA shoes are manufactured using a unique technology developed and patented by the company. Thanks to it, it provides comfort when walking.

Characteristics of shoes "Lova":

  1. Asymmetric lining with a thickening in the outer part of the ankle.
  2. The inside of the ankle is slightly higher than the outside.
  3. The presence on the inner side of the tongue flexible corrugated insert.
  4. The use of Primaloft insulation. This is a material of ultra-thin fibers, which has water-repellent and wear-resistant properties.
  5. Cuffs and the upper part of the tongue are made of soft materials.
  6. Climatic insole with a vertical fiber structure provides quick absorption of moisture and its removal down to evaporation.
  7. The use of plastic elements in each model to give the shoe stiffness and flexibility while walking.
  8. Thermoplastic polyurethane insert in the sole provides stability and convenience.
  9. Porous breathable materials promote ventilation inside the shoe.

Advantages of LOWA shoes

The main advantage of the products of this brand is reliability. LOWA shoes can withstand any load and can last for many years. Proof of this are the reviews of freight forwarders and outdoor enthusiasts who use Lova shoes for this purpose.

Other benefits of shoes (judging by the reviews):

  • strength;
  • minimum amount of glue;
  • small weight;
  • orthopedic construction;
  • availability of ventilation system;
  • resistant sole with shock-absorbing and stabilizing properties;
  • correct foot setting;
  • water tightness;
  • stainless accessories;
  • high quality materials;
  • a wide variety of styles.

In addition, shoes "Lova" provides natural movement of the foot when walking.

Assortment of TM "Lova"

All LOWA products are represented by collections with different models. Most of the range is footwear for tourists, athletes and military personnel. Especially for lovers of hiking in the mountains and plains, the manufacturer has developed boots that maximally protect feet from possible injuries and provide comfort. Tactical shoes are ideal for outdoor recreation in any weather.

The LOWA product range also includes the following products:

  • rock shoes;
  • sneakers;
  • slates and sandals;
  • boots;
  • trekking shoes.

In the cooler seasons, boots and trekking shoes are best. They keep you warm and are suitable for everyday wear. Winter shoes LOWA, according to the manufacturer, withstands severe frosts and protects feet from moisture.

Sneakers and climbing shoes are suitable for the demi-season. Models of such shoes have good ventilation properties. The materials used in sneakers and shoes provide air exchange and moisture output if the feet are fogging.

LOWA sandals and sandals have a sturdy sole and open top. These models are indispensable in hot weather. The sole is made in such a way as to protect the lower limb from all sides. At the same time, the leg remains open.

Trekking boots

Special attention is given to LOWA trekking shoes. It is very popular in many European countries and is the leader in sales compared to other models of TM "Lova".

Trekking boots are designed for exploring the city or outdoor recreation in any weather. According to consumers, shoes retain heat and protect feet from getting wet.

Features trekking boots "Lova":

  • practicality;
  • elegant appearance;
  • comfort;
  • versatility.

The models use a sole stabilizer and a climate insole.

Boots have a stylish design, so they can be worn even for walking around the city. The relief sole provides durability of walking.

Boots are available in black, gray, brown.

Female models LOWA

Women's shoes are created taking into account the features of women's feet. It firmly holds the shape and does not squeeze the skin.

In terms of materials and performance, women's models are almost the same as men's shoes. The only difference is in the design. Models for women have color inserts. To highlight women's shoes and to give products of elegance, the manufacturer adorns the top with bright stripes. Pink, orange or red elements are present on the sole.

Summer shoes represented sandals and flip-flops on a wide relief sole. All models are fixed by means of regulating stickies. Shoes designed for women with different full legs. Mostly summer models have a sporty design.

The range of winter models for lovely ladies is more diverse. Shoes are available in different colors and designs. Especially for women, the company has released high-boot winter boots. They are designed for exploring the city. Boots look great with jeans and leggings.

Many buyers praised LOWA shoes. Reviews speak about durability and high quality models. The best comments left by lovers of hiking and outdoor recreation. In their opinion, Lova sneakers and shoes are ideal for tourist purposes.

Buyers also noted the comfort of shoes. Even with long walking legs do not get tired. In any weather, the feet do not freeze and do not sweat. In shoes "Lova" it is safe to walk on stones and mountains. They do not get wet and do not slide on ice.

There are buyers who are not suitable shoes LOWA. Reviews contain comments about the design and quality of the sole. Some men claim that Lova shoes are slipping on a wet surface.