During the war, always evolving technology, which in peacetime is not in demand. The armament of the troops is constantly being improved, which in turn leads to the fact that inventors are continuously working on the improvement of weapons for the military forces.

The invention of the machine gun and its appearance on the battlefield dramatically changed the situation in the fighting.

From its first appearance to the present day machine guns Russia have passed a long evolution. In the beginning of his career on the battlefields the machine-guns had a narrow specialization. Now it is hard to imagine a military operation without the use of guns.

Manual Kalashnikov

New machine guns Russia, their characteristics and photo

To arm the troops machineguns AKM modification was succeeded in 1961, when the series went to the PKK.

Submachine guns of Russia, which concerns the PKK, are designed to strengthen infantry units firepower to destroy not only the firing points, but also the manpower of the enemy.

With the use of a wide unification of components and parts of the PKK with AKM mastered by the troops, it was possible not only to widely introduce it into the troops, but also to significantly simplify its production.

Basic diagram of AKM simplified the handling of weapons due to ease of disassembly, maintenance and maintainability.

Such submachine guns of Russia, like the PKK, had a downside. In contrast to the AKM automaton, requirements for the survivability of parts were increased.
The PKK was produced at the Molot machine-building plant.

The PKK was produced in various versions, such as:

  • BCN (night sight active type NASP-2), target detection range – 150-250 m
  • RPCL (night bespodvalnyh sight amplifying the type of NSP-3) the range of 250-300 m
  • RPKN-1 (bespodvalnyh night sight NSPU), the range 300-700 m
  • CCN-2 (bespostavochnyj night sight upgraded PSUM)
  • BCN-2. He was supplied with sight NSPU-3 with fastening type “dovetail”. This allowed us to detect the target in the light of the stars or the moon at a distance of 600 metres.

When developing a supply of ammunition for the machine gun was made more capacious stores. They are box – box – shape. The location of cartridges in double row 40 rounds. And 75 rounds in the drum form.

In a drum store, as in a box, the supply of ammunition is produced by the feeder with a spring. Unification is achieved by the fact that the shops are interchangeable with the automatic.

Firing a machine gun may be standing, with an emphasis on the shoulder, from the knee or lying down with a bipod.

The PKK is in service in more than 20 countries. In addition, in some countries independent copies are made.

Kalashnikov tank machine gun PKTM

Tank machine gun Kalashnikov (PKTM) 7.62 mm was a good example of how new gun Russia for manning the tanks. And they were equipped with armored vehicles, helicopters, armored and other equipment as to defeat the heavy fire of manpower and suppression of enemy firing points.
Shooting is carried out with the use of a metal tape of various capacities:

  • 100;
  • 200;
  • 250 rounds of ammunition (normal, armor-piercing-incendiary, tracer bullet and a bullet with high penetration).

Machine Gun "Pecheneg"

“Pecheneg” is a new Russian machine gun similar to the PKM. The main difference from the basic design of the barrel and casing. This has improved cooling, to protect from atmospheric fluctuations, to protect the line of sight from heat effects and increase the rigidity of the whole structure. Production of an improved machine gun is established at the mechanical plant in Kovrov.

Modernized Kalashnikov PKM

PKM – another sample, which the guns of Russia, the size of a 7.62 mm. the Use of the bipod on the machine gun has improved accuracy as conventional ammunition, and their various modifications.

Ammunition is provided by the strips 100 and 200 rounds, placed in portable boxes. Automation, which is equipped with these guns of Russia operating by the force of powder gases withdrawn from the bore, and is provided with a gas regulator in three positions depending on the normal or difficult work type weapons.

Modernized Kalashnikov machine gun on the machine Stepanova PKMS

For PKM in 1969, was drafted and adopted in the machine is a tripod type 6Т5 (designer Stepanov). The basic requirement for the development of this machine – use of machine gun for anti-aircraft fire. As stands in this case, the applied frame fit vertical guidance, where the bushing is the basis used for the rear feet.

When attaching a cartridge box on the right rear “arm” of the machine you can change the shooting position without vacuum. This machine applies to a single weapon, which includes the modern machine guns Russia that does not affect the accuracy of fire, which in turn allowed to reduce the gross weight of the gun compared to the machine Samozhenkova.

The KORD Machine Gun

Heavy machine gun “KORD” was created after the collapse of the Soviet Union, when machine guns Russia had to collect on new platforms. Designers of the Kovrov plant them. Degtyarev was conducted the work on creation of a new type of machine gun.

On a new gun designers was originally designed as a duplex loading machine gun (either left or right). Sight are provided with notches at 100 m range from 400 to 2000 meters. We also do not exclude the possibility of installation on the gun optical, collimating and night sights.
The machine gun is equipped with a folding ground machine 6T7.

NSV-12,7 "Rock", large-caliber

At the end of 60-ies it took to upgrade the weapons to Russia. Machine guns, especially large caliber, underwent deep modernization. Experimental design work under the code “Cliff” is designed to replace the DSHKM.

The new gun was a model gun, which is reinforced in the receiver by means of the wedge-lock. After shooting 100 rounds the barrel is replaced (or cooled). Using the handle on the barrel will be replaced, and carrying a machine gun.

Machine Gun Vladimirova - KPV

Experts from various countries carried out experimental work to increase firepower on different versions – improved how single-and multi-stemmed. Guns of the Russian system and the most powerful of all mass-produced heavy machine guns.

The machine gun had a caliber of 14.5 mm and was adopted as an infantry. He was equipped with a field machine system Kharykina.

  • anti-aircraft, Quad ZPU-4 (design Leszczynski)
  • coaxial ZPU-2 (Vladimirova and Markova);
  • mountain ZSU-1
  • airborne memory-2.

When used as anti-aircraft gun shooting from a machine gun was conducted in short bursts of 5 shots or a long shots 20. With continuous shooting possible turn fire up to 150 shots (after this, you will need to replace the barrel). The tank variant KPVT was used on heavy tanks (the as the Zenith in the paired version). Also this setting can be found on armored personnel carriers and combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle.

Designers of the Kovrov plant was designed by experienced machine gun AEK-999 “Badger”, which is equipped with is still rare in use in the armed forces for automatic weapons with low noise firing device.

Under this index (AEK-999) machine gun was produced in a limited edition for military tests. As a result of these tests the guns of Russia was replenished with sample “Pecheneg”, while the AEK-999, loser test, fell on arms of special units of the interior Ministry.

The manufacture of these weapons was stopped due to the cessation of the release of military products at Kovrovsky Mech. factory in 1996.

The AEK-999 device itself is identical to PKM. Differences from him were in the new trunk and “obvese”, which allows you to install low-noise devices, flame arresters, etc.

This gun gives the opportunity to conduct intense fire without changing the barrel. Although this gun has survived as an option not only to replace the barrel, but also for its cleaning and maintenance.

In addition, on the trunk there is a plastic handguard for firing “with hands” on the go.

You can now see that the development of small arms, including machine guns, for the Russian army goes constantly and does not stop to this day, and Russia's military strength is filled up by not only a new rocket weapons and various missile systems.