Night visions sometimes develop into nightmares. They make you jump out of bed in a cold sweat. Only a couple of minutes later, the person realizes that the horror is deceptive, nothing happened, only it seemed. One of these terrible images is considered a sudden spontaneous abortion. Let's figure out what dream miscarriages women and men. Interesting?

Are fears justified? What are miscarriages to different people?

For pregnant

Perhaps this is the only category of people who do not need to worry about the cruel nightmare. This is no good. A miscarriage of a pregnant girl is dreaming, which means that she, worrying about the change in her body, worries too much. Her fears arose on the basis of a hormonal explosion that accompanies any pregnancy. You should consult a doctor and go through the recommended sedative program. Today there are many for every taste. This vision is not associated with special messages from the astral, rather, it is a direct indication of the subconscious mind to the existing problems of physiological properties. There is no reason to wind yourself further, this is useless. A miscarriage with a blood dream means a trouble. She presented someone from loved ones. Fortunately, there will be no consequences, except for a few tears or a strict rebuke from you. If a woman was only frightened of the loss of the fetus, but in fact nothing of that kind was observed in the astral plot, then she would be faced with completely stupid, artificial suffering. It happens to pregnant women. They will remember how the husband of a strawberry did not buy the year before last and weep bitterly over their unfortunate fate, then they would burn the pancakes, introducing the "gray-armed hostess" into complete prostration. Such an event awaits you throughout the day. And after a week you will begin to remember the “catastrophe” with a smile.

What else does a miscarriage of a pregnant girl dream of (special meanings)

It should be noted that further information is not required for all. It can be called individual or special. If you are happy in marriage, then skip it to you to nothing. Miscarriages of a pregnant, deprived of the support of the father of the future baby (simply abandoned, but a brave woman) are having a dream, which means that her tests end. Soon she will have the chance to find a friend by heart. He will be so noble that he will take care of mommy and her baby. The decision for the most pregnant. A miscarriage in this case speaks of the loss of problems and experiences, the restoration of spiritual balance, the attainment of peace. Good, positive sleep. You should not be afraid of him. Open your soul to meet new sensations. The heart will tell you who will be the support for the rest of his life and not only you, but also the unborn baby. Do not miss such a great chance!

If a woman does not expect a child

Ladies who are not going to become young moms should carefully examine what dreams of miscarriage. The topic opens up rich opportunities for reflection on your own position. A young woman of this kind of vision hints at some kind of mistake that she is preparing to commit. Her position is now far from stability. Ahead is a bridge leading into the unknown. Will she decide to step on him? That is an important life turn. We need to think about the details and make a decision, to pull to anything. A miscarriage is not a pregnant woman, you know, you have to part with something expensive. It is recommended to cry, but do not postpone the gap. This something, a circumstance or a person, already interferes with your aspirations for success, act like a pounding weight in the hands of a swimmer. So near the moment of complete immersion in the abyss of melancholy stagnation. Feel free to push away the burden of the past and absorb the wind of an unknown future! Procrastination is dangerous here, it does not matter to you. A miscarriage with a blood dream, it means that someone from the environment will get sick. Most likely, it will be one of the older relatives.

People of respectable age

This category of citizens, enriched with the experience of past years, also finds it useful to explore their nightly dreams. Very commendable. After all, it is time to transfer knowledge to young and green. Shy for nothing. Miscarriage of someone from relatives or friends - therefore, it is this person who needs wise advice. It is recommended to forget about conventions and directly start a frank conversation with a person.

Do not be surprised. Representatives of the stronger sex, too, wander in the astral plane, becoming participants in extraordinary plots. If a man has lost a fetus, it means failure awaits him. An idea that has been being hatched for some time will be empty and uninteresting. It is better to forget about it until the time when you have to spread it to the team. Otherwise, get a complete set - from censure to ridicule. Try to think of something else. If the fetus has lost her lover, then she just misses you. She lacks attention and affection. Be careful, do not waste all the time on earnings. Otherwise, no one will spend the profit, even if it will increase many times. The stranger, sobbing on the mighty shoulder of a knight in connection with the loss of the desired fruit, appeared in a dream? Be vigilant, dear man (boy). Madame Madame has already noticed you as a potential dolt. If it is easier, then such a dreamer wants to twirl mother, slipping his child into the bride to him. The present will turn out to be a big burden for both the heart and the wallet. Bypassing the side of innocent sheep, accompanied by a kind word, but a sly look, "matchmakers".

What dreams girl miscarriage

Young girls also have to face the horror of bloody loss in night visions. They have a special, spiritual meaning. Such a dream suggests that the girl moves away from the destination. She would think about the family, and she is interested in parties and entertainment, or career growth for any price. The subconscious mind is trying to bring her to the true path, the only guaranteeing her a happy life! Listen carefully!