Each of us at least once in our life burned clothes with an iron or was surprised by a sweater, sat down a couple of sizes after washing. In order to avoid such missteps in the future, it is important to understand that each thing has its own requirements regarding care. Moreover, there is usually a necessary designation on clothes, but not everyone is accustomed to paying attention to labels, and many do not know how to read them correctly.

We erase all the rules

Some of the most understandable signs of care for clothes belong to the conditions of washing. Everything is really elementary - on the label drawn wash? This means that you can, of course, do laundry with a typewriter. If there is also a hand on the schematic, then you have a product that requires a more delicate relationship. Wash it only by hand. The underlined bottom is a sign of a sparing mode, so choose a spin with minimum speed. If there are two features, then the product needs a delicate wash. Another designation that is clear to everyone on the clothes is a basin, inside which the temperature is written in numbers. Accordingly, it is recommended to wash it in any way with exact observance of temperature conditions. Sometimes the value in degrees is not exactly indicated, but is shown as dots. Remember the simple rule: the smaller they are, the colder the water should be. Accordingly, one mark means no more than 30 degrees, two - up to 40, three - can be washed under any conditions. Sometimes a crossed-out pelvis is present on the label, respectively, this thing cannot be washed off at all and wetting is also not recommended.

Can all things be bleached?

Every good housewife knows that light things must be periodically refreshed with the help of special means. To indicate the admissibility of use when washing bleach, a special designation on clothing - a triangle - is used. If this figure is drawn only contour, you can bleach. If the symbol is crossed out - it is impossible. A triangle with two strips inside means that it is not recommended to use chlorine-containing products. If there are letters CL inside the figure, any means are allowed.

Recommendations for drying and spinning

Often there are also symbols on clothing labels containing information on such washing parameters as spinning and drying. If these signs are missing, the thing does not require compliance with special conditions. Characters dedicated to drying clothes are depicted as squares. If a circle is shown inside the figure, it is possible to wash it with a spin in a washing machine, and also the item can be dried in a special apparatus. There is a separate sign prohibiting spinning, and it is not difficult to understand it intuitively. This is a crossed-out image of twisted linen. Separate designations on clothing labels show natural drying conditions. If there is an arc inside the square (in its upper part), then the thing should be placed vertically. One horizontal strip in the middle of the figure is drying on a flat surface, three vertical lines are without spinning. If there is a circle inside the square, and three horizontal lines on its square, this garment should be placed on a hanger.

Safe use of iron

Dry cleaning and other conventions on clothes

The signs of dry cleaning are circles. As for all other categories, the outline of the figure means the resolution of this type of care, and the same image in strikethrough form is a ban. If inside the circle is the letter "A" - you can carry out dry cleaning using any means. The letter “F” means that it is allowed to process the product with triflotrichloromethane and a hydrocarbon. If this symbol has a bottom line, then you are instructed to conduct cleaning in a delicate mode. The letter "P" in the circle - dry cleaning is allowed using chlorine ethylene, hydrocarbon, monoflotrichloromethane. Accordingly, the addition of an underscore to the bottom of this symbol means a recommendation for gentle cleaning.

For convenience, consumers remember and read all the signs on the labels are divided into groups. To successfully read them, you just have to remember that the symbols for washing on clothes are basins, drying is squares, ironing is irons, bleaching is triangles, and dry cleaners are circles. For convenience, you can also print our article or a separate table of characters and hang it in a prominent place. Do not be lazy to look at clothing labels before each washing and ironing, and then your clothes will look like new for a long time. Remember, we are accustomed to sinning at the manufacturers, berating them for the poor quality of the clothes being sold, and in fact most often things deteriorate after the first washings because we do not know how to properly care for them.