Traditionally, women “put in order” their figure several times a year: before the celebration of New year and 8 March, and the beginning of beach season. However, the more you allow yourself the rest of the time, the harder it gets each time to reduce weight.

Great help in this difficult process are cosmetic procedures: peeling, massages and wraps. In the company with proper nutrition will give not only excellent results, but significantly drain your wallet. Those who are not ready every week leave 2-4 thousand at the beauty salon, we advise you not to despair. In the home also can care for your figure can help you get a body wrap.

How it works

We know a lot of wonderful stories, when girls and women apply the body wrap for weight loss and got a stunning result. The loss of four centimeters in volume in just two sessions is really impressive, but what's the catch?

In fact, the film in no way burns the fat. Wrap encourages sweating due to greenhouse effect. Body wrap for weight loss at home: recipes, reviews

Gradual weight loss is not the only advantage that can give a body wrap at home. Your hips and belly will be reduced through this simple procedure, the skin becomes more supple and taut.

Of course, you will not be able to lose 5 or 10 pounds only through the use of film, and alone it cellulite not overcome. Before the procedure, the skin should be applied to an active substance, the effect of which will be strengthened by the airtight layer.

From our review you will learn how to correctly perform a body wrap for weight loss, recipes, reviews and contraindications.

Why not?

As you might guess, each cosmetic procedure has its contraindications. There is a whole list of diseases which it is impossible to wraps:

– varicose veins

– metabolic disorders

– individual intolerance of one of the ingredients of the mixture

allergies, damage to the skin

– problems with the cardiovascular system.

Even with excellent health should not be abused – doctors recommend limiting the duration to 40 minutes. In addition, the body wrap can not be done during menstruation, and for two or three days before and after it. During menstruation the female body is prone to edema, besides excess heat in the abdomen, pelvis, and back can increase bleeding – it is possible hospitalization.


Not the least important step before the procedure is preparation. The best option is to visit bath, sauna or at least bath to open the pores. Subsequent use of the scrub will help remove dead skin cells. As a scrub perfect fresh ground coffee.

During the day, keep drinking regime. Two liters of clean water will protect against dehydration, which can occur during a session. Gentle massage at the time of application of the mixture will improve its impact.

Types of wraps

Body wrap can be of three types:

  1. Fat burning. Using a warming blend, for example, honey or red pepper.
  2. Tonic For skin elasticity with mummy, coffee or citrus.
  3. Moisturizing. To nourish the skin with cream or fruit and berry mixtures.

The selection of key ingredients greatly affects the result. But one feature still remains the same is the removal of excess water and products of disintegration of fat cells.

Body wrap at home recipes which you will find in our review, from the point of view of Finance available to many people. However, abuse procedures every day not worth it – there is a risk of irritation and serious health problems. Doctors do not recommend to combine the wrap with exercise or at night – increases the load on the heart and kidneys.

Check for yourself

The easiest option is to buy ready – made anti-cellulite cream or a special blend. The line “Fitness body” from the Russian manufacturer Oil will help to hold the body wrap.

Reviews of the fair sex often note the effect of the two products:

  1. Mask “Ice wrap”. In the composition a seaweed extract, complex minerals, essential oil of mint and menthol. In contrast, warming blends, “Ice wrap” delivers much less discomfort.
  2. Mud termomatika. Based on Dead sea mud combined with active thermocompressor “caffeine Niacin red pepper”. Provides a sauna effect without overheating.

Means “Fitness body” has proven effective, and hundreds of grateful comments only confirm this.

Mustard + honey

For the sake of beauty and harmony of the fair sex are willing to make many sacrifices, so mustard and honey body wrap for weight loss is incredibly popular.

Magical properties of mustard:

– intense heating, which provides blood flow to the tissues

Not each the strength to endure the burning sensation of the mustard mixture, and the risk of irritation or burns increases significantly. For this reason, the second component is honey, which accelerates the process of breakdown of fats.

How to cook

So, for a very simple recipe we need the honey and mustard in equal shares. If honey is too thick, warm it in a water bath, but do not let boil – in this case, all the beneficial properties will be lost.

Dissolve the mustard powder in a small amount of water and mix with the second ingredient. Apply the mixture to only one problem area, so that a strong warming effect does not harm the health.

Experts say that mustard and honey in a shop will be useless to combat cellulite and excess weight. In addition, honey mustard wrap should be conducting a course 15 times a day so your skin has time to relax. The duration of one session – no more than 30 minutes.

In the end just rinse the mixture with cool water. Moisturizer we are completing a body wrap.

Recipes with coffee and pepper

These two ingredients can often be found in the composition of anti-cellulite creams and gels for weight loss. They stimulate blood circulation, increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin and also help to reduce the layer of subcutaneous fat.

We present the most “explosive” recipe for coffee and pepper wraps. Required components:

- 10 g of red pepper;

- 5 g black pepper;

- 10 g of ground coffee.

Mix all ingredients until smooth using brandy or vodka, and then apply to areas that need adjustment. The time of the procedure – 20 minutes.

As evidenced by numerous reviews, regular body wrap with coffee-pepper mixture every three to four days will help to get rid of cellulite and measurably reduce the amount within two months.

Medicinal mixtures

Some women use drugs to make a more effective body wrap. Reviews say cream “eye drops”, designed to relieve muscle and joint pain.

A small amount of ointment is added to the anti-cellulite cream (one pea is enough) and a few drops of lemon or orange essential oil. The mixture is applied under the film and leave for 40 minutes.

“Kapsikam” can be replaced with other drugs, for example, “Dimexide” and “Eufillin”. But how can bronchitis and thrombophlebitis medications be used to combat the “orange peel”?

“Euphyllinum” is a vasoconstrictor that restores blood flow and triggers stagnant processes. “Dimexide” also accelerates metabolic processes throughout the body.

It is very important to understand that each drug has its own contraindications and side effects, which can appear even when used externally.

Other types of wrapping

We looked at the most popular products that girls and women most often use for wrapping at home. Other ingredients can also be used: vinegar, cinnamon, algae, clay and sea salt.

Needless to say that the cost of treatments in the beauty salon and at home does not compare. At the pharmacy you will find essential oils, mustard powder, seaweed and clay, while paying significantly less than one session with a cosmetologist.

It is very important before the first wrap to test for an allergic reaction. Apply a small amount of cooked mixture on the bend of the elbow and watch the condition of the skin. Perhaps at this point you will realize that hot red pepper is not for you and choose the more gentle ingredients.

Do not neglect the recommendations of experts, because non-compliance with proportions and an increase in session time can lead to a burn, an allergic reaction and more serious health problems.