Many of us have been tormented by aching pains in the lower back. The reasons for this state can be very diverse - both harmless, and sufficiently disturbing.

Aching in lower back: causes and treatment

Causes of pain

Everyone can face this problem, regardless of age. Most of the aching pain in the lower back arises due to osteochondrosis, radiculitis, muscle spasm, intervertebral hernia, various kinds of injuries, kidney diseases. In a woman, such symptoms can occur in the premenstrual period and during critical days.


This disease causes severe pain, which can give to the lower abdomen, the groin area. Pain becomes acute and stitching when a person sneezes or coughs. The condition worsens with sudden movements, slopes, corners of the body.

There are other symptoms that are characteristic of this disease. This is a loss of skin sensitivity, most often the toes and the outside of the foot are affected. Very rarely, in severe forms of the disease, a person may have a disappearance (in whole or in part) of the reflex functions of the tendons.

In a person suffering from osteochondrosis, often there is a jamming and inflammation of the nerve roots, as a result of which radiculitis occurs. He suffers from frequent aching pain in the lower back. Acute pain rarely occurs, mainly with sudden movements or heavy physical exertion. Unpleasant feelings can be annoying even when a person spends a long time in one position, as well as walking.

Intervertebral hernia

The main symptoms of this pathology are aching pains, numbness of the skin, loss of sensitivity of the lower extremities. Get rid of the problem surgically. Hernia can cause problems with internal organs, so treatment can not be avoided.

Injury of the spine

Another reason for the appearance of such pain. In some cases, conservative treatment helps to eliminate the problem, severe injuries require surgical treatment.

Inflammation of the appendix

Very seriously you need to treat the pain in the abdomen and lower back on the right side, which are accompanied by a rise in temperature, nausea and vomiting. Delay in this situation can lead to rupture of the cecum and sepsis.

Kidney problems

Aching in the lower back and lower abdomen may be a sign of kidney disease, especially if urination is disturbed, the temperature rises. The condition requires a visit to the doctor as soon as possible.

Depending on which side of the diseased kidney is located, there is aching pain in the lower back on the right or left. With a light blow on the sick body appears soreness. Unpleasant sensations can be given to the ribs and the lower abdomen.

If the problem has become chronic, pain and other symptoms may not occur.

Aching pain in the lumbar region, bloated stomach, fever, flatulence, unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, perhaps it is colitis. If untimely treatment, the problem can become chronic.

Aching in low back pain in women

Features of the structure of the female genitourinary system, monthly changes in the body, pregnancy - all this can be the cause of such pain.

Critical days

Aching in the abdomen and lower back arises from the increased size of the uterus and the contraction of its muscles. In addition, the weight increases sharply before the onset of critical days. Hormonal changes lead to fluid retention and the appearance of edema. This causes an increase in body weight, which is an additional burden on the spine. Diuretics will help to get rid of the problem, but it is not recommended to apply them without a doctor's appointment.

The cause of pain during this period may be hormonal changes. Before critical days, the number of hormones responsible for the tone of the uterus increases. They also cause the muscle tone of the waist.

To ease the condition during menstruation, it is recommended to reduce physical activity and rest during this period. With severe pain, you can take an antispasmodic drug ("No-shpa", "Papaverin"). Back pain may occur in women and during ovulation.

Such pain is not always the norm. This can be a sign of a hormonal breakdown. Therefore, with too much discomfort, a gynecologist's consultation is necessary.

Aching pain in the lower back can be a sign of algodismenorea, endometriosis, fibroimmimates of the uterus, congenital anomalies in the development of genital organs, chronic inflammation of the genital organs.

Diseases of female genital organs

Unpleasant sensations in the loins in women can be a sign of inflammation of the ovaries and uterus, cysts and other tumors, acute infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, ectopic pregnancy, adnexitis, genital cancer.


In the third trimester, due to the rounded abdomen, a woman becomes more difficult to move around, dull aching pains appear in the lower back. To ease discomfort, you can use an antenatal bandage.

In addition, in a pregnant woman, a similar symptom sometimes occurs in the case of a threat of miscarriage or premature birth, intestinal disorder, ectopic pregnancy.

To make sure that there is no threat to the health of the mother and the fetus, it is necessary to consult a doctor about such pains.

Causes of the problem in men

Pain in the lower back of men - the phenomenon is not as frequent as in the fairer sex. Basically, these feelings are caused by excessive physical activity or malnutrition. But the reasons can be and not so harmless, for example, a prostatitis. The disease is characterized by pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, problems with urination, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction. Without the help of a doctor in this case can not do.

Perhaps the reason for the inguinal hernia. For this problem, there are very strong pains in the lower abdomen, which can give back. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately. Treatment is surgical.

Aching pain in the lower back is not always a sign of pathology. Long stay in an uncomfortable position, work at a computer, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, excessive physical exertion or lack of them, poorly organized workplace - all this can be the cause of this condition.

If the cause of increased physical activity and sports, it is necessary to reduce their activity for a few days. You can warm the waist with a warmer, use a special ointment. If the pain does not allow to fall asleep, it is recommended to take an anesthetic.

First of all, the doctor must determine whether the pain is caused by diseases of internal organs or nerve tissues. Then the necessary treatment is prescribed.

Most often it is recommended taking anesthetics, injections, acupuncture, which helps to remove muscle spasms and blockade of pain. In addition, therapeutic exercise is useful.

At the initial stage of the disease, physiotherapy improves blood circulation. Facilitate the condition will help massage and swimming.


Avoid troubles with the back will help simple tips:

  • sit and walk with a straight back;
  • sleep best on a hard mattress;
  • lifting the gravity, you should try not to strain your back;
  • if you have to sit in one position for a long time, you need to make small breaks for physical warm-up.

Often, the pain passes independently. If they appear periodically or permanently, this may indicate the presence of health problems. It is impossible to ignore such signs or engage in self-medication, the consequences can be very serious.