With an incredible variety of products on the world markets of world famous brands, the Hanso knife is recognizable and enjoys well-deserved interest from consumers. Excellent quality and relatively low price keep the company's products in the lead in sales of knives for various purposes.

The Chinese manufacturer of knives company Ganzo was formed by several masters-knifers in 1994. The native land became the city of Yangjiang in Guangdong.

The use of modern materials, quality hand assembly, advanced technology allowed to create interesting models. First, the Hanso knife was sold exclusively in the domestic market. A long-term contract for the supply of knives for the US military brought the company to the world market. Currently, the sale is carried out in more than thirty countries, including Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, New Zealand, Australia.

Knife Gunzo: an overview

Then the firm expanded its product range, and multitools, pocket sharpeners and small grinding machines emerged on the market. Chinese experts take all the best from the developments of world brands and supplement them with their new practical elements and details. The product is by no means a pure copy of the analog. The engineers of the firm received more than one hundred patents for the development and implementation of functional ideas.


The company denied the popular myth of "Chinese consumer goods". Sharpener, Gunzo knives, multitools and other models are of exceptional quality. Severe control is carried out at all stages of production. First-class raw materials are used for the production of goods.

A full-fledged enterprise produces products in a variety of sizes, weights, design, purpose. Important is the fact that, other things being equal, multitools and folding knives "Hanso" are 5-6 times cheaper than similar products of such world brands as Bob Lum, Benchmade, Warren Osborne and others.

The firm lets out only knives, multitools and sharpeners - it allows to concentrate on perfection of the goods, development and introduction of new models. High professionalism of employees allows us to keep the company among the world leaders in this industry.

Pleasant trifles

Knife "Hanso" is used in different conditions. For the convenience of consumers, the company supplies models with additional devices:


Knife Ganzo-multitool is released more than twenty years. All models are built according to a clear scheme - at the base multifunctional pliers, in the handle - auxiliary tools. In the collapsed position, access to any knife option is possible. The one-piece side plates of the handles form a one-piece power skeleton. Plastic corrugated plates are made in different styles and shades.

A set of all models include knives with a serritor and even sharpening, a bit holder with a set of bits (9-12 pieces, depending on the model). The pliers are made of 2CR alloy by cold stamping. Functional saturation, design solutions and a set of tools allows you to divide all the multitools into series. A brief overview of the Hanso knives:

The size of the tool is divided into:

Popular model

Folding knife "Hanso G704" - one of the most popular. Brief description of the product:

Consumers note the excellent quality of the product, convenient operation, an adequate price (within $ 25).

Knife Ganzo is useful in everyday life, and in a hike. Pocket and travel options are the most popular among consumers. Models differ in the types of fixing mechanisms and in the way they are sharpened: the serration, the conventional, and the combined. Tourist options can boast a reliable anti-corrosion coating. Pocket products are distinguished by the hardness of the blades.

Handles of products are made of ABS plastic. It is lightweight, solid, perfectly amenable to processing and painting. The number of shades reaches two dozen. You can choose a knife with a handle made of composite fiberglass G10, durable, with an anti-slip rough texture, securely fixed in the hand.

The company offers four options for coating the blade:

The black version does not give glare from the sun or moonlight. Very useful quality for fighters of special forces, hunters and fishermen. For the blade use only high-quality steel.

Multitools differ in the accuracy of assembly and the quality of the material (in this case, stainless steel), any model will serve for a long time and reliably. Plastic lining of different colors will help to keep the tool in inclement weather, and bright color is quickly found in case of accidental fall.

A set of a great knife is usually bought and a sharpener to keep the product in working order.