Holidays by the sea are a favorite kind of summer pastime for most people. At the same time, resting in some resorts, there is a need to buy shoes for swimming in the sea, which is able to protect the feet from damage by corals, stones, and uneven bottom surfaces.

What are the "sea slippers"?

Currently, numerous sports shops offer consumers the so-called "sea slippers", also known as coral sneakers and akvashuzy. Oddly enough, swimming in such shoes becomes more comfortable. The main thing is that footwear for swimming in the sea provides complete protection of the feet from the fungus and mechanical damage.Bathing shoes in the sea - a stylish and safe solution

Most often, the owners of such shoes are residents of hot countries, as well as visitors to seaside resorts located in these regions. The expediency of this decision is due to the nature of swimming in the seas and oceans, the bottom of which is abundantly strewn with stones and corals. Using shoes for swimming in the sea, when moving along the bottom of a person saves himself from injury.

Question of style

Numerous accessories, preferred by swimmers and lovers of relaxation near the water, are not so much of practical importance as they act as a fashionable attribute of maintaining the image. Modern shoes for swimming in the sea is the personification of the original design, the latest technology, comfort and fashion trends.

The result of the use of such sports shoes is the ability to demonstrate the surrounding sense of their own style. Contributes to this as the use of the most simple slippers for swimming, and innovative, technological shoes.

Comfort and practicality

Shoes for swimming in the sea is very comfortable. Provides a comfortable feeling, good fitting shoes around the feet. The presence of mesh and perforated inserts contributes to the leakage of water, which facilitates such products. At the same time, a grooved outsole provides protection when moving on slippery surfaces.

Rubber slippers

The most simple, economical option is rubber shoes for swimming in the sea with corals. Most of the products of this plan are made in the form of a soap dish with elastic jumpers and a solid sole. Such slippers allow you to protect your feet from cuts with sharp pebbles.

However, swimming in rubber shoes for untrained users may not be very convenient. When moving, the water penetrates through the holes, which causes the feeling that the shoes for swimming in the sea flew off his feet.

Silicone shoes

Perforated silicone slippers with small holes, unlike the previous version, perfectly fit the foot. Despite the ergonomic, thoughtful design, this solution also has its drawbacks.

Having picked up silicone slippers in accuracy in size, it is necessary to exert remarkable efforts to put them on or to remove them from their feet. Moreover, when using such footwear it is necessary to put up with the lack of means of regulation. It is most convenient to place silicone slippers on the foot only by stretching the material.

The purchase of bathing shoes from silicone larger does not allow to achieve the effect of full fitting. Therefore, to make a final decision before buying should be deliberately.

Silicone shoes for swimming in the sea (“Sportmaster” offers it in an assortment) usually have a rather thin sole. The presence of this feature becomes convenient when using akvashuz in the pool. However, moving in such shoes on uneven or stony bottom can not be called too comfortable.

Slippers from synthetic materials

If you start from the shortcomings of the previous option, it may be more comfortable shoes made of synthetics. Most often, synthetic shoes for swimming in the sea (“Sportmaster” is a network that offers such shoes), other products of this plan are made from neoprene - the material used for the manufacture of wetsuits. Solid areas often contain inserts in the form of a mesh. The sole of such shoes is grooved, which becomes indispensable when sliding.

If we talk about the obvious advantages of synthetic shoes for swimming, here in the first place there is no effect of shrinkage of the material during drying. When wet, slippers do not become an additional weighting agent for the feet. At the same time, the presence of a dense rubber sole provides effective foot protection.

Synthetic shoes for swimming has comfortable clamps in the form of laces and clips, with which you can loosen or fix the product on the foot. To ensure complete comfort while swimming, it is recommended that a careful selection of the size and fitting of such shoes when buying.

Slippers and slippers with a foot massage effect

Considering that our feet are a place where an impressive number of biologically active points are concentrated, an adult or children's footwear for swimming in a sea with a corrugated surface for passive massage can be an excellent option.

Stimulating the nerve endings while walking, you can soon feel a wonderful therapeutic effect. Usually a tangible result is achieved after 20-30 minutes of wearing slippers.

Flip-flops with similar properties can become a good alternative solution for visiting the pool or for walks along the sea coast. Naturally, the use of slippers will not be too convenient option for swimming, but will save from injured feet when moving on pebbles, small stones and shells.