In recent years, popular medicine has become increasingly popular. People try to stop using different medications, considering their effectiveness unproven. This can not be said about the grandmother's recipes, which each time help out. One effective means is sea buckthorn oil. In gynecology, urology, cosmetology and other spheres this product is used quite often. This is exactly what will be discussed later. You will find out what is useful about sea buckthorn oil in gynecology. Also, you can get acquainted with the opinions of patients and specialists about this product.

Sea-buckthorn oil in gynecology: application, reviews

Sea-buckthorn oil in gynecology

This tool in this area was first used in 1946. Since that moment, sea buckthorn oil has gained great popularity and recognition. The product helps women cope with a variety of pathologies.

Properties of sea buckthorn oil in gynecology are as follows. It has an analgesic, wound healing, regenerating effect. Also, the oil is characterized by anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action.

Is everyone allowed to use the remedy for treatment?

Sea-buckthorn oil in gynecology is used quite often to correct various pathologies. However, not every woman can use such a product.

Sea buckthorn oil contains a large number of acids. This is why it is not recommended to be consumed inside people with stomach and intestinal diseases. Also, this remedy can cause an allergic reaction in the patient. With special care, the product should be used by people with immunodeficiency.

Application in pregnancy

Sea-buckthorn oil in gynecology is used for pregnant women. The product does not irritate the mucous membranes of the genital tract. It also does not contain toxins and preservatives. That is why sea buckthorn oil is often recommended for use by future mothers.

The product can be taken orally one teaspoonful. Oil helps to regulate the digestive function and get rid of constipation. After all, it is this illness that worries the representatives of the weaker sex who are in an interesting position. Also, the product has an immunomodulatory effect. Future mothers are susceptible to various diseases throughout the term of pregnancy. In addition, sea buckthorn oil helps prepare the ancestral ways to an important process. In this case, he is appointed one month before the birth. A woman should drink five milliliters of the product in the morning and in the evening. You can also use candles with sea buckthorn oil. In gynecology they are used quite often.

For the treatment of erosion

What treats sea buckthorn oil in gynecology? Often the drug is used to correct erosion. This formation of an inflamed wound surface on the mucous membrane of the cervix. This pathology can occur at absolutely any age. In most cases, erosion is treated by cauterization or the use of certain medications. In this case, doctors do not recommend a correction if the patient plans to give birth to children.

Sea buckthorn oil also allows you to make the correction as quickly and safely. With regular use, the effect is noticeable after a few weeks. How to apply the erosion treatment correctly? First you need to clean the cervix. Prepare a decoction of chamomile or any other anti-inflammatory herb. Cool the liquid to a comfortable temperature and prince. After that, take a swab and dab it in sea buckthorn oil. Enter the medicine into the vagina for 20 hours. After the specified time, remove the product and carry out normal hygiene procedures. In a day, repeat the manipulation. Treatment continues until full recovery.

Elimination of thrush

Sea-buckthorn oil in gynecology can have different uses. For treatment of thrush, use the drug inside and topically. This means you can fill salads and add it to different dishes. It helps to restore the microflora of the intestine and vagina.

In addition, the agent is inserted into the vagina in the form of candles. You can prepare them yourself. To do this, make shapes and fill them with sea buckthorn oil. Add in each cell a few drops of glycerin and place them in the freezer. When the composition acquires a look, you can start using it. Before going to bed, insert one candle into the vagina. Before this, it is necessary to conduct hygiene procedures. Treatment is carried out from one week to a month. At this time, it is necessary to exclude sex.

Cervicitis is an unpleasant pathology

Tampons with sea buckthorn oil in gynecology used for the treatment of cervicitis. This pathology is usually adjusted antimicrobial and antiseptic agents. After the course are assigned the beneficial bacteria, which are used for a long time.

Sea buckthorn oil allows you to abandon antimicrobial agents and avoid the cost of drugs with beneficial bacteria. Tampons for vaginal insertion should be sterile. Do not use plain cotton or bandages. Give preference to hygiene products that are used during menstruation. In this case, choose tampons with a small absorbency. They will be easier to insert into the vagina. Preheat the sea buckthorn oil. You can do it in a microwave or in a water bath. Immerse the tampon in a warm liquid for several minutes. Next, it is necessary to squeeze the cotton wool slightly. Enter the prepared composition into the vagina for two hours. Repeat the procedure three times a day at regular intervals. The course of treatment is approximately two weeks.

Treatment of infection

This remedy can be used to correct infection. Treatment of diseases that have been sexually acquired, usually produced by a large number of antibiotics. Often, drugs must be administered intravenously or intramuscularly. To speed up the recovery, you can use sea buckthorn oil.

Take the cotton ball and soak it in the oil liquid. To get the substance absorbed more quickly, you can slightly preheat the bowl by placing it in warm water. Then the ball is placed in the vagina to a depth of not more than one centimeter. After this, it is worth taking a horizontal position for 20-30 minutes. After this time, you need to remove the ball. Repeat manipulation can be up to five times a day. Do not forget about the hygienic procedures that are so necessary during the treatment of bacterial infection of the genital tract.

Postpartum trauma

Sea buckthorn oil is used to treat postpartum trauma. Often, delivery is accompanied by episiotomy or independent breaks. They are sutured after retrieving a child's place and processing the uterus. However, healing of such scars can take a very long time. In some cases, a representative of the weaker sex who has recently become a mommy, can not sit and lift the baby because of pain. In this case, the same sea-buckthorn oil will help.

Regularly, after carrying out hygienic procedures, treat the seams with an oil composition. If the doctor has prescribed additional means of disinfection, then first you need to apply them. Only after this, the wound is smeared with a cotton swab.

Cracks and herpes

Quite often the herpetic infection is accompanied by the formation of cracks in the genital organs. Treatment of such pathologies is carried out by the course of immunomodulating drugs. However, they fight solely with the virus, not acting on damaged tissue. The oil of sea-buckthorn will help to speed up the process of regeneration and healing.

Regularly wash away with baby soap. After carrying out hygienic manipulations, carefully lubricate the genitals with sea-buckthorn oil. After this, it is not necessary to wash off the product. Use disposable gaskets here is the time of such treatment. Substance can dirty your underwear.

Sea-buckthorn oil in gynecology: reviews about the methods of treatment

Patients say that this tool is quite effective. Use sea buckthorn oil is very simple. You can do it yourself, at home. Oil helps fight various women's ailments. However, representatives of the weaker sex may refuse to use drugs that adversely affect the intestines, liver and kidneys.

What do doctors say about the product called sea buckthorn oil? The application in gynecology reviews is positive. Doctors talk about the safety of this remedy. In most cases, doctors appoint a candle to use. They are currently available in virtually any pharmacy chain. However, the sea buckthorn oil has exactly the same effect. If you do not want to mess with fatty substance, you can use candles.

Additional applications

Sea buckthorn oil is widespread not only in gynecology. It is used to correct deficiencies of the skin, with the goal of improving hair. Also, the composition helps fight hemorrhoids. Often it is used for burns and severe skin damage.

The tool is absolutely safe. That is why it is allowed to use for children. Substance applied to damaged tissue. In some cases, it is recommended to boil the composition. This will make sea buckthorn oil, sterile. The product is suitable for the treatment of leather and folds in newborns.

Summing up the article

You now know what is the use of sea buckthorn oil. In gynecology, it has been used for several decades. At the same time, its popularity is growing. The drug is often prescribed by doctors with a lot of practice. Young specialists are trying to recommend new drugs. Take note of this remedy. However, before using it, consult with a specialist and get a permit. Strong to you health and well-being!