May each of us there comes a time when the following question arises: "How to calculate square meters of a room or land?". This problem can be easily solved with the help of the school of the science of geometry.

When you might need to measure area

In some cases you need to quickly figure out how to calculate the square meters in a certain area. Basically, this task is placed in front of the people who started the repair. The correct calculation of squaring the room will help you to calculate the amount of building materials required.How to calculate square footage, and what is the area of the room Basically a question about how to calculate square meters of a room or the whole house, there is, if you plan to:

  • replacement of floor covering
  • styling heat and waterproofing
  • dismantling or installation of parquet flooring;
  • General overhaul
  • remodeling of the home.

Measuring the area of rectangular spaces

This classical problem, as a rule, does not cause questions like "How to calculate square meters?". At school a well known rule that the area of a rectangle is the product of its adjacent sides. Therefore, to calculate the area of a room, it is enough to multiply the length of the walls having a common corner. For example, the lengths of the sides 3 m and 4 m will have an area of 12 m2. In the case of a square room, measure the square generally will not be difficulties – quite the length of one side square of the premises multiplied by itself. So is the answer to the question about how to calculate square meters of wall.

The area of the triangular space. In old houses or individual buildings are such a triangular recess. If the room resembles a right triangle, the question about how to calculate square meters, does not arise. We all remember that the area of a right triangle is half the product of its legs. If the triangle is non-standard, with a level drop height from the widest angle on the opposite side. The result is two right-angled triangles and calculate their area.

Measuring the area of an irregular polygon

Complex layout of modern buildings or “Krivoklatsko” builders result in areas of irregular plan. The most common case – room, which resembles a trapezoid. In the case of such a calamity to the rescue again, comes geometry.

Two opposite sides of a trapezoid are parallel to each other. Will hold of the corners of the short side of height, descending at a great. In terms of the resulting shape will looks like this:

From the figure it is clearly seen that line, in fact, is a rectangle with two triangles on the sides. How to calculate square meters of a rectangle, we already know. Also, we will be able to determine the area of two right triangles. In the end, the area of the trapezoid will consist of the sum of the areas of a rectangle and two triangles.

Complex shapes

In new apartments the flights of thought of architects lead to the appearance of the rounded surfaces where the convex or concave walls describe smooth curves and floors, in turn, is a projection of the creations of the architect and headache of the owner. How to calculate square meter of surface in this case?

Back to school course in mathematics. First recall that the area of a circle can be calculated by this is such a wonderful formula:

So round surface is very easy to calculate, it is enough to know the radius of the circle.

In particularly difficult cases, not even the magical number PI. To calculate the area of complex shapes have to resort to integrals.

Scared? Not worth it. Integrals in mathematics is the sum of many small particles. You do not should break the surface to be measured on a narrow strip, which is a simplified rectangles. In the case of a small width of such a rectangle curved at its base can be neglected. The resulting shape will resemble this:

Calculate the area of each rectangle and sum up their values, and the area of complex surfaces calculated by us without hassle.

How to measure

Ideally, you should leave the apartment from the furniture and run through it with a tape measure. Since it is only possible in the case of moving to a new place of residence, act differently. First, you can measure the area of the room on the ceiling, sincerely hoping for the parallelism of the planes of the ceiling and floor. The area of the ceiling you can define methods described above.

The second method is to determine the perimeter of the room by measuring the length of its walls at the same height. You can use the paint thread, pulling it along the walls at the same height.

As you can see, the school geometry course is not so worthless as we thought before. The knowledge obtained proved to be quite practical and has helped us to calculate the area of a private home.