The taste of fried mushrooms, their incomparable flavor, many familiar almost from childhood, especially to people living in forested areas or have the opportunity each year to go mushroom hunting. And this, believe me, the occupation is very exciting, demanding and care, and other skills. Bringing nutritious and healthy gifts of nature which can be prepared in a great variety of delicious dishes. Often go for mushrooms with the whole family in full, so to speak, part. So this pastime is very popular and as active recreation. Especially since the entire day you are outdoors, in the fresh air in the woods.Do I need to boil the chanterelles before frying? How much to cook chanterelles?

Mushrooms sometimes justify their popular name for all 100! Here and chanterelles are named accurately and accurately: their appearance is really similar to the folded tails of the animal of the same name. In addition, this type of mushroom is one of the most environmentally friendly (of course, provided that they grow not somewhere in the industrial zone or at the autobahn, but in natural conditions, in the forest). They do not absorb any harm, as some other mushrooms do, replenishing on occasion their fabrics with almost the entire periodic table from the soil and the surrounding atmosphere.

Do I need to boil the chanterelles before frying?

This issue is directly related to the previous popular belief (don't know, however, as evidenced by scientific). Do I need to cook chanterelles before frying? In fact, any mushrooms to professional chefs recommend in any case, at least a little to boil thoroughly before the main cooking: baking, roasting (sometimes even changing the water several times for some species). This is done, again, for human security. After all, has long been popularly known that these forest products are able to be fed with substances from the environment and soil in which they grow. Therefore, it is not recommended to carry out mushroom hunting in places with bad ecology. Do I need to cook chanterelles before frying? The unambiguous answer to give difficult. Because traditionally, certain species of fungi, which includes mushrooms, white and mushrooms, and chanterelles, additional heat treatment, if the mushrooms are fresh, just collected may not be produced.

Fried chanterelles

Do I have to cook chanterelles before frying? If you are afraid of poison forest delicacies (and the people constantly walking horror stories about that in some hot years even non-poisonous mushrooms acquire the characteristics and properties poisonous), then for reassurance, you can and boil, but do so wisely and without unnecessary extremism. Of course, any harm in this case by the mushrooms and you will not put, but can suffer their taste and appearance attractive.

How much to cook?

So, how much to cook chanterelles before frying (the secrets of experienced chefs):

  1. Neither dried nor frozen, these mushrooms are not boiled before frying - only fresh, recently collected.
  2. Before cooking, you should carefully go over the chanterelles, inspect them carefully. We leave neat, without barrels, damage and specks. Cut out rot.
  3. Important step is washing the mushrooms. Often on forest mushrooms can accumulate (especially hats) dirt, sand, and even insects. Therefore, you need to rinse very, very carefully every of fungi in the flowing, no pressure, cool water. The best thing to do for an ordinary kitchen faucet. And the secret to the experienced cook, often having experience with mushrooms: type in a basin of room temperature water, pour back the collected mushrooms in the forest and soak for several hours. During this time, all stubborn forest dwellers fall apart the dirt, and unwanted organisms, who found there a shelter, will float to the surface. After soaking the water is drained, and the mushrooms wash under running water and peel. And by the way, some question about whether to cook chanterelles before frying, at this stage already put a point, immediately sending the mushrooms to the pan. But we decided to go on.
  4. So take the pot down there already clean mushrooms and fill with water so that it is with their heads covered (fluid in approximately two times more than spinach). Add to the pan the onion and whole Bay leaf. Once the water is boiling, cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes, remove scum with a slotted spoon.
  5. After cooking the mushrooms, we recline in a colander and rinse with cold water. Then you can fry the resulting cake mix.

However, it should still be noted that some people in the question of whether boiling mushrooms of chanterelles should be boiled before frying, choose a negative answer, frying them immediately after washing, arguing that so when cooking dishes, taste and health properties are better preserved.