Spiderko has been manufacturing high-quality knives and accessories for them for 38 years.

history of the company

Spiderko knives: characteristics, description, advantages

In the distant 1978, the company was founded by Sal Glesser. Today, “Spiderko” is located in the city of Golden, Colorado.

Today in the catalog of models of the enterprise already more than one hundred and eighty positions, it also includes folding knives “Spiderko”, kitchen knives and models with a blade, which is fixed. Previously, the production of knives occurred only in Japan and America, but since 2008 the company decided to expand, and in the same year the first model was released in China. Admirers of the brand were given the promise of leadership to support the desired level of quality. Although initially the production in China, the goal was to reduce labor costs and consumables.

By the way, Spiderco also has the Byrd trademark, under whose name knives are made in Southeast Asia. The difference between such knives is the shape of the hole in order to open the knife in one motion - stylized comet.

general characteristics

The products include Spideko knives themselves, as well as kits for sharpening them. For thirty years, lovers of quality handguns have known Spideko as an enterprise with the most progressive trends. The staff of the company is constantly developing innovative projects for greater convenience, and design solutions successfully emphasize the functionality of knives with an aesthetic appearance. Among the company's own developments:

A blade that looks like a reduced saw and has shockingly sharp teeth - the Spyder Edge.

Solution for carrying the knife right in the pockets - clip on the spring, placed on the handle.

Compression Lock - a device aimed at easy opening of the knife in one motion.

The introduction of plastic as the main material for the design of the handle, which contributed to the relief of the knife as a whole.

For the duration of progress and the steady improvement of its products, Spiderko has agreements with numerous experts in the field of wrestling, self-defense, etc., including professional athletes. Testing knives with such professionals helps to diagnose flaws as best as possible. In addition, the company's employees include many world-famous designers. Here are a few names: Wayne Goddart, Jess Horn, Bill Moran, Bob Lum, Jots Hals, Bob Terzuol, Frank Sentophante, and many other popular personalities. The release of each model is preceded by large-scale testing in many ways. This includes, for example, the maximum load and the intensity of abrasion of the cutting part, calculating the resistance of the blade to oxidation and corrosion processes, the strength of the blade and so on.

Varieties and materials

At the moment, the company produces Spiderko knives with these types of clamps:

The material for the blades “Spiderko” is high-grade stainless steel of the best grades. The blades themselves are produced with different types of sharpening - combined, serrated, or the usual plain. The handle has an accurate, balanced weight and is made of stainless steel, polymer, glass fiber or titanium.


Many satisfied users who have purchased knives “Spyderco knives” reviews, certifying their emotions – this is another reason to trust your investment to this company. The products of this company is really high quality.

An additional advantage due to which Spiderco knives are so popular - prices. The average buyer can easily afford such an accessory (the cost depends on the model and ranges from 1.5 thousand rubles and above).

In order to characterize the knives "Spayderko", do not need a lot of words. One has only to say that by acquiring such a tool, you get original design, high quality and maximum convenience in the kit. Spiderco knives are a sign of quality!